Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mystery XI ASEAN 101

I just realized yesterday - after my 12th month of car installment ; my car road tax expired like 1 week ago ! To think that I traveled to Putrajaya and so forth during the last week. Gosh.. malu nya kalau kena tahan.

I called my cousin in law to sort my insurance and road tax , its his business anyway. Then today , at about 3 pm he called me up. Apparently , they cannot renew my road tax because my car number has an unsettled summon with JPJ.

JPJ ? Bila lak kena saman dgn JPJ ?

As I'm not sure whether JPJ does their saman ekor or not , I searched through the net to look for that info.Its very useful huh - / / . i went thorugh the details.. and

I don't have any records of summons with JPJ. None at all. With the police - yups , I have one unsettled summon regarding seatbelt. According to Abang Fathul - that is not the culprit but the JPJ summon. Hmmm.. I don't have any ? Not recorded ? hmmm... really annoying.I can't check my car number online and I have to go directly to JPJ to check.

The most annoying thing is its holiday tomorrow - 1st February - Federal Territory Day cum Thaipusam ; therefore Public Holiday. uuurrgghhh... I have to wait till Friday before I can investigate the problem.

hmmm.. and I am the type of person who will continuously think about this till it is settled... tak boleh tidur laa malam ni...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The beginning of a long lost interest

I've resolute to make myself fitter this year.When that happens , my weight will automatically be reduced. Its not mid life crisis mind you !! Its about keeping one's health. Hearing your circle of friends diagnosed with chronic diseases shows how age is really catching up. No matter how young you feel , the body physiological responsewith time cannot be denied nor stopped.

Just like the movies ; ESP - a telephatic message to a good friend was somehow conveyed. I was considering an email I received last week regarding an interesting mountain climbing trip next week. I even filled up the form and was really thinking hard. For all you know , Azad emailed me the event ! He was keen to go for it too ! And of course that made my decision to become TIDAK SYAK LAGI..

We'll be climbing the twin hills in Frasers next Saturday. It is organized by the OGKL club ( Orang Gunung KL ) whose members we met last Friday night during their weekly "meeting". Meeting them was a pleasure as they were friendly and I did not feel too alienated. Obviously , I am keeping a low profile for now as I don't really know them yet. I am sure after this trip I will have lots to say and laugh about ! Trips like these brings out either the best or the worst in you. I am excited and can't wait for the weekendI must say their line of activities for the past few years is impressive and commendable. I reckon , this will be my last bash before the arrival of my second child.

I am really on about this trip. It'll be my first climb after Kinabalu in 2005. Wow.. Lets just do it !!

Over the weekend

I had a very hectic weekend ! Organizing a dinner is a highly stressed job ! It is not easy to make things run smoothly right from the table arrangement , your committee , the food , the entertainment. I'm glad its all done now ! Thank you very much to my colleagues who had done a very good job to make Anaesthesia Nite a memorable one. My MC did not receive his script until about 6.30pm before the event ! It was supposed to be given to him 2 days back but somehow it did not happen !! However , he was a very talented man and managed to lighten up the event .

I had to go on stage because nobody from the doctor's side is interested in performing , even for the fun of it ! I wished we had more of the creative ones in the department so that I don't have to come up with something which is entertaining ! I managed to coax my 7 professors to be on the stage and be my back up dancers !! hahaha.. it was hillarious ! I enjoyed it myself but I am sure that the profs will ensure that I 'll be at the end of the line...

The food was good. Obviously I did not have the appetite to eat. Sayang .. wished that I could eat more. It was nice of the hotel to provide us with 2 special vouchers ; for our grand prize lucky draw ! I wanted to fix it as we could have won the 2days one night stay in Royale Bintang - but corruption is not my game.I did not win anything , but seeing everybody enjoyed themselves was satisfying.


Malaysia lost.. I missed the match but managed to catch the higlights when i returned home. I am proud of the Malaysian team. We fought really hard and gave Singapore quite a scare. Kudos Malaysia for the excellent performance and I hope to be able to attend the 3rd placing match hopefully in KL.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A satisfactory display


I was satisfied. It was great to be back in the old familiar territory of passion and undivided support for your country. I was there in Shah Alam stadium witnessing a true grit performance by our football team. Expecting them to play in the likes of Brazil , Argentina or Germany is definitely out of reach. Even the EPL standard is far much better than the mediocre game play we have here. From a lowly ranked team of 153rd in the world what do you expect ? Be mindful and realize where we are.

We played a good game last night against the defending champions of ASEAN champion , our once upon a time small neighbour - Singapore. I reckon it was the first time that the national side was cheered all along the game and not the usual jeer and frustration. We played all our might and i believe the fans could feel the determination and motivation to win. It was satisfying to see the national heroes fighting for every ball and displaying their best performance. Game play ? It was not smooth but enough to entertain the fans all around Malaysia.

