Monday, October 31, 2005

Deepa-Raya.. Suparjo..

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Its the last day of October today. Its Halloween if we are in US. In terms of Ramadhan , we're nearing the end of the holiest month of all - perhaps the holiest night of all nights might have occured last night... Malam tujuh likur as we are told in our archiplego.Coincidentally , tomorrow will be the Hindu worshippers festival of light ; Deepavali . Good overturning evil...

Shakti's father ; Dato Palanivel wanted to thank all staff involved in his laparoscopic converted to open cholecystectomy early this year. He sent Deepa-Raya hampers to all doctors involved. haks.. and i was one of them !! Shakti was going through the list of names when he came across my name !! yups.. i was there and i actually intubated his father !! Shakti came over to our house just now on the eve of Deepavali to deliver the goodies !! HAKS !!! Thank you Dear Friend !!!

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I guess most of the working yuppies will blog their raya entry today before going off on a long holiday !! Well , i still have to be on call tomorrow an then i'm off till Sunday ; my raya blog will be on raya itself.I will be celebrating eid here in PJ and KL. With Haniza's condition i reckon we'd prefer being in Klang valley if..if it happens that the baby decides to cave out. Otherwise , it'll be a syawal baby for us.

So.. to Samy Vellu and friends.. Happy Deepavali.. jgn main api banyak2.. hehehe..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Congratulations Fiqar..

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My heartiest congratulations to Fiqar & Siti for the arrival of their latest edition .. baby girl. Born 29th of October 2005 and 1520. I'm not sure what's her name but alhamdullilah the delivery was smooth..

Haks.. well , now it'll be Azad's turn and then mine. Wifey is pretty anxious right now.Insya-Allah , everything will be fine..

Tahniah ahh fiqar !!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Turn over

This week was a week of decisions . I dunno whether being a year older somehow affected me , i reckon one needs to sort out what one wanna really do with one's life. I suppose , everybody will come to a point where they have to decide on the future path of the career.

On Monday - after collecting my MYKAD ( ironic isn;t it.. collecting your IC on your birthday !! ) , I went to the Health Ministry to check on the status of my "pelepasan jawatan dengan izin". It was not music to my ears . Being a junior officer , KKM is not keen on letting me go to the university side.

I discussed my case with the UiTM registrar. I came to a conclusion ; well ,this issue has been boggling my mind for the past few months.

I decided to resign from my government post and join the university as their staff. A BIG DECISION !! haks..

Well.. i had to.. my only chance to enter the local postgraduate programme next year. Besides , there were few things which i considered to be my advantage by joining the university now rather than staying in the public service. Well , i will continue to serve in the public hospital but on a different capacity. I don't think being a trainee lecturer will deviate my devotion to patient care. Besides ; i have to be a really learned person before i can teach somebody else to be one !!

I tendered my one month notice yesterday and my boss was kind enough to support and sign the letter.Well , i still have another month to go before i go to Selayang Hospital!! We'll just see what the future holds...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A year older..

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Yups.. my birthday was yesterday . 24th of October ; coincidentally it is also the official Sultan Pahang's birthday. If i am in Pahang , it'll always be a holiday on my birthday !!

Next year i will be 30. Wow.. that old huh ? Just felt as if i just finished my SPM yeterday . Time flies very fast. 10 years ago , i can still remember my ideals and enthusiasm .. Carpe diem.. sieze the day !! Bring it on !! haks.. how naive can we be huh ? But that is life ; we learn as we go through the cycle . Making decisions , choosing options and mending mistakes. Only Allah knows what is in store for us through qada' and qadar.

I'm not sure my achievement so far in life is as how it should be. True ; we have our own lineage and direction with lots of options during each intersection. Imagine , how god determined our life cycle ; a complicated MIND MAP with lots of path which brings to different consequences and outcome. The path we take may not be the one planned but it will always be for the best. Well , that is my principle and how i put it to logic.

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Some say.. life is about marriage and creating the new generation.At the same time , juggling career and your own desires along the way. What say i ? hmm.. 29 years of roller coaster can sometimes be exhilarating and noxious at the same time. I really believe that hardship is important ; as it creates your personality. Its not about the physical hardship alone ; emotional hardship moulds one's soul. Its not easy coping with your own feelings ; especially when you feel alone and in despair . Regardless what the reason maybe ; lost , failure , arguments.. Of course , one turns to god when one is in despair but having to tell yourself that you're ok ' you're doing fine will be the hardest thing to do..

