Saturday, February 07, 2009

Acyclovir high

I've been taking for only two days and I reckon i feel worse ! Taking acyclovir 5 times a day is no joke and certainly tolls one.
Knwon main side effect :
1) Acute renal failure ( gotta check my RP next week.. )
2) GI disturbances.. ( no vomiting but nauseaous at times )
3) Headache ( i thought it was the fever... )
4) lightheadedness... ( certainly ! )
5) skin rashes .. ( i reckon my chicken pox is more obvious )
6) encephalopathic change- lethargy , confusion , seizures.. ( wahh.. seizuretak dpt lagi la.. )
just have to finish this 5 days treatment and lets see what is so different about it.
P/S wifey will be induced tomorrow.. and I'm praying for everything to be ok..

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ikmal said...

Get well soon my friend... we pray everything goes well with your wife's delivery....