Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pay day..Off day!

It was a nice feeling.I was being a bit excited when the first thing I did today was to log on to my westpac first pay cheque is in! They pay us fortnightly and Alhamdulillah the payroll has started!I guess after going through everything, to see those numbers on my account bank is such a relief:) Its not about the salary so much but the point where you felt that whatever that you've done is literally paying off!
It was a coincidence too that Im on my off day today.I didnt have my day planned properly only a few administrative things that I wanted to do.Borrowed 2 DVDs as I thought I would be spending the day at my lovely CIRB.However, the weather was totally different from the past miserable 3 days.It was sunny and no clouds were in sight.It was horrible every morning as I took the easy way out by going to work with the CAT bus rather than walking.It was too cold and wet! It was the end of September and as I remember, King's Park display and emphasis on wildflowers will end come October.

After Asar, I was off to King's Park via Blue CAT bus which took me to the start of Jacob's ladder.Its a pathway thought to be a shortcut to get to King;s Park but one needs a really good heart to climb all the way!I was a bit puffed when i finished the climb but i thought it was a good training spot if i wanna push up on my fitness but Im not too sure if its good for my knees :)
The park was wonderful.Its the first time in my life that I really appreciate the wildflowers which looked really nice.I tried to capture it on photo but i guess the limitation of an automatic camera limits the beauty I saw.I guess now I know why fanatic photographers will spend hours in taking a good picture:)
I was wearing my Blue Malaysia jersey and proud of it I guess!Hahaha I had a great time and I'm sure to bring my family here for picnic so that they can enjoy what I experienced today.

Baobab.. geography 101.

Good picture kan?

this is my camera tau!

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Baobab??!! Hahahah!