Sunday, October 02, 2011

One month away from home

Tomorrow will be exactly 1 month I'm in Perth,Australia. Time flies very fast and now I'm at my own place drinking hot coffee while blogging this entry.I've definitely settled down and with that peace of mind I am more relaxed.I went to Harbour Town earlier today and did a bit of my own shopping!Haha It is still expensive but I try to maximize the bargains and i reckoned I did well today! The most expensive item would be the New Balance terrain shoe which was hard for me not to buy it today:)
Working in the department has been a different type of experience.Im more familiar now with how things are run in the theatre.I am yet to do my night duties which in a way good for me! The roster was already up and I guess it was too much of a hassle to change everything.Therefore till the end of this month,I'm only up for day duties for the week.I did my weekend on my first week of job therefore I don't have any til November i reckon.
Royal Perth Hospital has lots of history as it was the first major hospital and still is the main referral centre of Western Australia.The theatres can be busy but I guess not as busy as the ones back home.Even the ranges of cases are fairly typical and not much of a problem for me to understand.Its just the type of patients here which are different from the ones back home.It brings me a different perspective on how to handle patients expecially from a country where they are mostly educated and more organized.
I have been working with different Consultants every day(which tells you how many we have here in RPH!) All of them are nice and helpful but like back home have their own different styles and ways.Seeing the cases which is done everyday, I do reckon that the trainees and MOs back home are much more competent when compared to their counterparts here.Unfortunately, in Malaysia the MOs are mere workers and do things to make things run.It is sad that the specialists are not keen to educate and make them think.But then again I may be unfair because the remenuration and how things work at home are totally different. Here, doctors are paid well with protected working hours. We get our rest days and not overworked.The lifestyle here is totally different and i reckon the reason why those who have been here decide to migrate or prolong their stay as long as possible.The money is enough as a registrar and more so for Senior registrar.COnsultant lagi lah! I'm experiencing how life can be plentiful and family time is definitely priority for the community here.I'm beginning to miss the family and how hectic life can be with the children.
I am not too sure on how i will blog about my daily life in OT here but I guess I will be careful when talking about patients.They are sensitive about privacy here and I guess I have to be as vague as I can be so that the stories may not be so revealing or me invading somebody's privacy. But then again, you'd be amazing to see how the freedom of speech is really practiced here!

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