Tuesday, January 27, 2009

End of one generation

MY real grandfather passed away today, Atuk Salleh. He was 80.He has had few close calls before this and i guess its his time now.Due to the complicated nature of his past , we don't really know who he is. I guess only Papa knows but I seldom seen any close communication between them. I guess both do realize that they have a biological connection and unfortunately left at that.
I wanted to go back to Kuala Terengganu , however as wifey is oncall it can be quite tricky to make a daytrip with the kids under my nose. Papa n Mama left for KT earlier today. The reason why I wanted to go was , I was keen on meeting up with the "lost" family members as thismaybe the last time I would actually be introduced to them. With his demise , I don't think Papa will go to Batu 6 anymore ; neither of us will as we don't know who's who.


Azad said...

Takziah to you and family.

maya karanz said...

dr m, my condolence to you and your family.