But life will not be lively if we don't live it to the fullest. I believe that being positive even if you're in your lowest moments help. Accepting our failures and move on . We cannot live regretting our past decisions !! Totally absurd and nonsense !! Haks..

Well , just my 200 rupiah worth of thought ; maybe my new generating neuron.. or is it the diminishing one ? haks.. Anyway , Happy birthday to myself la eks.. Wanted to write this yesterday after having my worst ever birthday meal !!! It was not to be until i have this brand new monitor in front of me !!!

Weekend gathering..

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It was indeed the most awaited event for the Kamcheng Brotherhood . Advanced planning with Plan B was done , the map was prepared but unfortunately under utilized.... hurrah for the effort !! hakss... Yups ! it was our innaugural Iftar gathering. The turn out was good ; only Mafiz and Edrin were not present. Surely they missed the fun that we had !!! The event was well described too in Azad's or Dil's

With true kamcheng style , everybody brought a LOT OF FOOD !! The portions were as if we were giving everybody makan !!! mentekedarah style..I reckon the host ( Azad ) should have just trusted us and only cook a periuk of rice instead of two. It was a good mixture from Edzuan's seri sago to Edrus's maid baked spaghetti !! We brought Haji Samuri's sate which was a hit !! Honestly , i never thought the 100 cucuks were snapped up in an hour's time !!

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And somehow , or "tak sedar diri" as how my wife put it , a cut cutting ceremony in conjunction with my birthday was held !!! Hahahaha.. Well , it was me who bought the choc cheese from Secret Recipe anyway. It was funny though , seeing the kids seeing the old bloke cutting and puffing the candles away.Usually it'll be the junior ones celebrated !! The gang sang Allah Selamatkan kamu... Thanx fellas ! Really appreciated the gesture !!! Somehow , i have never failed to celebrate my birthday every year !!

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It was a kewl gathering and events like this is certainly a "must be held yearly" thingy.Its so astonishing to see how now the children sort of dominated everybody's attention. Well , life goes on i guess.. Its always about the future rather than the present..

Thanx guys.. Salam Ramadhan.. and may we benefit these last 10 nights of Ramadhan in achieving lailatul qadar..

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A blow...

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Ohhhh... seronoknya switchin on the computer again...

Last Thursday my monitor some how did not lit up... hmm.. i checked and checked... hmmmmm... no power supply to the monitor. Tested it few times , mmm.. maybe its the cable..

Went to get a new cable , and switched everything on. WWOUUFF.. my whole house went DARK. Alamak.. sudah blow kaaa... my DELL monitor.Hmm.. and without the monitor , i was not able to do lots of things .. life felt so lonely.I was lost !!! 5 days of no browsing.. waaa.. mati seehh.. hehehehe..

Tak tahan nyer pasal.. today after work. I went straight to Low Yatt - the "all-famous" IT HUB of KL.

Anndd.. i bought a new monitor.hakkkss.. wallah... I'm baacckk...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Suatu hari di bulan ramadhan..

I finished my list early today. Did a spine case : posterior instrumentation for a 31 year old indon , who fell off a 3 storey building and had his T12 spine burst . He is now paraplegic and the orthopods gang decided to fuse his T12 and L1 together. The Op went well , it was only 5 hours compared to the "normal" 7-8 hours of op that they usually do. Talk about being slow.. heks.. well , it was uneventful , i managed to finish my premed by 3.30pm and was on my way back.

Tried to ignite my car and ... hmm... nothing seems to start. TOTALLY OUT !! Alamak... i then remembered i switched on the headlights this morning as i was very early..and unfortunately , don't think i switched it off !!! LAAAAhhh.. my battery dah KONG !!! thought of jump starting my car but when i lift up my car bonet , i saw the writing on my battery..

11 / 1 / 04...

Alamak.. dah dua tahun bang !! Quickly checked my wallet.. i say man... only RM30 left..
Solution ? Get a new battery... So i had to walk to the ATM teller to draw some money which was at the other end of the hospital mind you !!!

thats done , next.. i had to walk to Kampung BAru... Well , that's the nearest workshop to my parking space in HKL. Went to a malay workshop first , but the abang told me that he doesn't have one. I went to the chinaman workshop next to his..

