Friday, January 15, 2010

When you thought you're done...

I was so groggy this morning!! Finished off the long plastic breast reconstruction at midnite; patient under GA for 16 hours at least. She was young and relatively ok ; we warmed her up throughout the operation well and theoperation went well with very minimal blood lost.
I managed to extubate the patient.. and she was fine. Her pain relief was adequate and everything looks good. The oncall team was supposed to take over me by 10pm but it was very chaotic. I thought it was fair for me to stay on was I reckon it would be more justified for me ( the owner of the patient to extubate rather than the oncall team).When I brought my patient out to the recovery area; there was already one patient ventilated and managed as per PASCA and Lai's patient( also plastic-uro) was already there. Meng Li was stil actively managing.. talking and moving around in that small area.. Waahh...
I settled my patient and then quickly to the changing room for me to get back home..It was already late 1 am. However when I arrived at my car ( which is parked like thousand miles away!!) I could not find my car keys !! DAAAMMMNNNNN... Mana pergi? I was frantically looking for them and i honestly could nto remember where or when was the last time I saw my keys!!! I was too tired to think... And since I was running the morning ENT list... I guess I had to find a place to sleep stat! it was already 2am!! Wifey ( being an excellent planner and executer) can manage the kids in the morning i am sure..
The oncall team was all-girls team and there was no way I can bunk in.. nak mampus?? hahaha Of course, the only possible place was.... DANAU!!!! my study area.. hahaha I went there, and luckily my small plastic mat was still there , and of course the moment I lied down.. i was so fast asleep... TOO TIRED!!
When I woke up just before Subuh... thefirst thing that came to mind was.. MY KEYS!! So after prayers.. slowly I tried to track back where it could have gone.. and Subhanallah... I found the keys 10 meters away from my car! Imust have dropped it earlier yesterday and Alhamdulillah... Kereta semua selamat.. :) Luckily the monkeys were not smart enough to go away with my car!!! And that ladies and gentleman.. what happened to me last night.. ;)

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sometimes, the whole world conspires to screw your life