Saturday, January 02, 2010

HELLO 2010!!!

Yup.. end of the new millenium first decade! Time flies so fast eih? Lets see how my 2009 resolutions went.
1.To be fitter as an Ironman and more weight loss !! ( down to 70kg maybe ? )
Weight loss.. takde sangat la.. I'm still stuck at 78-80 but the physique is different compared to the old 80.. hehehe
2.Finish a marathon within the stipulated time and uninjured.(KLIM09 here i come ! )
Haven't done a marathon yet..only 21Ks and I'm happy with that.. KLIM tak pergi because I went to Riau.. but Putrajaya i come!
3.Settle my research project and make a my presence felt in the International Conference ( macam real je... )
presented in Sabah..and then went to Salzburg, Austria..woohoo...
4.Get the Big5 and G7. ( mountain climbing lingua )
Big5 in Murud... alhamdulillah...:)
5.Publish more articles on the mainstream media and getting my own paper column :)
I was on paper few times.. but had less time to write last year..:( no column laa...)
6.Get 1000 friends on my facebook ! ( add me eh.. )
HAHAHAHA i totally forgot about this... and now, >1200 aahh...tak sangka.. hehehe

Ad now for 2010:
1) Maintain my fitness.. complete my marathons this year! Putrajaya thefirst and KLIM 2010 definitely.. and maybe straight for Singapore!
2) Pass my Master exams in May .. need to press in the hard work!

honestly.. no 2 is my main priority this year and others can wait i guess. Thats why I can't really think of any other big resolution to write. It will be my biggest exam academically so far and I better do it well to redeem and justify everything I did till now. Come May; more things will be generated in my mind to do( a definite track record to prove it..hahaha)