" Kita charge 20 ringgit la au bikin ini battery. Tara nampak sudah hujan ka ? "

What ??? I didn;t realize it was raining and i turned my back... Allah !! It was raining cats and dogs. Hmmm.. definitely NOT MY DAY TODAY !!!

" Kau bayar battery tu.. jom abang hantar... "

suddenly a voice came from behind. I turned again and saw the abang whose workshop i went to earlier. I quickly paid for my battery and carried the battery with me.

Abang Nordin ( well .. kena la berkenalan kan..orang dah tolong.. ) drove me to my car and helped me to fit the battery . He was so kind to help me eventhough it was raining heavily. I offered him the RM20 that the chinaman wanted to charge me but he refused.

" Hari ni hari kau malang.. mana tau esok hari abang pulak.. kan. lAgipun sapa lagi nak tolong melayu kalau bukan kita ? "

I was so touched by his gesture .... raindrops were certainly falling everywhere , freely. We exchanged cards and wished each other Selamat Hari Raya.

I am definitely sending my car to him for service soon! I really appreciated his help and may Allah repay his deeds especially during this ramadhan.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Macam marah je Tun...

Proton can close shop, says Dr M

National car manufacturer should close down if that is what the people want, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.

Anyone who saw him on NEWS last night can see how pissed off he is . When everybody thought the AP and Proton issue is mellowing down , Tun strikes again !! Semua pun dia belasah !! From him not making the decision for NAZA to be the national car to MPs not asking the right questions in parliament.Eventhough i'm not his major fan but i just LOVE HIS SARCASM !!! He's sharp man... haks..

I reckon there are issues which the public is not aware ; maybe personal maybe not. wallahua'lam. We can only speculate. Tun is very engrossed with this issue and his dissatisfaction is still visible until today ! When he was in Colombia last September ; my dad was just asking a casual question regarding the AP issue during dinner ; then habislaahh.. he was so pressed on about the issue that my dad regretted asking him about it !! He went on for hours !!!

Stay kewl Tun !!! haks..

HAppy Anaesthesia Day !!!

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This was my "work" today. HAd a list to do but Kak Tho said that she needed help with the exhibits.Haks !! It had been quite sometime since i was last involved in such a project. Our Department MA's are efficient and very creative. The pictures i took last week are all printed and set for the exhibition. They came up with the idea of having the OT , ICU and BiPAP machine in the foyer as well !! Really kewl..

Our exhibits are mainly to get the public exposed about anaesthesia. Often we are not highlighted ; one of the reason being patients are in contact with us for a limited time ; most of the time they do not really remember what happened !! ( ni ada pakai trick drug ni.. hehehehe ) Its good to show the process that happens to a patient undergoing surgery. But honestly , what i love most was the numerous pictures we have !! Very good quality !!

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So , if any of you happen to be in HKL this week , please do visit our exhibition in the main foyer. Really kewl stuff you know !! |Especially the "old" ventilator which is still working !! I do marvel at how our past anaesthetists practice with these old machines. Mrs K and gang certainly felt nostalgic when they saw these machines being brought out from the store.

I am suppose to man the exhibit tomorrow after Haniza's appointment. Well , i don't mind really because its good once in a while to be out in the public !!!

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Friday, October 14, 2005


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MY neuro call yesterday became purely paediatric anaesthesia !! Obviously i can;t handle these cases alone so i called on my specialist on call to be there with me ! haks.. Well , its part regulation partly.. i;ve not done paediatrics anaesthesia as a rotation yet !!

My first case was a ONE DAY OLD boy.. 3.1kg and born at term. He had myelomenigocoele ( lower spine not well closed ) with hydrocephalus ( oversize head filled with fluid )* the easiest explanation i can suggest !! . The neurosurgeons were planning for an OMAYA shunt and closing the defect on his back. Honestly , the procedure was short , but preparing the baby for anaesthesia was longer !! We had to ensure good lines , good heat control , drugs well calculated.. macam-macamlah !!! haks.. thats always the case for babies i reckon ; coz a slight , small mistake makes a lot of difference !! The baby lost 50ml of blood and he became really PALE !! an as expected , when the op was done , baby became apneic ( not breathing ). So we had to let the tube remain in there and sent him to SCN.

