Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold at last!!!

Kudos to the boys! You made us proud! We have been waiting for this moment in a very long time.. I can still remember sitting in front of the tv that rainy night in 1989; watching the great strike by Lim Teong Kim during our 3-1 win over Singapore.. andbeing a loyal telly fan, I cheered to the max to the surprise of my children when we scored to lead 1-0 against Vietnam!
Disregard the sceptics and critics who reckons that SEA GAMES is nothing.. hello??? At least we're back to where we are suppose to be.. top in South East Asia !! Eat your hearts out Singapore.. Thailand.. Indonesia... Vietnam! HArimau Malaya makin lapar!!!

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lioness said...

Mengaum sikit lah...aum aum aum aum