Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympic run

early before the race... still fresh
Azad entered our names for our "shortest" race for this year ; the McDonald's Olympic run. As there was only the 7 and 3 km run organized , we started at 7.30am which was so convenient for us. By history , we've always been late for races in Dataran Merdeka ! Not because we are tardy but because of Subuh and the arrangements. There were not that many participants but I guess the total number was sufficient and it helps to have multi sponsors!
For a change , we decided to start the race on the front pack ..we were early so it was possible to stand in front ofthe barrier on the front line. When Dr M Jegathesan fired his gun to start the race , we discovered that we were under pressure because everybody was passing us. It was different starting from the back when you take your own sweet pace to run ! I nearly got myself cramped but becuase i know my limits, i manage to control it and finish the race uninjured !!

International competitors..

hey OK bro !!

In their shoes

One of my colleague in Anaesthesia underwent an operation yesterday during my call yesterday. It was not really emergency but he had a special hand surgeon from Singapore to operate him. Apparently , the Consultants in Malaysia were not very familiar on ways to manage his injury surgically. After few months of conservative treatment , my colleague was still in pain and he had problems mobilizing his hand. However , for the surgeon in Singapore it was something that he does best and he in fact made the operation a learning session for our hand surgeons here in Malaysia. My colleague underwent regional block which means that he was fairly awake during the procedure. Hmm..scary..

patient's view when ventilated
Then , as I was lying on my bed in my crash room ; i realized that the room used to be one of the ICU beds used. We had patients in here before and of course , the story that comes with it. It can be freaky for few but when you are tired usually you don't think too much about it. Patients always complain about a creature aka "cicakman" lurking in the toilet in that room but of course , I try not to think about it !! Hahahaha .. But as i was lying on the bed , I was imagining ; patient's thought , views , experience , fear of the unexpected while lying helplessly ill on the bed..

patient's view when he turns his head to the right

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Accessible from UMMC !!

I am on call today ; doing CRASH call . Its 12pm now and so far its a bit too quiet. I did not have any referral nor many ventilated patients to see as yet. Don't speak too soon eih ? Hahahaha Its always a "pantang" and some do adhere to it religiously on not talking about how your call is doing when you are on call !
I met Ervan in the neuromedical today ; his dad was admitted when I went to Palembang. Alhamdulillah he looked well and of course , very anxious and keen to go back home! His mum asked me about Palembang !! I guess Ervan told her mum about my keen views on Indonesia after visiting the country.

I had a long OT yesterday , went back home at 8pm. Initially I only had a suprasellar tumour removal to do but Prof Vicky added a craniopharygioma cyst removal at about 2pm. Initially my Prof thought we could be done by 5 pm but because he was doing it in an unconventional way ( I cannot reveal ; it was history in the making !! ) therefore , we went overboard ! I didn't mind though because it was my first day in oT after a week's lay off.
And as I was going through my email , i tried my luck logging on to facebook and my wiki-page ! To my surprise.. Waahhh.. I can browse those sites now ! I guess UM has been more lenient and decided to allow these sites to be accessed ! Hurraahh ! Now I can hang about the computer during my on call !! ( I'm such an Internet addict @nerd , aren't I ?? )

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Palembang, Sumatera Selatan , Indonesia trip .
19 - 25 Juni 2008.

Click for the different blog-links according to your interest..

Trip Summary
Simple Photooblog
Dinner with Dep Minister and Students
Special Entry for UNSRI med students !

Special entry for UNSRI - Sriwijaya med students !

We visited the Sriwijaya med school on Monday. We met the Dean and his staff and we were briefed about their course and of course ; our med students there. They;ve implemented the integrated system and lingua from pure Indonesian to english. I reckon that the future batches from Indonesia will not have problems coping with our housemanship in Malaysia. It has been prominent that graduates from Indonesia found it hard to adapt to the common English terminologies. However , they usualy survive and it was just a transition period.

Deanery and Dr Abdullah from USM.

Behind me is the list of Clinical Specialists in Rumah Sakit Umum Dr Hoessin.

I managed to arrange a session with the current med students.Initially they were thinking of a formal session on career guidance but I insisted on an informal one. I remembered how during my undergraduate days when the post grads did a similar thing for us. It was refreshing and I really appreciated their effort. I was keen on sharing my experience and knowledge with the young ones and I hope that I have enlightened them.. ( I dunno if I have converted them to anaesthesiologism.. hahaha ) .
The session was held in one of their houses which had a big hall. It was a good turn out and a good Q and A session. I explained about housemanship , MO ship and what next if they are keen on post graduate internship. I really did enjoy the session and I do hope that they were too !! Hahahaha.. Or else, I must have been talking a lot because it was midnight when I went home..

Orthopods potentials.. alert...

keen med students.. nostalgic bit for me..

brainwashin' in disguise ?

Gaya Pempek Sriwijaya ..

