Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing Marissa Daania Qystiena

At long last !!
Its 3 weeks today sinceI had my chicken pox ( 2nd time around ) . Its the first time today that I am able to hold on , kiss and play with my little girl who will be 3 weeks soon.. :) Alhamdulillah !!
I have just downloaded her pics today from the camera I left with wife.

rupa sapa ? rupa dia laa.. :)


Learning things you wish you don't have to learn it the way you did..

I just realized I've not written about my work for quite some time. I guess sometimes my job description can be repetitive and nothing exciting to blog about as how the weekly tv shows of ER or Grey'Anatomy would be. Hey.. we lead normal lives too you know ; in the midst of haphazardness and madness of the madhouse !
This week the department is a bit short of staff. The seniors are off to their Intensive Course leaving us working extra hard to cover the gaps ! As usual , its up to us the next most senior personnels to do the Senior MO call. Honestly , I am never ready by knowledge and experience to do the call.. but I've been doing it bit by bit since August last year. I have no qualms about it as I figure that the experience I gather during this limited period would help me when I qualify as a specialist.
However yesterday's call was a tough and I am exhausted today. It was not about the severity of the cases but on the out of OT management. I was called at noon ( just after lunch ) when Sherliza was having problems with his post urology stenting patient in the recovery area . His BP dropped and did not pick up. I ran up to help her. We intervened but did not have to intubate him. He recovered his consciousness but his haemodynamics were haywire. We had an excellent ECG machine which showed realtime 12 lead pattern..but it just refused to print it out ! We saw a clear cut ST elevated MI but had no evidence when the cardiology team was there. The 2 other ECG machines that was brought from that building did not provide us with a satisfactory print out.. hmmm.. what was common was it was all from surgical based wards.. hmmmm.. PAtient was then transfered to CCU.. and later on ; we were right. He had a cardiac event with his TroponinT positive.
The later event was disheartening. I was called urgently to help Shakti with a patient of his who suddenly collapsed. We had to run all the way to maternity OT which was a distance away! The due to deliver mother was seen by me earlier when I checked Shakti's epidural in the labour room. When he was called later the patient collapsed in front of him and he had to initiate CPR as she was unconscious with no pulse. It was a nightmare airway as well as he had difficulty to intubate but somehow ( dunno why ) ; he just asked for an LMA from the General OT and it became a useful temporary adjunct to maintain the A in ABC.He pushed the patient to the maternity OT while attempts of "RED ALERT" made by the labour room.
It was controlled chaos in the OT as the OnG consultant performed a superfast Caesarean to get the baby out. My consultant on call was there and we resuscitated her with all our might.Prof was the team leader while INa handled the airway , Zezy the IV push , me with the ACLS protocol and together with Shakti , Sukh and Anand ; we did the chest compressions and defibrillations when indicated . It was a very tiring exercise after 1 hour as the duration we needed to change roles became shorter and shorter. The middle aged lady just did not respond to the resuscitation.
The baby was delivered well but unfortunately it was not the same happy ending for the mother. IT was a really sad atmosphere all over ; a maternal mortality happening in front of our eyes. I hoped that she was able to gauge the syahadah i uttered for her as we were doing the CPR. It was a sad ending to a statistic which we always pray that it would not be us. I guess its qada' and qadar.. may her soul be blessed in the hereafter. In the meantime , i know that my time will be in for a hard time to retrack back what happened in the event in an Official enquiry soon..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

