Sunday, December 27, 2009

For starters.. ok laa..

Whowould have thought, blogs can make some money? Well.. I guess I'm way behind from all the other enthusiasts ! It was my first time checking on my so called earnings.. and guess what..
I've earned RM99 so far!! hahaha 1.5 years after joining Nuffnang.. hahahaha sikit je but hey, at least there is some money in there!!!
Wow.. maybe a motivation for me to blog some more... especially, trying to get people logging into my page.. hahahaha mana tau bule buat duit lagi ke..
P/S will be waiting for the cheque then to see betul tak sampai.. hahaha

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update 1- 1Malaysia Road relay.. TAK JADI???

Happily, post call I went to FTAA to register my ICU team for the road relay on the 3rd of January. The thought of the team doing something together was cool and i guess everybody was looking forward for it. I was looking forward for it because:
1) It'll be cool to have One Team-Malaysia running..
2) I manage to coax my fellow ICU colleagues to have a go and enjoy ourselves.. 1 Malay,2 Chinese and 1 Indian, 2 male 2 female.. damn cool composition isn't it?

To my surprise in my chat with a fellow FTAA officer ; apparently, the response is currently poor and it is most likely to be canceled unless there is a MIRACLE before the 26th ( which is the closing date). What? I can't seem to believe that is the case. Apparently, people are having difficulty gathering all the different races in one team. I went again like..WHAT??? I mean.. every run i join week in week out,punyalah ramai Malaysians join the individual category . What is so difficult to get yourselves together and register for this run? Where's the "running-brotherhood" spirit ? It is just compounded to segregation of races where we race as race? ( hehehe.. mcm kelakar pulak bunyi?) They did not have a problem at all with the EKIDEN relay recently. Obviously when we try to do something idealistic, it does not augur well with the masses. It is still difficult to get together when it is not!!!
I like the concept of gathering the different races together running as a team and i strongly feel that everybody should make an effort to see it happen. I mean , whether we embrace BN's 1Malaysia or Pakatan Rakyat- Malaysia for all ; this is where we should take an active part in making the so called MALAYSIA dream into reality. Whats the polemic in condemning each other on disunity when simple things like this race cannot come into reality? Apa laaaa... Reality bites i guess...
I am still having my high hopes to see that this event comes into reality. Not for my sole enjoyment but for what the future holds. We spend a lot for ourselves joining race and events all over the country, and a simple cheap race like this road relay seemed to be SO UNPOPULAR amongst runners..
C'mon fellow Malaysians.. please do not dissapoint ourselves..

Monday, December 21, 2009

New year.. 1 Malaysia !

I've managed to get my ICU team this month to join this run!! hahaha it would be fun as Shakti would be post call... C'mon team ICU!!!

3rd Jan 2010
1 Malaysia DBKL/MILO/FTAAA Road Relay 2010
ELocation: Taman Tasik Perdana,Tapak A.
Format:4 per team
Time:8am onwards,Reporting 7.15am.
Entry fee:RM 80(A-F),RM 40(G-K)
Closing date:26 December 2009,FTAAA.

Bib Collection:1-2,January,2010.10am-5pm at FTAAA

All categories.

Finisher medals:
Position 4-50(Mix team,Men Open,Men Senior)A,B,C
Position 4-30(Men Veteran,Women Open)D,E
Position 4-20(Women Senior)F
Position 4-15(Men Junior,Women Junior)G,H
Position 4-10(Boys ,girls)J,K

Main Rule:
The team shall consist of 4 runners,ie.a Malay,a Chinese,and an Indian and one from ethnic race.If a team is unable to find a runner from the ethnic race,anyone from the three main races can be included to make a tema of four .Each runner is to run 2.3km along the lake.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold at last!!!

