Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restless patient

Its Tuesday today , day 5 of illness. I'm feeling much better today. However I had difficulty sleeping last night ; maybe due to the teh tarik and nescafe consumption !! Gile tak bule tidur.
MDQ3 is currently in Acik's place in Kelana Jaya. The place is a bit small and cramp but it offers the best solution for the current carers. ( wifey and Mak ). Mama did offer wifey to stay at her place but I guess its just not comfy and comvenient for everybody. I do feel helpless only having to listen and not help physically. I wish I can do more especially as the runner ( my usual role ) but in order to avoid any possible contact between me and the baby ; i am the forbidden one ! The people around the baby now have all contracted chicken pox but this disease is very infectious because those surrounding her can be the vector ; and since my lesions are still mixed ( scabs n wet ) i cannot meet the caretakers too. huhuhuhu
Its not a happy condition state for me too for the past few days. I was having chills and rigors ; feeling sick ( I am sick aren't I ?? hahaha ) and miserable. The antiviral ( which I still have to finish it ) caused more side effects than making me better instantly . I was practically "mascara"seque with Calamine lotion everyday ! My children were not with me and I have to settle my own food. Losing my appetite was a bonus I was not looking for.
However , I am thankful to Allah for making wifey's delivery smooth. The baby is doing well so far and looking very healthy ! This all brings to a chapter of reaffirming my faith to god. I take it that way and of course , a kifarah ( payback) for my sins. I seldom get sick so this is a good time for repentance and muzakarah.
I downloaded the pics from FB. It was my bro's outing with Dzaeff on Sunday evening. He brought him out in the afternoon and the pictures explained why he was totally zonked out that night while visiting wifey in hospital. ( slept from home - hospital - home ) hahahaha !!! Thank you Meng !!!

pose maut.. hahaha

making contact..

wudu' ??


satu tak pernah cukup...

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