KL 10K City run 22/2

This was supposed to be the run for me to go for my personal best.Perhaps a sub 1 hour thingy... After all the running I've done for the past 1 year ; I was looking forward for a big difference in timing. I was ready to sweat it out ; ignoring the pain to reach the finishing line. Despite it was post call ; and I was still seeing patient at 615am did not alter my focus. I rushed from UMMC to Dataran ; and it must have been a record time because it took me only 7 minutes to reach there !! Giller laju.. hahahaha I arrived just after 7am and managed to catch the gang for my number.
I started off ok , but of course not with the elitist but with my standards. I was pacing alright and was running smoothly as we went across the Bukit Tunku area.
However... the butterflies in my stomach went from bad to worse. I went to the toilet earlier in the morning so i didn't know why I was getting this funny feeling at that time. ( Maybe it was the KFC combo at 230am !! ) I tried to ignore it but by the time i reached near 5km , it was inevitable. I was having goosebumps !! I cannot wait !! Hahahaha I needed to make a fast decision ; to go on and "tahan" or let go !! It was at the Jalan Duta junction and the last possible place to settle my "business" .. it was really really bad...
Quickly I diverted and went to the apartment gurad house..
" Abang... tolong lah bang..perut saya sakit sangat ni..tak tahan !! Boleh saya pakai toilet tak ? "
I was frowning all the way to show my seriousness. It was like the monkey from the sang kancil stories cry.
"BOleh..boleh.. mu gi belake tu.. " " Terima kasih bang !! " and i made a fast dash !!
Annndd... waaaaaaahhhhhh... it was such a relief and I must say , a generous letdown !! Hahahaha.. I was looking at my stopwatch to see how long it was and of course there was no way ican catch up !!
I continued my run ; caught up with Azad and arrived at the finishing line safely :) Well , sometimes it does not work out the way you want it but okla kan.. what to do ? Next run ? hahahaha
Moral of the story : i better "vitagen"ised myself well the day before.. :) This is not the first time something similar happened to me !!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

FTAAA Cross Country Lake Gardens 15/2

Well , I can't say I've recovered 100% but I do feel well . MY lesions on the face is almost invisible , so nobody would think I just had chicken pox ! I've registered for this run , and as a first timer ; I cannot resist the temptation to join the fun on a Sunday morning !
Kamal picked me , Azad and Mafiz up from my place after Subuh. Everybody was excited to hitch the ride on a BMW 5 series ! Gila jakun.. !! Hahahahaha

Ruslan and Halim was early and because of the "inside-information" we managed to park our car very near to the starting line. I guess the cros country is not in eveybody's calendar making it a "niche" thingy and thats why at 7am we were able to park our car conveniently !
We started the race at 740am ( 10 minutes late ) and everybody was sprinting ! I was wary of my pace thus running at my own sweet time till the time of a steep climb to the Planetarium !! Maaakkk aaiii... I had splinting of my diaphragm post climbing and was literally struggling to catch my breath ! Tu la pasal nama run ni cross country ! I was ok and at 2 km to go ; it was only 40 minutes.. bule buat personal best ni !
Unfortunately , due to my inexperiece , its the jungle trek " real cross country " now ! We were literally walking through the path ( very similar to Bukit Gasing and Genting Trailblazer path ! ) ..massive traffic jam ! There were may people in my line and everybody was walking. I was annoyed with one lady behind me. She kept pushing and trying to overtake when I know she was not even a candidate for the podium. She tried to push and overtake but of course , I played dummy and disallowed it. C'mon la.. even if she overtook me she will still be walking in front of me in the very long line of people !
And then came the LECAK !! WWAAAAHHH.. habis kasut cantik !! Hahahahahaha

I spent a lot of time in the jungle trail , costing me to finish the run in 65 minutes ! Itcould have been faster if not for the traffic. Mafiz was in front of me by 1 or 2 minutes. Kamal , Azad , Halim and Ruslan were happy to finish the race by smiling at the finish line !
We waited for everybody to arrive and it was sweet ! Everybody in the group was happy with their time ; Jamil got 48th place and received his medal !! Cayalah bro !!!
See you next week aahh at the KL city run !!

balik naik kereta Kamal..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Alone

