Saturday, February 07, 2009

The darkest hour

I felt ill post call on Wednesday. I thought it was just one of the effects in doing EOD ( every other day ) call as I've not done it for quite some time. I knew I was not in the best physical shape but that did not stop me from going to work as usual. Biasalah kan , abit of URTI.. then there was this pain ; post auricular and supraclavicular lymph node.. swollen.. and when wifey saw me on Thursday evening..
" Abang.. allergy ke apa tu ? Takkan chicken pox kot ? "
I was like huuhhh.... ? you serious ??? I looked in the mirror and saw few pustular lesions on my neck.. alamak... bukak baju... DAAAMMMNNNN... very typical !!!
I am down with CHICKEN POX !!! but.. I've had it before when i was younger !!! IMpossible OR IS IT ??!! Anyway , Dzaeff and Qaisya had theirs about a year ago and somehow i did not contract it that time ?? But why now ?? I was sceptical with the diagnosis ; however the pustules spreading more and more and there was no way there can be any other diagnosis !! Subhanallah !!!
Of course , the MC that comes with this condition is long and one tends to think that its a good time out.. butthe implication for me is different !!
1) I have to isolate myself from my wife who is term.. I cannot let her getting it despite she said she had it before..
2) SHe's 38 weeks today.. If she delivers then I am helpless ; I can't help her in any way and i can't touch my child until I'm fully sure i'm not infectious !!
3) I have always been the logistics man.. she depends very heavily on me to do the chores.. and with this.. I am totally crippled !!
Subhanallah... I guess god is testing us again in this sense.
Today is day 3 of illness , and the itchiness is getting to me .. hahahaha .. its very uncomfortable and it can be lonely at times with me being alone in the house. I'm taking the antiviral but taking it 5 times a day is really something !! No wonder the non compliance rate is high for the immunosuppressed. Waahh.. 2 minggu cam ni mati kutu laa..
Do'a that everything will proceed smoothly , as i am totally helpless !!


mafiz said...

waahh..full time blogger for 2 weeks!! hehehe

Larian macam mana?

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