Kudos to the boys! You made us proud! We have been waiting for this moment in a very long time.. I can still remember sitting in front of the tv that rainy night in 1989; watching the great strike by Lim Teong Kim during our 3-1 win over Singapore.. andbeing a loyal telly fan, I cheered to the max to the surprise of my children when we scored to lead 1-0 against Vietnam!
Disregard the sceptics and critics who reckons that SEA GAMES is nothing.. hello??? At least we're back to where we are suppose to be.. top in South East Asia !! Eat your hearts out Singapore.. Thailand.. Indonesia... Vietnam! HArimau Malaya makin lapar!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The arrival of Dzaeffran Qayyum 4 years ago was a blessing. Being new parents, wifey and I were fanatically concerned about their health and welfare! Durratun Qaisya came 2 years later but our anxiety remained the same! Even though both of us are doctors, having your own kid is a different issue. We were exactly like any other new urbanized parents wanting the best for their children.

When Dzaeffran caught a naughty bug when he was 4 months old, we never expected it was bad that he had to be admitted! Qaisya had a really bad fever requiring hospital stay when she was 6 months old. Both were harrowing experience and both wifey and I became obsessed with getting our children’s immune system optimal so that we can avoid hospital admission! Its not encouraging at all to see your children so weak and sick! Everyday we send them to daycare nursery and that did not help with the frequent recurrence of illness!

Immune system protects the body from diseases by antagonizing bad bugs such as virus, bacteria, fungal etc. Viral infections are more common than bacterial infection in children. The only way to fight against it would be the strength of one’s immune system! Therefore, boosting our childrens' immune system became our priority so that they can experience joy while growing up. Being sick all the time impairs their development if most of the time they are irritable.

Apart from being super compliant to the immunization regime, we made sure that both Qayyum and Qaisya were stimulated physically and mentally with various multiple activities. It was fun bringing them outdoors to experience nature. They simply love it when we spend time together as a family and would always look forward for weekend outings! Both Qayyum and Qaisya are very cheekily curious and kept asking … a disadvantage to a parent like me who can get irritated easily! How I wish they start speaking later than earlier!Hahaha

Making them sleep was another challenge for us handling these active kids.. but adequate amount of sleep is also important in boosting their growth and hence immune system!

Breast milk is definitely the initial choice to develop a young child’s immune system. The antibodies from the mother’s breast milk temporarily protect from unwanted infections. However, beyond 2 years old breast milk may not be suitable anymore therefore a perfect substitute is needed to ensure all the hardwork done bear fruitful outcome! It was not easy to know which was the best choice for Qayyum and Qaisya. It became obvious when I was introduced to Friso Gold last year during the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out.

Having one of a kind feature; Frisoshield with P2 Dual System certainly eanred my trust. The specially formulated milk is a combination of key nutrients together with probiotics and healthy beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics such as combination of GOS and FOS will help to increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal function for my children. I've laways trusted the brand too. Since I started both of them on Friso GOld,, wallaahh.. I rarely see them sick !!

Daania Qystiena was delivered by the stork early this year and with the R&D we had with Qayyum and Qaisya, Qystiena is certainly getting the best management! We celebrated Qayyum's 4th birthday recently in the best of health.Of course, when Qystiena is old enough I will not hesitate to enroll her in the Friso Gold club like her siblings!

Nuffnang Friso Gold day out is back!

I've been waiting for this event and wondering when would it be held again. Another opportunity that I will not miss! Hahahaha.. Who knows, I might be lucky this year and be the winner .. Disneyland tuu.. Hong Kong pun jadi la.. hahahaha

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Salomon 10k X-trail

This is the first ever Salomon X-trail off road race organized in Malaysia. With the competition held on our homeground ( Taman Tun) takkan tak masuk?? hahaha the only other off road race isthe Genting trailblazer and this year, I had the opportunity aain during Xterra. With my ever trusted Axel shoes ( buatan Malaysia) I'm off to lanyak it again to see whether i can throw it away!Manage tobrowse through few bloggers who went to test the trail a few weeks before , ummphh scary jugak!