Alhamdulillah .. I feel better now. in fact i feel great ! With regards to my chicken pox , the lesions are drying up but not fully. I guess I'm still infective at the moment , and its hazardous to my patients if I go to work now so belasah je la MC yg dah bagi tu.. hhahaha
I miss my family.. I miss my wife , I miss both Dzaeff and Qaisya.. wuhuhuhu..and to top it up I miss my baby ! I haven't seen much of her yet but I can't wait to smell know the baby smell.. hmmmm...
I've done nothing much ; except sitting hours in front of this computer. In a way , its a good break that I'm finishing my data entry for my study.Its a very tedious job typing one by one , crunching the numbers in SPSS ! However , if not for this illness that forced me to stay put at home I would not have done it ! Leceh giller typing in the thousands of numbers.. I never thought it would be so much work until few days back ! Part ni yg lemah nak buat research ni.. :) However I need to settle it this month to complete my Abstract for KK in July..
I've managed to do two bouts of run this week. One was two days back with Azad when he came about to Kelana Jaya . We did the two full rounds and its good to sweat it out again. In fact , its the cross country this weekend so I needed the mile to re"sort" my body. Today I did my usual 7.5km route around SS2-Kelana Jaya. Its true what they say , once you discover and realize your own fitness ; its a nice feeling to push yourself and run it out !! Wow.... the adrenaline was good.. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restless patient

Its Tuesday today , day 5 of illness. I'm feeling much better today. However I had difficulty sleeping last night ; maybe due to the teh tarik and nescafe consumption !! Gile tak bule tidur.
MDQ3 is currently in Acik's place in Kelana Jaya. The place is a bit small and cramp but it offers the best solution for the current carers. ( wifey and Mak ). Mama did offer wifey to stay at her place but I guess its just not comfy and comvenient for everybody. I do feel helpless only having to listen and not help physically. I wish I can do more especially as the runner ( my usual role ) but in order to avoid any possible contact between me and the baby ; i am the forbidden one ! The people around the baby now have all contracted chicken pox but this disease is very infectious because those surrounding her can be the vector ; and since my lesions are still mixed ( scabs n wet ) i cannot meet the caretakers too. huhuhuhu
Its not a happy condition state for me too for the past few days. I was having chills and rigors ; feeling sick ( I am sick aren't I ?? hahaha ) and miserable. The antiviral ( which I still have to finish it ) caused more side effects than making me better instantly . I was practically "mascara"seque with Calamine lotion everyday ! My children were not with me and I have to settle my own food. Losing my appetite was a bonus I was not looking for.
However , I am thankful to Allah for making wifey's delivery smooth. The baby is doing well so far and looking very healthy ! This all brings to a chapter of reaffirming my faith to god. I take it that way and of course , a kifarah ( payback) for my sins. I seldom get sick so this is a good time for repentance and muzakarah.
I downloaded the pics from FB. It was my bro's outing with Dzaeff on Sunday evening. He brought him out in the afternoon and the pictures explained why he was totally zonked out that night while visiting wifey in hospital. ( slept from home - hospital - home ) hahahaha !!! Thank you Meng !!!

pose maut.. hahaha

making contact..

wudu' ??


satu tak pernah cukup...

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Alhamdulillah , Allahu Akbar !!
My baby girl , 3.5kg was delivered in good health at 12.15pm in Pantai Hospital. It was a smooth delivery considering Haniza a multipara.
I feel so overwhelmed but at the same time sad as I can't be by her to recite iqamah.
However.. since its the technology age , I manage to do it via handphone !!! And guess what , she responded !! :)
Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Acyclovir high

I've been taking for only two days and I reckon i feel worse ! Taking acyclovir 5 times a day is no joke and certainly tolls one.
Knwon main side effect :
1) Acute renal failure ( gotta check my RP next week.. )
2) GI disturbances.. ( no vomiting but nauseaous at times )
3) Headache ( i thought it was the fever... )
4) lightheadedness... ( certainly ! )
5) skin rashes .. ( i reckon my chicken pox is more obvious )
6) encephalopathic change- lethargy , confusion , seizures.. ( wahh.. seizuretak dpt lagi la.. )
just have to finish this 5 days treatment and lets see what is so different about it.
P/S wifey will be induced tomorrow.. and I'm praying for everything to be ok..

