Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The arrival of Dzaeffran Qayyum 4 years ago was a blessing. Being new parents, wifey and I were fanatically concerned about their health and welfare! Durratun Qaisya came 2 years later but our anxiety remained the same! Even though both of us are doctors, having your own kid is a different issue. We were exactly like any other new urbanized parents wanting the best for their children.

When Dzaeffran caught a naughty bug when he was 4 months old, we never expected it was bad that he had to be admitted! Qaisya had a really bad fever requiring hospital stay when she was 6 months old. Both were harrowing experience and both wifey and I became obsessed with getting our children’s immune system optimal so that we can avoid hospital admission! Its not encouraging at all to see your children so weak and sick! Everyday we send them to daycare nursery and that did not help with the frequent recurrence of illness!

Immune system protects the body from diseases by antagonizing bad bugs such as virus, bacteria, fungal etc. Viral infections are more common than bacterial infection in children. The only way to fight against it would be the strength of one’s immune system! Therefore, boosting our childrens' immune system became our priority so that they can experience joy while growing up. Being sick all the time impairs their development if most of the time they are irritable.

Apart from being super compliant to the immunization regime, we made sure that both Qayyum and Qaisya were stimulated physically and mentally with various multiple activities. It was fun bringing them outdoors to experience nature. They simply love it when we spend time together as a family and would always look forward for weekend outings! Both Qayyum and Qaisya are very cheekily curious and kept asking … a disadvantage to a parent like me who can get irritated easily! How I wish they start speaking later than earlier!Hahaha

Making them sleep was another challenge for us handling these active kids.. but adequate amount of sleep is also important in boosting their growth and hence immune system!

Breast milk is definitely the initial choice to develop a young child’s immune system. The antibodies from the mother’s breast milk temporarily protect from unwanted infections. However, beyond 2 years old breast milk may not be suitable anymore therefore a perfect substitute is needed to ensure all the hardwork done bear fruitful outcome! It was not easy to know which was the best choice for Qayyum and Qaisya. It became obvious when I was introduced to Friso Gold last year during the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out.

Having one of a kind feature; Frisoshield with P2 Dual System certainly eanred my trust. The specially formulated milk is a combination of key nutrients together with probiotics and healthy beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics such as combination of GOS and FOS will help to increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal function for my children. I've laways trusted the brand too. Since I started both of them on Friso GOld,, wallaahh.. I rarely see them sick !!

Daania Qystiena was delivered by the stork early this year and with the R&D we had with Qayyum and Qaisya, Qystiena is certainly getting the best management! We celebrated Qayyum's 4th birthday recently in the best of health.Of course, when Qystiena is old enough I will not hesitate to enroll her in the Friso Gold club like her siblings!

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