Guess which is MADE in MALAYSIA?
We were all early for the race; Azad, Mafiz, Kamal and Edrin. The OGKL team of Nie Feng, Nina Spy, Fahmi, Amad, Sabri, Wak, Hay , Ajip were there too and it was fun to have them around. I arrived at 7am but of course, despite me letting it all go early in the morning, it had to come out again( pergi toilet aah..) so i went back to Taman TUn house to settle it once and for all..hahaha The race started 10 minutes late however, ontop of the 8o'clock timing. I guess it was necessary because they need to get their marshall ready as well as preparing the trail to be safe for participants.
We started off by running around the school circa few hundred meters before we were let off into the wild! The traffic jam started here with most of the participants clogging the small trail. It was enough maybe for 2 ot one go and with our normal routine of starting slow ( like when the traffic light turns green.. when do you actually move?) We were walking most of the time in the first hour because of the massive traffic flow!

By the time we reached the first drink station, the trek was clear and this was the time to try running! However running trail run of 10K is not the same as on road 10K.. never under estimate!! Never try to run up a hill becuase this may cause a lot of damage to your muscles .. cramp wwooo!!! And with this previous experience I manage to pace myself. because, it will be downhill where one can really run!! hahaha Its not easy though to run downhill.. one needs a lot of confidence to know where to step and run. Alhamdulillah, i guess that was my strength especially with my trusted shoe!!
The trail was fun , we had lots of downhill and flat route ( i guess becuase we are using the MTB trail) bu the uphills.. perrrgghh.. memang kalau tak biasa , sure pecah dada !! :)
I managed to finish the trail in one piece... happy, no cramps and of course, the whole gang was in Kandar replenishing the lost carbs !! :)
Thank you Salomon n Quickadventure for a good race :)

The usual suspects..

OGKL team..

the proof... ( lupa amik gambar ngan Salomon pouch!)

Natrah.. a history that should not be forgotten..

I saw the advert for this play many months ago when I was watching Jamal Abdillah's show in Istana Budaya. I was a keen follower of her story many years ago when it was being brought up by the now defunct Dewan Masyarakat.( whatever happen to it ah? I owe a lot of my Bahasa Malaysia writing languagestyle to them..) I have always thought the tragedy then was a difficult issue to answer and unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding from both the Malays and the English government many unfortunate lives were lost.. Its always easy to ignite a fight but looking back, you know that the issue will always be about poor communication skills..
Of course, with Maya Karin being the lead act hahahah ( wifey sure kata hmmm.. I love you dear!!) I cannot miss the show!
Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.. I love the monologues especially with the three of them on stage. Umi Aida, Samantha Schubert( i have pic with her too..) and Maya Karin expressing their feelings. Sofia Jane did her monologue scenes well; with wifey expressing exactly what she was trying to tell us.. CONFUSION!! None of them are wrong.. none of them were manipulating anybody else.. The mother's view, the carer's view and of course, Natrah herself. Of course, those who love Nur Kasih will love Mansor Adabi played by Remy Ali hehehe
The issues were well discussed and well potrayed by Eirma Fatima ( the spelling on the publicity brochure!!) and I thought it was a mature play. Of course, only those who knew the whole story would appreciate the play more than those who came to experience the tragedy for the first time.
I had to buy the book which was written by the same author who went to look for Natrah 10 years ago.. Its a history piece and tragedy such as this should be well remembered and reserached, for my information so that i can tell my grandchildren to retell the story to theirs..

A motivational boost..

I discovered this upon browsing the IJN website before i was done there.Iguess it was updated when I was there during the JCI accreditation exercise.. I'm sure it was suppose to be the new Specialist who joined together with me in November.. hahaha

1. open the ijn website..
2. on that page, click on the menu icon ABOUT US
3.On this page, you will see a list of icons on your right. Click on the MEDICAL TEAM TAG.
4. A list of specialties will appear. Click ANAESTHESIOLOGY
5.You'll see The Consultant's pictures. Scroll all the way down...

U see what I mean? hahahaha I'm still a trainee with my finals in May 2010 and they've plyed me to join the institution.. hahahaha
A motivation boost for my coming exams.. :)