Next was a 3 month old baby ; revision of her VP shunt. Again , boss was there to help.Intubation was a bit tricky , her tongue was enlarged therefore i had to manipulate my laryngoscope to visualize her vocal chord. Otherwise , the op was uneventful.However , post extubation the baby did not maintain her oxygenation... desaturated. Boss was panicky and took over to reintubate the baby !! However , she failed.. haks !! it must have been the tongue !! She inserted the small LMA , alhamdulillah her SPO2 returned to normal and it took quite a while before she maintained a good respiratory pattern. I knew that things may go wrong when extubating as i was not keen to do it but boss insisted !!! It must have been hypothermia causing the problem. We manage to send her back to the ward afterwards..

Then , a 6 year old boy who just had an op done to remove his teratoma. Apparently , his shunt was leaky and you can see the collection behind his head. He was a sweet and cute boy. He was very co-operative when i asked him to recite bismillah and alfatihah before i start.Somehow , you feel pity for them ; having to undergo operation after operation to improve his condition. It is quite unfortunate that he had lost his eyesight which was permanent. His op went well and his extubation was smooth. I pray to god that he would be ok ; not just for this op but with his life undertaking.It must have been a traumatic period for his parents.

Well , i was knackered after this three op !! Belum yg lain-lain tu.. Each Op took an average of 3 hours ! PAediatrics is more taxing as i had my eyes glued on the monitoring screen from the word start ! They are so fragile and doing Neurosurgery is very tricky as one needs to optimize all for a smooth operation and recovery.

It was malam jumaat kot , so the mat rempits may have decide to stay at home or do tarawikh !! There was no craniectomy till morning and ... it was a good call.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A disturbing moment

It was 6.40pm. I just came back from Kelana Jaya ramadhan bazaar ; buying food for iftar. The phone was ringing. It was mama..

" Eay-lalle.. mama kat putrajaya ni. Guard sebelah rumah call Abang Amran , katanya ada orang masuk rumah !! Dia dah panggil polis.. Eay-lalle balik tengokkan sekejap.."

I was so shocked to hear the news !! I called my sister elly ; she picked up her mobile but was obviously distracted.

I quickly sped to TTDI , but of course.. it was 6.40pm.. and SS2 jam was at its best. Muti gave me a call ..

"eay-lalle.. pencuri , polis dah tangkap. nak report tak ? "

" Eh..reportlah !! " i said.

I arrived in TTDI approximately 2 minutes to iftar. Elly , Muti , abang guard , McKenna ( my front neighbour ) were outside my house.

Well , i gotta know that the assailant jumped into the back of my house at about 6.30 pm. When he saw this , he quickly called Abang Amran as he had no access to any of our numbers. Elly and Muti was on their way out for iftar. When muti heard the news , he went out to the back.. and he saw the INDON man... squatting..

he asked him ..what was he doing there ? He replied tht he was waiting for his friend ?? And my brother said..why are you waiting in my house ? Don't you know you are trespassing ? He replied.. he is hiding..

Quickyly , ( according to my brother laa.. ) he apprehended the indon man as he was smaller than him. At that time , policeman arrived in front of the house and he brought the fugitive to them. Citizen's arrest babe !!

Apparently , there was a break in at a nearby house behind our house. Policeman were actually chasing the assailant who was on a motorbike. He dropped it and ran away. Most likely it is the man who was on our backyard. Muti had to make a statement in Brickfields after lodging the report.

I was relieved when i knew the tresspasser was arrested. I was damn worried when i was in my car knowing that elly and muti was in the house when the person "jumped" into our place. Thank you abang guard for your observation and fast action !!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My fingers are still aching from yesterday's case. My gripping ability is impaired and it hurt so much this morning while driving to work.

I had to hold really hard ; gripping the face mask for my 70 year old man yesterday on my urology list. He was scheduled for exploration and repair of his left forearm graft ( used for dialysis ) . He was 120 kg , short neck with small mouth opening.Initially , my specialist thought a brachial block was enough .His blood investigations were not very encouraging for a full general anaesthesia. We had a hard time locating the position ; patient had a subclavian permanent catheter at that very sight !!!! haks.. we managed to locate the point and injected our local anaesthetic. However , after 30 minutes ; eventhough the PakCIk Mat said that he felt tingling sensation all over his arm ; it was not cold and he was able to move his arms easily !!!