Gaya bebas.. hahaha.. its up on the net guys !!
I managed to meet up with Dr Endang , the Palembang senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist and the med students were kind enough to "pillion" me there ! It was cool riding motorcycle at night in Palembang and I am glad i did that. I had a good conversation with her regarding Anaesthesia past and present and she seems very interested about the training we have in Malaysia. It was unfortunate though that I did not manage to follow her into OT ; but the tight schedule earlier in the trip forbid me from doing so.

the ride which was breezy..

Dr Endang..

Check out the Vespa.. Thank you guys !

TO all the med students of UNSRI, all the best in your future undertakings. I do hope to see all of you again not as students but fully certified doctors , Insya Allah.. reach for the stars !!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Palembang Students' dinner

We were entertained by our Malaysian medical students who performed.. I dunno if it would qualify them to be in You Think You Can Dance ! hehehe...

my table.. food Indo style.. Farid and Michelle.. if you happen to read this entry , say Ai !!

the Sriwijaya roses..

with the Melaka Belia big-guns..

And of course , with Dato' Idris Haron himself.. jeling apa tuk ?

Palembang trip captured

I prefer to make it pictorial , difficult to blog the experience..

This was our official programme banner , in front of the hotel so to let all Palembang people know we are around.. hahahaha

Our CRIB for that one week. It was very strategic ; central to most places of attraction in Palembang.

I am always tempted to take pics on busy roads..

We were lucky that the Sriwijaya festival was on during our visit.. happening!!

The Sungai Musi cruise.. Ampera bridge can be seen behind me..

Bukit Seguntang entrance..

Sang Sapurba dari kayangan... read Sejarah Melayu man..

teknik gambar semut eye-view in Bukit Seguntang

Rumah Sakit Umum..

Post bowling..and it was midnite.. makan roti bakar surabaya pak.. luckily , there was no diarrohoea epidemic..

Our 12,000 RP beca trip from Palembang square..

We walked and walked .. and to our surprise.. dah sampai masjid Agung !! hahaha

Pasar 16.. a shopping haven .. mau apa paakk..

Palembang summary

I'm back home now after 1 week in Palembang, Indonesia. It was an unexpected and unplanned trip but I am glad i did not cancel the journey . I've just packed my things and of course I just have to log on and blog it out ! I would have done so back there at the hotel but the computer connection was really slow.There was no way i could download any of my pictures then.

So how was Palembang ? Honestly i didn't know what to expect as i could not find a lot of information about it on the net. However, I enjoyed the trip , the people , the company and the place . I do recommend it for those looking for economical holiday !
I got to know lots of new people ; two different circles. The OFMS team from USM Kelantan and the Belia boys from Melaka. How I got involved in the first place , i really dunno ! My dear OFMSs' Dr Ramizu , Dr Lah , Dr Noor Hayati , Dr Roslinda ; it was nice knowing you guys. Not to mention Hakim , Marzuki and Azhar who were my companion when everybody else left ! I had good fun and i do hope the friendship that we built during this 1 week trip will last for a lifetime.

The UM contingent

with PNPI and the Malacca boys

new friends : oral-maxillofacial surgeons..

Pindang and dining Palembang style..

Heri ; our Palembang tourist guide who helped the team a lot !

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Legendary land

I am currently blogging from my hotel in Palembang; not with my laptop because i don't have any. I'm using the computer provided near the reception which is for guest usage.
This is my second trip to Indonesia , the first being like 24 years ago and that was to Jakarta. I've never realized how similar we are with the people here. Lots of the malay origin in Malaysia came from Palembang. I have yet to visit the historical sites ; and i guess as somebody who loves histroy it would be interesting to step upon Bukit Seguntang ; where Tun Sri Lanang said it all began ! ( read your history books folks ! )
I also didn't know earlier , our visit here was with the MGBM ( Majlis Gabungan Belia Melaka) with its president , the current Deputy Minister of Higher Education ( Dato Idris Haron ) is making a visit to the students here. Therefore , few functions were formal . Evne then , i reckon it is quite alright to meet up the medics here in Palembang ; I just came back from a dinner with the lot ! I dunno if any of them blog so they will come across mine if they search for the event !!
I can't upload my pics atthe moment because the computer here is very slow but I will surely do whenever i have the chance !
Until then , I'll be venturing Palembang of Sumsel... *smile*

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Masters in Anaesthesia Questions..

When i had some free time lately , I've been toying with this !!

click Mafeitzpart1 or in my Anaesthesia links : drM/s anaeswiki

If you are an Anaesthesia trainee looking for our local paper questions, do log in to the above link for those. It is good to have them and use it in preparing for your part 1. I had difficulty looking for the local past year questions , seriously ! therefore , i would like the future generation of Part 1 takers to have an access on the net easily ! Its the information age now and infos such as these should be easily available.

I've put the resource centre in wiki form ; which means that it is amendable to changes by members. Therefore , if you guys who've passed the lot or passed part 1 ( eg.. Shah ke.. Imran ke.. ) and would like to contribute , do join my wetpaint page. You can share with future trainees about how you did it , because we all have our different styles. Amend and share your knowledge ! I don't really have the full set of SAQs , and if you do ; do complete me !!!

