Saturday, January 09, 2010

Postgraduate seminar UiTM 2010

The venue for our postgraduate workshop was impressive. The new state of the art medical school was really something. I had a crap time initially trying to find my way to the campus; with no maps and just the typical Malaysian way of giving directions..:

" Its just next to Selayang Hospital.."
" Buat u-turn bila nampak Hospital Selayang.. then pusing kiri.."
" Jalan straight.. then turn left yet.. and turn after that.."

Like whhhaatt??? hahaha I ended up exploring Selayang this morning and I'm sure I won't get lost the next time I am here!what a way to start the morning!
I've always looked forard for this event every year as this is the place where I'll meet and find out who mu juniors are ; with the big intake and setup that we have it is impossible to notice them in UM!! Besides that, mingling with old buddies and the feeling of being young again.. hahaha
THe intro slide by Norizal was cool as ever; seeing our ID card faces on the screen to introduce who we are.. of course, we all looked very different now!! We had the usual inspirational introduction by Prof KY and I must say, he has not lost is zest to upgrade the faculty. Listening to him can be inspiring and one has to follow his trail of thoughts well to appreciate his vision for our young university.
I was invited to be a panelist for the forum which was designed specially for us but unfortunately.. becuase Prof KY took a bit too much of our time slot.. we had to ultimately postpone the session..hahaha tak sempat nak cakap pun..hahahaha

VC came to solemnize the event and it was very refreshing to see the new VC so enthusiastic and full of spirit! I guess we need people like this to lift us up and be proud of our institution. Cool..:)
Overall, the time management by the organizing committee was poor ; perhaps being in the new place for the first time maybe a factor but it should not be something that we can be proud about.. First class fascilities must come with first class act and mentality :) In a way, I look forward to be part of the faculty and directly involve in the University's mission and vision soon..:)

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