So the next step.. laryngeal mask. Hak.. but it turned out to be a disaster ; it was difficult to insert it.. we put it in thrice ; twice we had to pull it out as there was no capnograph reading. ( indicating the airway somehow blocked ). By the third tiem , he developed laryngospasm.. and my fingers were so tired.. having to hold it tightly everytime we bagged him. I was struggling as the curvature of his cheeks and mouth was out as he had only like 2 teeth left !~ i had to squeeze his cheek to the mask.. and my god.. for a chubby 120 kg man... MAN !!!! my hand were trembling once we were settled with it.

With that failure , we had to intubate him. Alhamdulillah , it was not that difficult. He was okay throughout the op.. and managed to extubate him uneventfully. But my fingers... my fingers... habis... menggeletar sepanjang masa !!

moral of the story , it is easier if you have bigger fingers and grip !!!


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MERCY called me this afternoon. Yup.. its about the Pakistan crisis. I am asked to standby ; to be deployed within 24 hours to help the victims in Pakistan !! They need anaesthetist and surgeons. Though i am not the most qualified person but i guess the experience there will "grow" me up certainly .

They tried to call me on Sunday ; 10 times to be exact but i did not have my phone with me during that time !! I was post call and obviously was very tired to check my phone. I did not recognize the number but according to Azizi ( the mercy guy ) ; it was about joining the SMART team which left Malaysia yesterday... damn !! The blue suits.. i would have looked cool in it wouldn't i ? hehehehehe.. Well , wifey certainly warned me that if i have to go.. to have my niyyat right and not for the glamour !! hahahaha... I don't think i am much of an attention seeker as how she presumed !!

Hmmm.. need to ask my boss about the situation. She's outstation till tomorrow. We'll see whether it will be my destiny to spend my ramadhan in muzaffarabad...

Sunday, October 09, 2005


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We had a good get together last Friday. For the first time in may years , everybody was there. The 5 of us ; sons and daugthers of Mamat Salleh. We had our iftar with mama cooking her specialty ; ayam panggang. Usually ; somehow or rather somebody will be missing during our get together dinner / lunch etc. But on Friday nite , elly , muti , meng and doya were all there.It was indeed an atmosphere which i miss most ; for all of us to be under one roof again.

Iftar was good ; I ate a lot !! I reckon papa and mama were happy too. Especially my father , he was actually tired ; rushing from an important meeting with the Petronas chairman regarding the implementation of palm oil biofuel. His face was obviously enlightened with everybody's presence. I reckon that made him decide for us to perform tarawikh at home rather than going to the mosque. And for the first time again in many years ; everybody was there performing jamaah together.

I know i've repeated this sentence , but the GET TOGETHER was really good !! We all talked and joked around like we used to when we were younger. I have to admit , our relationship as brothers and sisters certainly drifted for the past few years . Me being married and most of the time not around .

In reflection , what happened to Muti early this year certainly changed our attittudes and life direction. It made the younger ones more mature .Everybody realized the importance of having strong family bond.It is certainly fun having everybody around and being aware of each other's life. The other factor which i reckon brought everybody closer would certainly be the youngest member of the Mamats ; coming soon...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Official photographer...

Haks.. well today i took up a different job. Jadik photographer la pulak !! haks.. it was kewl though , going to all operating theatres in HKL. Although a bit tiring (as i had to walk from one end to the other ..)i managed to enter all OTs and ICUs in HKL. HKL is not a single building hospital. It should be termed as KL Medical Complex as it consists of multiple complex for different disciplines. For eg i had to go to the Nephro Institute to cover Urology OT and URO/NEPHRO ICU. Paediatrics Institute is another complex on the other end of HKL. Bagus la... tak.. puasa-puasa ni makan banyak gak ...

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I was in maternity , snapping pics of my colleague ; Maz Airin doing the epidural when Staff Nurse Susi coaxed me into doing one myself !! HAving my own pics doing the epidural. Not bad eih ?? You don't really get to have such exclusive photo taken off you. So i decided to scrub and do it !! haks.. well , i did have the patient's consent for the pic but i don't think she knows i'm putting up on my blog !! Well , as long as she remains anoynomous and the face not seen.. i don't see any harm putting it up on my blog !!!

after cleaning.. Posted by Picasa

So walah !! This is what an obstetric anaesthetist does daily !! In HKL that is.. these pics are exclusive you know !! haks..

p/s the epidural worked.. and was not affected by the picture taking !!!

