Monday, September 19, 2011

Surviving survival

swan river: house hunting..

Sorry as Ive not been updating! Life is hectic and Im more settled now with work.I'm still homeless and I must again thank you Jaya and Cheng Bee for their hospitality.Terhutang budi betul and i will repay their kindness somehow someday definitely!Its not easy to get friends like them and i do really appreciate their gesture.I really dont know how to express my upmost gratitude and i guess it is explained why I keep writing this in my posts!Not sure if they are reading my blog but someday when they do, THANK YOU!!!
Its been 2 weeks now and I'm off today as I was working during the weekend.I've just worked for a week and still trying to get hang of the system in Royal Perth Hospital.Im currently doing the general anaesthesia work and its definitely the start I want before they put me in more subspecialty disciplines or responsibilities.Work itself is not an issue but on how they do it here,what to be extra careful of, the population and kind of people you anaesthetize; mind you I gave GA to a 92 year old on Sunday! However with the drugs and technique which is available here,it is possible to do it in ways that you'd never consider back home.In fact, having a 92 year old in your list is of rarity!Hahaha
Being a senior registrar means that you are depended upon especially during night time.The strata goes that this is post is just one step behind Consultants.Ive yet to be given that responsibility but it will come soon and I have to be ready for it.Previous Malaysians and current ones who are here had given a good reputation and standard. I dont want to be the one who spoils it and therefore it is a bit of a stress for me now to maintain that class.I must say those who were here were the top anaesthetists back home.Well, I have to take up this challenge and continue to prove myself!
I've met a few Malaysians who are currently PR here.Talking to them gives me the input of keeping my options open. It is interesting to see their point of view and how they've lead their lives.Certainly, when thinking about the young ones; why one should not take the advantage?Globalization can be a good thing if we know how to make it a win win situation for all. I guess all this will make me wiser in making decisions in the future.
In the mean time I guess, Ill do what I am here to do.However, being apart from the family is slowly creeping in as life can be lonely when you are used to the chaos and mumbo jumbo of handling of 4 small kids!

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