We scored through our "zidane" - Hardi Jaafar with a beautifully executed shooting way outside the box that went to the top left corner of Lionel Lewis ( Singapore goalkeeper ). Eventhough we are not quite sure whether it was the real intention to score or a fluke from a cross - who cares ! We scored the first goal and the stadium erupted !! Suddenly all hopes were high and the sight of glory was beyond beckoning. Unfortunately , due to our lack of concentration - Mohd Noh Alam scored through a free header - our short centre back not able to shackle him off from a beautfully executed cross. Memories of our national heroes fumbling was at sight.

Uncharacteristicly , we showed character. We fought back - clawing and threatening to score. There were few chances which was wasted by Hairuddin by his bad first touch and Eddy Helmi after a brilliant dribble ! It was exhilarating and exciting. Adrenaline was running high and everybody cheered well. When the no 5 Singapore defender tried to waste time during the final minutes of the game - all Malaysians stood up and roared in anger ! He was showed the red card for showing the unsportmanshiplike behaviour and the whole stadium became havoc ! Some even shouted.. YAHUDI !! YAHUDI !!! to everyone's tickle bone.

We really fought hard during the dying minutes and I can tell you we tried till the whistle blown by the undecisive referee. It was such an experience.

I wish I didn't have the dinner this Saturday night - more being in the organizing committee. Damn !! I would have skipped it to attend the return leg in Singapore.

Viva MALAYSIA !! I wish you all the best in the second leg. I would not expect much though - as it is tough to win in Kallang but nevertheless , if it is the same gutsy display showed on Saturday - I am happy as there is hope for Malaysian football.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Interestingly , we do not celebrate the new year in Islam as how we celebrate the Gregorian new year. It is ashamed even amongst the muslims , we fail to practice reciting the end of year and new year prayers. It is not exactly a rukun , but instead of doing our usual waiting the 0000 countdown outdoors with fireworks galant display during the "Masihi" new year , perhaps we should direct our celebrations towards the 1st day of Muharram.This should go inline with Perlis' Mufti !!!

Maybe for the first time in many years ( that i can remember off) , this year we had a live telecast of these prayers from the National Mosque on New Year's eve. I was a bit surprised but glad that maybe we are starting to appreciate our own legacy.

Happy New Year to my brothers and sisters !!


Wifey is in her 33rd week of pregnancy now. Wow , how time flies. In about a months time , I shall be receiving a new member of my legacy. Compared to Dzaeffran's pregnancy , wifey and I are a bit more relaxed and not too anxious . I suppose the small gap between Dzaeff and his sibling contributed to this. However , i reckon this pregnancy is more tiring for wifey as I could see her abdomen really buldging out ; being tired almost everyday as compared to Dzaeff.

By EDD ( estimated date of delivery ) , the baby should be out on the 9th of March. However , wifey gave birth spontaneously at 38 weeks - thus making the new baby maybe popping out in mid February. aisey... that near ahh ?

Lets just pray to Allah , whenever will it be , let it be smooth and with his blessings.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lady luck

I am not sure how many of you are aware that Malaysia is in the semi finals of the ASEAN football Federation Cup ? Formerly known as Tiger Cup ? I've been following the national team's progress but i realized that I did not blog it as compared to previous years.

In the last edition we were in the semi finals but we lost badly to Indonesia on home ground. 4-1 if i am not mistaken and we only needed a draw with the Indons to qualify for the finals.I was in the stadium and we were all so frustrated. After that , Selangor took Eli Aboy and Bambang into their Premiere League team.

This time around , somehow we had lady luck with us. We didn't do too well against Thailand in the group match and Myanmar just needed a small margin win against the Philippines to knock us out dead. Somehow , The pinoys defended really well and denied Myanmar the semi final spot. I myself did not expect us to qualify after the loss to Thailand. And to everybody's shock - Myanmar drew and we qualified !! Yeh!!! but not so glorious..

We will be up against Singapore - defending champion. It is a tall order but I reckon we can do it. Our side is depleted without our top strikers ; Akmal Rizal , Indra Putra ; long term injury. Our hopes are now with Hairuddin Omar , Nizaruddin Yusof , Hardi Jaafar - who showed strength and determination to win for Malaysia . Unfortunately , the quality is of suspect and I am not quite sure whether determination and spirit can overcome the Singaporeans.

Singapore are with 5 imports - only to make it so unfair. However , I do believe that we can do it.. We can do it !!! I will be at the stadium on Tuesday and cheer myself out for Malaysia's glory !! Hahaha...

Location..action !!

Received sms and phone calls from my friends..

" What film are they shooting at your mum's place ?? "

" Wahhh.. bikin film nampak !! "

Well , I went to have a look myself and could not believe I have Badul's potret hanged galantly in the living room !! Hahaha.. that was funny.

Anyway , FYI they are filming the next season of Puteri ( TV3 sitcom ) at my mum's place in TTDI. So check it out !! Drop over if you would want to meet up with Nora Danish !! I haven't had the time to go there yet during office hours as I would love to have a pic with the cast..

