Sunday, February 22, 2009

KL 10K City run 22/2

This was supposed to be the run for me to go for my personal best.Perhaps a sub 1 hour thingy... After all the running I've done for the past 1 year ; I was looking forward for a big difference in timing. I was ready to sweat it out ; ignoring the pain to reach the finishing line. Despite it was post call ; and I was still seeing patient at 615am did not alter my focus. I rushed from UMMC to Dataran ; and it must have been a record time because it took me only 7 minutes to reach there !! Giller laju.. hahahaha I arrived just after 7am and managed to catch the gang for my number.
I started off ok , but of course not with the elitist but with my standards. I was pacing alright and was running smoothly as we went across the Bukit Tunku area.
However... the butterflies in my stomach went from bad to worse. I went to the toilet earlier in the morning so i didn't know why I was getting this funny feeling at that time. ( Maybe it was the KFC combo at 230am !! ) I tried to ignore it but by the time i reached near 5km , it was inevitable. I was having goosebumps !! I cannot wait !! Hahahaha I needed to make a fast decision ; to go on and "tahan" or let go !! It was at the Jalan Duta junction and the last possible place to settle my "business" .. it was really really bad...
Quickly I diverted and went to the apartment gurad house..
" Abang... tolong lah bang..perut saya sakit sangat ni..tak tahan !! Boleh saya pakai toilet tak ? "
I was frowning all the way to show my seriousness. It was like the monkey from the sang kancil stories cry.
"BOleh..boleh.. mu gi belake tu.. " " Terima kasih bang !! " and i made a fast dash !!
Annndd... waaaaaaahhhhhh... it was such a relief and I must say , a generous letdown !! Hahahaha.. I was looking at my stopwatch to see how long it was and of course there was no way ican catch up !!
I continued my run ; caught up with Azad and arrived at the finishing line safely :) Well , sometimes it does not work out the way you want it but okla kan.. what to do ? Next run ? hahahaha
Moral of the story : i better "vitagen"ised myself well the day before.. :) This is not the first time something similar happened to me !!


DeliciousMommy said...

Tergelak besar yg part nk mintak tompang toilet tu.. nasib baik ada gak toilet.. kalau tk, semak pun jadila.. hahahaha... gila tul..

Anyways RESPECT to you, bro.. kalau gue, tkde willpower langsung nk lari2 ni.. ahahah..

Dr.M said...

kisah benar...

sina said...

Hahaha. I ingat lagi cerita you lari masuk kedai mamak. :P

dr oshin said...

lain kali bawak disposable diapers jer la...swipe kat geriatric ward...hehehehe!

Azad said...

Hahah.. really funny reading this entry.