Sunday, December 27, 2009

For starters.. ok laa..

Whowould have thought, blogs can make some money? Well.. I guess I'm way behind from all the other enthusiasts ! It was my first time checking on my so called earnings.. and guess what..
I've earned RM99 so far!! hahaha 1.5 years after joining Nuffnang.. hahahaha sikit je but hey, at least there is some money in there!!!
Wow.. maybe a motivation for me to blog some more... especially, trying to get people logging into my page.. hahahaha mana tau bule buat duit lagi ke..
P/S will be waiting for the cheque then to see betul tak sampai.. hahaha


iman's mother said...


dpt invite to nuffnang friso gold event this weekend? will u be bringing qaisya?

coz insyaAllah, iman will be going. we just got the invite.

boleh iman together2 dgn qaisya nanti..:)

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Yups.. the event that we've been waiting for! Qaisya and Qayyum will be there.. see you nanti!!