Sunday, December 06, 2009

Salomon 10k X-trail

This is the first ever Salomon X-trail off road race organized in Malaysia. With the competition held on our homeground ( Taman Tun) takkan tak masuk?? hahaha the only other off road race isthe Genting trailblazer and this year, I had the opportunity aain during Xterra. With my ever trusted Axel shoes ( buatan Malaysia) I'm off to lanyak it again to see whether i can throw it away!Manage tobrowse through few bloggers who went to test the trail a few weeks before , ummphh scary jugak!

Guess which is MADE in MALAYSIA?
We were all early for the race; Azad, Mafiz, Kamal and Edrin. The OGKL team of Nie Feng, Nina Spy, Fahmi, Amad, Sabri, Wak, Hay , Ajip were there too and it was fun to have them around. I arrived at 7am but of course, despite me letting it all go early in the morning, it had to come out again( pergi toilet aah..) so i went back to Taman TUn house to settle it once and for all..hahaha The race started 10 minutes late however, ontop of the 8o'clock timing. I guess it was necessary because they need to get their marshall ready as well as preparing the trail to be safe for participants.
We started off by running around the school circa few hundred meters before we were let off into the wild! The traffic jam started here with most of the participants clogging the small trail. It was enough maybe for 2 ot one go and with our normal routine of starting slow ( like when the traffic light turns green.. when do you actually move?) We were walking most of the time in the first hour because of the massive traffic flow!

By the time we reached the first drink station, the trek was clear and this was the time to try running! However running trail run of 10K is not the same as on road 10K.. never under estimate!! Never try to run up a hill becuase this may cause a lot of damage to your muscles .. cramp wwooo!!! And with this previous experience I manage to pace myself. because, it will be downhill where one can really run!! hahaha Its not easy though to run downhill.. one needs a lot of confidence to know where to step and run. Alhamdulillah, i guess that was my strength especially with my trusted shoe!!
The trail was fun , we had lots of downhill and flat route ( i guess becuase we are using the MTB trail) bu the uphills.. perrrgghh.. memang kalau tak biasa , sure pecah dada !! :)
I managed to finish the trail in one piece... happy, no cramps and of course, the whole gang was in Kandar replenishing the lost carbs !! :)
Thank you Salomon n Quickadventure for a good race :)

The usual suspects..

OGKL team..

the proof... ( lupa amik gambar ngan Salomon pouch!)

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