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Being 31

To Azad and Mafiz..

Happy Birthday no 31 !!! Fuiiyoo.. makin tua la kita noo...

Surviving sepsis

Working on your own in ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) can be a bummer at times. It does not help when you don't have a dedicated intensivist ( specialises in ICU care ) to guide you managing patients. It is very ashamed to say that in our centre ( which was suppose to be one of the main referral centres in Malaysia) do not have one !! What happened to them you may ask ? well , to make a long story short - they left because of frustration as well as good offers from other centres. And guess who are managing the very ill patients here now ? Substandard care ? hmmm... it depends on one's point of view...

I do appreciate the presence of my current Consultant in the ICU. Even she admitted that she is not qualified on paper to manage patients in ICU but i know that she is trying her best to sort out the rot which is so obvious seen in this department. I am very impressed with her as she took ICU as her responsibility when she knew it is not something that she is very learned on. At least now , we get the primary team in charge of the patient to do something about the patient rather than wait and let them die !! Few angry sparks had flew but I guess that is the way to go to reclaim the "lost" Anaesthetist power in UMMC !!!

Working under few different Intensivists in two different centres had given me just enough the experience to handle patients in my current centre. I can now really appreciate what Dr Tai and Shanti was trying to instill in us during my earlier stint in HKL. It was tough , rigorous but it was worth it. When I was in Selayang after that , Dr Suresh ( another cool-joe consultant) showed me that ICU can be fun as well !! Currently , i am not learning much in terms of what ICU is all about - but being a doctor and Masters student ; there is a lot to learn from every patient.

The only thing I hate about ICU is not about the micro patient care , invasive procedures on very ill patients or resuscitating the almost dead... but when doctors become reluctant to accept that death is the completion of life ; advocating pointless prolongation of death.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Working hard on Sunday

I changed my call with Fatma and doing her Sunday call rather than Saturday. Wifey is on call on Sunday therefore it would be more than logical for me to change !

I've just finished my afternoon rounds and the good news is I have only 4 patients in the ICU !!! Haks... well , we've closed half of our ICU because we are having an outbreak of Acinebacter Baumanniiat the moment.The ICU need to clean up the area involved ( which is very very unlikely to do unless it is thoroughly cleaned for 2 weeks !! ) Our UMMC bug is a very dangerous one as it is multi resistant to the commonly used antibiotics we have in ICU ( don't they all ??) . If we are to bring in a patient with a surgical wound , if the bug infect the patient most likely they will die because of this infection. Therefore , we are not taking admissions today and this is definitely more good news for me !!!

Seeing only 4 patients may look easy from the outside but it is not !! I've been trying to salvage and doing a lot of trouble shooting & adjustment here and there since morning ! I am lucky now that we have another person who's taking referral calls from all around the hospital. I am thankful that i have only these 4 for now but when we are fully operational I can imagine the hecticness!

Ahh.. patient bed 16 suddenly went very very tachycardic they said ..hmm.. think its AF.. have to go !!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A scary picture

scary outcome Posted by Picasa

Did you read the STAR today ? A very worrying event just like a clipse from a Hollywood movie. According to the report , heavy rainfall with strong winds mimicking typhoon is expected during the weekend . Eventhough the Klang Valley is not expected to be affected , it is not very reassuring looking at the sattellite picture.
My concern ? Tomorrow's Visit Malaysia Year 2007 launching by Pak Lah by switching on the Giant Ferris wheel.

I do pray for the best and not another scene from a Hollywood blockbuster..

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Snail tale

Internet services has been frustrating this week. Since the underground cable alleged to be faulty after the under water earth quake during the new year , the service has been severely interrupted. I guess bloggers all around the world felt this as I noticed that not all updated their blogs.I was in this category as well , waiting in agony for my pages to be downloaded to avail.

I had a busy ICU call on Tuesday and my Aptitude Assessment was yesterday. Obviously , I did not have the patience to wait for my modem to stop blinking. I did not study much during the last 6 months therefore had to burn the midnight oil for the past two weeks. Did it remain in my head ? Hahaha.. Obviously not as how I hoped it to be. The collection of past year questions were really useful as it showed me the way to answer questions .

The MCQ was tricky but for the first time in my life , I was thinking while doing it. Hahaha.. Seriously , I guess only now that i figured out the strategy to not loose marks in the negative marking system. What was i doing in med school ? The SAQ ( short answer question ) was satisfactory. Note to self : Read the questions thoroughly before attempting to answer !!! Viva was alright as long as you talk all the way during the 10 minute session even though you sound a bit stupid at times !

Alhamdulillah , passed the first hurdle !!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007 !!

And how did I celebrate this new year ?

" You are the chosen one !!! "

join me.. Posted by Picasa
A true die hard Star Wars fan i guess !!
Happy new year ahh !!