Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update 1- 1Malaysia Road relay.. TAK JADI???

Happily, post call I went to FTAA to register my ICU team for the road relay on the 3rd of January. The thought of the team doing something together was cool and i guess everybody was looking forward for it. I was looking forward for it because:
1) It'll be cool to have One Team-Malaysia running..
2) I manage to coax my fellow ICU colleagues to have a go and enjoy ourselves.. 1 Malay,2 Chinese and 1 Indian, 2 male 2 female.. damn cool composition isn't it?

To my surprise in my chat with a fellow FTAA officer ; apparently, the response is currently poor and it is most likely to be canceled unless there is a MIRACLE before the 26th ( which is the closing date). What? I can't seem to believe that is the case. Apparently, people are having difficulty gathering all the different races in one team. I went again like..WHAT??? I mean.. every run i join week in week out,punyalah ramai Malaysians join the individual category . What is so difficult to get yourselves together and register for this run? Where's the "running-brotherhood" spirit ? It is just compounded to segregation of races where we race as race? ( hehehe.. mcm kelakar pulak bunyi?) They did not have a problem at all with the EKIDEN relay recently. Obviously when we try to do something idealistic, it does not augur well with the masses. It is still difficult to get together when it is not!!!
I like the concept of gathering the different races together running as a team and i strongly feel that everybody should make an effort to see it happen. I mean , whether we embrace BN's 1Malaysia or Pakatan Rakyat- Malaysia for all ; this is where we should take an active part in making the so called MALAYSIA dream into reality. Whats the polemic in condemning each other on disunity when simple things like this race cannot come into reality? Apa laaaa... Reality bites i guess...
I am still having my high hopes to see that this event comes into reality. Not for my sole enjoyment but for what the future holds. We spend a lot for ourselves joining race and events all over the country, and a simple cheap race like this road relay seemed to be SO UNPOPULAR amongst runners..
C'mon fellow Malaysians.. please do not dissapoint ourselves..