Looking for Parameswara..

I'll be leaving for Palembang tomorrow. I'll be joining a programme organized by USM with MGBM ; being part of the medical team for some charity work. I'm looking forward for the trip because i know , if not for this project i don't think i will ever visit Palembang in my lifetime. It has lots of history ; which relates a lot to the birth of Malacca. The programme was interesting because there are plans for visits to their historical sites.
I've renewed my passport ( the KIPPAS kiosk certainly impressed me ! ) , changed my RM to millions of rupiah !! hahahahaha...
I do hope that i can blog and upload pictures when i am there ; since there will be activities with their youth group and university students as well. Well, my first overseas trip this year ; and perhaps the only one !! Hahahaha

Monday, June 16, 2008

to MBSA with LOVE

We are planning to move into our home pretty soon ( After a VERY LONG DELAY... hahahaha ) . Wifey is very busy planning to either extend or maybe just make do. The contractor price rocketed after the petrol price increase ! Its getting much expensive and we don't really have the money to spend lavishly.
However , we are not happy with the mess left by unknown X-Files-like individuals. This post is dedicated for MBSA in our e-Aduan service. Lets see what can be done. Its good to be able to complain online because we don't really have the time to queue during office hours for complaints !!!

Father's day surprise

Well , it wasn't really a celebrated father's day as I was on call on Sunday. What a way to start the day with a wound debridement and SSG case from ICU ; for a patient who had >50% burn ! The best thing about it was the surgeon was keen to settle everything! Imagine , both upper limbs and lower limbs on 1st degree burn ; and the face as well. we had some crappy femoral line , with an arterial line on its opposite. Luckily somebody inserted the subclavian CVL earlier. We were initially asked to remove the lines on the femoral site .. HELLO ??? Don't think there was any more IV access. And to start off the case with its known mortality of more than 80% is a big demotivating factor. Obviously the patient bled like hell... lost one blood volume as the op took like >6 hours !! Fuiiyooo....

And we just had to have a spine case to do as well ! It was a 17 year old who just had an MVA earlier in the morning. He had a fracture dislocation at T3-T4 level and was paralyzed. Luckily I read the CT report and enquired the Ortho MO whether he realized the c6 - c7 fracture. Hehehehe.. and of course, it was my try to intubate the patient using the fibreoptic scope. It was my second time doing it and my lecturer was kind enough to let me have a go. The patient was very co-operative and I sort of inserted my scope straight to the carina !! Hahaha.. but of course, as neither of us was that experience we were not sure. I pulled it out and ooppss.. yes , i was in . and reinserted it and the the ETT. At this moment the patient panicked because he felt something blocking his throat ! We pushed in the tube and Wallah.. airway secured . The surgeons did have a difficult time settling that case , and we finished at 10pm after starting at 4 pm... Perrgghh...
My abstract was accepted by the Academy of Medicine to be in the poster presentation for the coming National Intensive Care Conference ! Hehehehe.. Alhamdulillah , puas hati babe. but then , i need to sort out on how to print out my poster which I have no idea at all how to at the moment..
I need to sort out as well my Indon currency and stuffs to bring.. hehehe For what you may ask this Indon thingy ? Well.. that will be another blog entry to tell..
Gimme 5 !!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wow.. Remy aka P Ramlee

After a long exodus from Istana Budaya , I bought tickets for P Ramlee the Musical about 2 weeks ago. Wifey was keen to go for a night out watching theater and what would be more rewarding than to watch our own Malaysian production. I was quite surprised that I was eligible for the student card discount !!! Hahahaha.. 30% pulak tu , and i got myself pretty good seats for the show. Another plus point was the ticketing lady ( who i thought was 23ish ) called me adik after I asked whether my student card was valid for the discount !! ( Student tua... )

I thoroughly enjoyed the musical ! It was excellent with the scene takes , props and singing troupe. There was character on every corner of the stage ( I can imagine Adlin using the phrase .. " Kau gunakan pentas tu ! " to his actors and actresses. It was simply world class and at par with the ones staged in UK. Awesome !!
Musly was really P Ramlee , with his voice and charactership. He eats and breathes P Ramlee literally. His rendition of P Ramlee's Azizah , Hujan di tengah hari , Jeritan BAtinku , Getaran Jiwa.. wow .. it was like him from the grave !! Liza Hanim's chemistry with Musly was excellent , and you can feel P Ramlee's love for Saloma during the Gelora scene. Simply superb and I just love the romance with wit as how P Ramlee would do it himself. Melissa Saila played Norizan whole-heartedly and her emotions really caught the audience. Atilia was another singing goddess and I had to applaud her the most ! ( which i did at the end of the show..and wifey was jealous !! Hahahaha ) Emelda as Azizah was just Ok , but i guess the fact that the singing was penned for Siti made you feel that something was missing.

with the Director.. Bro Adlin.. Caya la bro !
It was an enjoyable outing and though it ended at midnight , I wish we had encore. Hmmm.. minat nak berlakon theater la pulak...