The darkest hour

I felt ill post call on Wednesday. I thought it was just one of the effects in doing EOD ( every other day ) call as I've not done it for quite some time. I knew I was not in the best physical shape but that did not stop me from going to work as usual. Biasalah kan , abit of URTI.. then there was this pain ; post auricular and supraclavicular lymph node.. swollen.. and when wifey saw me on Thursday evening..
" Abang.. allergy ke apa tu ? Takkan chicken pox kot ? "
I was like huuhhh.... ? you serious ??? I looked in the mirror and saw few pustular lesions on my neck.. alamak... bukak baju... DAAAMMMNNNN... very typical !!!
I am down with CHICKEN POX !!! but.. I've had it before when i was younger !!! IMpossible OR IS IT ??!! Anyway , Dzaeff and Qaisya had theirs about a year ago and somehow i did not contract it that time ?? But why now ?? I was sceptical with the diagnosis ; however the pustules spreading more and more and there was no way there can be any other diagnosis !! Subhanallah !!!
Of course , the MC that comes with this condition is long and one tends to think that its a good time out.. butthe implication for me is different !!
1) I have to isolate myself from my wife who is term.. I cannot let her getting it despite she said she had it before..
2) SHe's 38 weeks today.. If she delivers then I am helpless ; I can't help her in any way and i can't touch my child until I'm fully sure i'm not infectious !!
3) I have always been the logistics man.. she depends very heavily on me to do the chores.. and with this.. I am totally crippled !!
Subhanallah... I guess god is testing us again in this sense.
Today is day 3 of illness , and the itchiness is getting to me .. hahahaha .. its very uncomfortable and it can be lonely at times with me being alone in the house. I'm taking the antiviral but taking it 5 times a day is really something !! No wonder the non compliance rate is high for the immunosuppressed. Waahh.. 2 minggu cam ni mati kutu laa..
Do'a that everything will proceed smoothly , as i am totally helpless !!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The "real" revenge of the fallen

Ironically ; the fallen ones in Perak is exactly doing that ! A "soft" coup-deita in the process. We will know by tomorrow whether will there be a new state government or Perakians will be given the chance to straighten thing out. It is such a mess in Perak which proves that ; the immaturity of Malaysian politics. The politicians whether new or old claim to be the renaissance or agents of wind of change ; total bullshit !
Integrity is the word here my friends and what had happen in Perak whether BN or PR , both deceived us ; the rakyat who entrusted them to serve. Nobody has any integrity anymore and accepting defections such as this is treacherous and in despicable !Sama jer dua kali lima and this proves how dirty politics is ! Memang betul musang berbulu ayam !! There are too many implications either way , and it is best that the people themselves should be given the right to choose.
It is ironic as well , as how it is spelt out about coming to the end of time. When it is never the fight between good and evil ; but the lesser of two evils..

P/s I urge if there is election , for somebody to sponsor that old makcik who tried in KT during GE8.. Lets vote for her and complete the circle of circus !!!


Perrgghh.... Transformers latest trailer during the Superbowl was mind blowing.
Amacam Mafiz ? Menggiurkan ??

Sunday, February 01, 2009

February is here

Selamat HAri Wilayah !!
Its been quite some time since i've been wished that and as long as i can remember , HAri Wilayah has always given me sweet memories. I'm on call today ..and yeah , in a long run of hectic calls since chinese new year. Since I don't celebrate it , so i am one of the few obvious choice to work during the holiday period ! Eventhough I've been doing the calls often , the calls itself are not that bad.. Enough to say that i had my rest well..
Wifey is due soon.. very soon that I am having palpitations on when exactly would be the date. By history , it should be at the end of this week . However , if it is sooner than hmmm... she had a scan last thursday and it was noted that the liquor volume is deteriorating. the baby is healthy and moving well though.. I am in a way worried because things can go wrong even at the very last minute. Wifey is currently busy finalising her thesis and case reports thus a stressor by itself ! She needs to be more relaxed especially at this very crucial moment. However , i do understand why she is rushing to finish of everything ! hmmm... lets pray to god for the best..