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Anaesthesia Day 2005

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I never knew we have such a day..until this afternoon. Dr Tho ( one my my consultant) came up to me and told me to come for a meeting regarding this subject. Well , i am one of the committee member for the celebration in HKL .. when ? well , for Malaysia ; our anaes day will be on the 16th of October !!!Our theme : BEHIND THE MASK , WINDS OF CHANGE. haks.. macam real jer..

Nothing big really ; given that Kak Tho was slumped with this task like last week ; we had to come up with something by next week ! haks... so Malaysian ! Well , we've decided to limit our activities to a special exhibition on the foyer of HKL from the 17th to the 21st. Its ramadhan anyway, its quite impossible to do any makan2.. haks.. well , at least it made our job easier.

I volunteered to be the photo man !! My task is to take the latest photos of our current services ! haks.. thats what i;m doing tomorrow.haks.. i'll share few of the pics here later.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Its the first day of fasting today. The holy month of ramadhan. Wifey is cooking iftar downstairs. Me helping ? haks.. i would love too but still a bit tired . I am back on the general pool. However for the past two days i've been having prolonged lists. Yesterday was bad as my plastic list was suppose to end at 3 pm .Plastics doing free flaps ? hmmm... kena tipu dik... in the end I arrived home at 9pm !! So knackered that i slept early last night.. too tired to move !!!

My day was good today. Did the urology list. The long case ( Augmentation cystoplasty) was cancelled to everybody's delight. However , i took few cases from my colleague next door to avoid cancellations ; easy TURPs ( tran-urethral resection of prostate ).Just spinal the patient and the surgeons will do wonders for you..

Somehow i miss maternity ( my previous posting ) . haks.. It was fun doing the posting . Eventhough your heart races after every induction ; two lives in our hands but somehow when the baby is out.. crying.. good Apgar score.. you feel rewarded. Seeing the baby cry , move and turning pink is a miracle. They are so adorable regardless their race and size.It will always make me smile and happy after every caesarean. However , my heart pounds wildly when baby went flat. I just cannot bear the thought and worry by the mother .. asking me... Why isnt my baby crying ??? hmmmm...

yups.. i can proudly say that epidurals are peanuts for me.. hehehehe.. like Afdlin Shauki said in his blog.. THIS IS MY BLOG AND I AM ALLOWED TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL GOOD !!! hahahaha

Well , to my fellow bloggers ; Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak . TO my kam cheng gang , woit.. bila la nak buat bukak puasa ???

p/s Tarawikh in SMTTDI.. the best since 1991...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Singing parents..

the idol..tengoklah the plates..&;Posted by Picasa

"Feed the devils.. " Azad 2005

We had our kewl karaoke session this afternoon in Bangsar Shopping Complex KTV . The usual suspects were there , Dil , Eza and Mafiz with wife. This was my first karaoke in like.. hmmm... 3-4 years ? I can't remember when was it i went last !!

The rates were very generous i would say ! RM 12 per person from 12 - 3. Considering the buffet which is included . At first i thought that maybe we wont have food so i stuffed myself earlier during brunch. The food was good !! Udang ada.. daging ada... ayam ada.. MACAM MACAM ADA ...!!!

fast asleep... Posted by Picasa

Little baby Sofia was there too. She was really well behaved and did not cause any havoc !! The funny thing was she enjoyed her time there seeing us , the oldies sang our hearts out !! I'm not sure its a good sign or bad.. but she actually slept halfway thorugh the session !!!!

maintain man.. Posted by Picasa

Mafiz as always with the golden voice !! Even Rozita ( his wife ) had good duet renditions with Mafiz. DIl was at his best belting out his favourite numbers !! Wifey managed to sing few songs as well..haks.. coming out from her was a miracle in a way coz she's the shy type !! haks.. It was fun when we all had our sing a long of Ahmad Jais's Selamat HAri Raya !! We laughed our heart out when we sang YMCA .. we all knew the YMCA part.. but never knew the real lyrics !! SO GAY !!!!!!

It was good !! Hopefully post ramadhan , we will have other sessions and with all kamcheng boyz !! haks..