Sunday, October 30, 2011

Basikal 1Malaysia in Perth with PM.. 1-6 la kot..

I was keen on doing some biking here but never had the chance or having people with similar interest to share it with. I was lucky that i came across a message looking for people to join a short cycle around swan river in conjunction with PM having BBQ in Burswood Park. I did not hesitate and quickly registered for the event. It was organised by Kelab UMNO,Post Graduate and Undergraduate societies. Being someone somwhere in between, I wouldn't mind being a part of this group!
 It was the GEKA GEBA (or vice versa) group who initiated this event.We were told to assemble in Trinity College car park and after a stroll from the bus stop I saw a number of fellow Malaysians already waiting. Anissa was already there with her visiting friend. I had the opportunity to meet up with an uncle who has been here for a very long time! He runs the Malay Radio in Perth and with it, an invitation to come over to join the programme. hahaha something that i wanna have a go at i suppose soon :)
We then moved to the hire bicycle shed and as with the organier, sorted out our rented hybrid bikes.After a short flag giving ceremony and stretching, we were off to our trail. I believe that this is the swan river trail which is in one of the top trails to do in my small toptrail booklet!
As this was my first ever cycling trail in Perth, I really did enjoy it. I get to cover more distance and not too tired. Hmmm.. it looks like i have to look for a bike here! haha
 We were on a loop and just before arriving to Burswood Park we stopped for a while.We were to follow a cue which is part of the gimmick for the event.The BBQ event was a big one as all Malaysians staying in Perth were invited and I reckon quite a big turn out. We arrived and DS Najib received the flag and met our group.He looked a bit tired i thought, maybe too stressed with lots of things to think about. We were informed later that he is later on his way to Haj.
 Overall, I enjoyed my day! It maybe just a short ride but i reckon a start to further rides in the future. Man oh man... I'm getting carried away with other things to do here in Perth!

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