Sunday, February 01, 2009

February is here

Selamat HAri Wilayah !!
Its been quite some time since i've been wished that and as long as i can remember , HAri Wilayah has always given me sweet memories. I'm on call today ..and yeah , in a long run of hectic calls since chinese new year. Since I don't celebrate it , so i am one of the few obvious choice to work during the holiday period ! Eventhough I've been doing the calls often , the calls itself are not that bad.. Enough to say that i had my rest well..
Wifey is due soon.. very soon that I am having palpitations on when exactly would be the date. By history , it should be at the end of this week . However , if it is sooner than hmmm... she had a scan last thursday and it was noted that the liquor volume is deteriorating. the baby is healthy and moving well though.. I am in a way worried because things can go wrong even at the very last minute. Wifey is currently busy finalising her thesis and case reports thus a stressor by itself ! She needs to be more relaxed especially at this very crucial moment. However , i do understand why she is rushing to finish of everything ! hmmm... lets pray to god for the best..

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