Thursday, September 01, 2011

Journey to endevour Part 3

I am thankful that I’ve managed to fulfill the requirements for IELTS. Immigration for visa e457 was another issue. This is the temporary working visa which I need so that I am eligible to work there. Nowadays you don’t really need any intermediate to do it for you. Everything is online and the bummer is one has to read through everything before doing it. So that if things go wrong, you cannot blame anyone else right? It is very tedious and being me I really read the instructions thoroughly again and again.

I had problems settling my medical check up in one day. Don’t get me wrong, my status is ok ( no HIV, Hep B) but it was the urine test. For Australia, you need to be PERFECTLY healthy before they grant you the working visa. I had protein 1+ 3 times that day! I should have drank a lot of water before coming but I’m usually a very light person. So the next day, I really drank clear water like nobody’s business that after my urine test I needed to go to the toilet twice! My urine was as clear as tap water so there was no way I can fail the test that day! Hahaha

Therefore handling stuff with the 3 bodies, namely AHPRA, Hospital and the Immigration is a tedious process. It takes time and not straight forward to sort it out. I guess if anybody who is inspired and keen to go to Australia, I would advice that you should first pass IELTS and then proceed with your application.

Now, after all that Ive gone through, I am feeling a bit nervous to start work there. Don’t worry, eventhough I know I can be busy but Im sure I will have time to blog things out. Going somewhere new, doing something different is a definite stimulus to share it with everyone.


Anonymous said... are not working with uitm anymore?..we'll definitely miss u..

Anonymous said...

are you leaving us dr?
-medical student uitm-

Mafeitz Mamat said...

temporarily I'll be here. Not sure when i'll be back though.

Anonymous said...

we have lost a very inspiring doctor and lecturer:(
-medical student-