Monday, May 29, 2006

The better team lost...

the chosen one..

I suppose Mourinho's bold statement would be justified in this game.. well , not really !!

I did not plan to watch the game in Bukit Jalil coz i did not have "kakis" to go with. Fortunately , Dil had an extra ticket so .. THANK YOU very much Dil for the wonderful evening !!( Thank you to your Chief as well lar.. haks..) It was definitely my first time seating in the VIP area which i felt a bit awkward in the beginning. Sitting among the aristocrats.. haks.. terasa wooh...Dil's parents were there too and we had our fair share of shouting and harrasing the national team !!

Myteam was definitely the underdogs and was not expected to shine being the "mee segera". However , the game was enjoyable as Myteam definitely made Ibrahim Saad to sweat in the first 70 minutes. Myteam was leading 1-0 and the fairy tale for the amateurs nearly became reality. Unfortunately , 2 goals from 2 set pieces broke their hearts and the mixed Malaysia team won the game.

marchin in

Overall , the game lacked quality but was full of drama and suspense. Who would have thought Myteam able to score the early goal and made the Malaysian camp panicked.Myteam had the crowd's backing and performed their best .Everybody was worried when Myteam captain was sent off immediately after the first goal but sigh in relief when it became even with the marching orders for Zaquan of Malaysia for dangerous play. It was good to see Myteam's determination and effort ; but technically they fared badly. Malaysia did not have a natural finisher hence their frustration for not scoring.

Kudos to myteam and kudos to Malaysia for a respectable entertainment - just in time for the FIFA World Cup !!

cool event

rare KJ pic..

Geylang si paku geylang..

farewell party

We had our farewell party last Friday. The food was good which completed our one week of free food !! ( We had regional anaesthesia workshop this week ). I felt very sad to leave the department . It was very thoughtful of them to do such a thing for us eventhough we are mere ikan bilis. Well , 11 of us will be going out - debiliating the department for a while before the new masters student will come to Selayang.

My gratitude to the department especially to my dear boss , Dr Arbayah. Thank you too to Dr HAshim , Dr Bakar , Dr Suresh , Dr Hanapi , Dr Cheah , Dr Ng and Dr Laila. You were all great and i appreciated your wisdom and knowledge that was passed to me..

Thank you.. thank you..

males in anaes dept selayang

future specialists

One for the album


My daily routine.. haks..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Looking for trouble- Lets Misyar..

I dunno why Utusan Malaysia is keen to discuss such issues. I'm just waiting for Shahrizat and sisters in Islam to respond tomorrow. Very controversial and looking for trouble.To few , it's a damn good idea isn't it... hehehehehehe..

Syor benarkan lelaki mengamalkan perkahwinan misyar

KUALA LUMPUR 24 Mei - Seorang pensyarah universiti hari ini mencadangkan supaya kaum lelaki dibenarkan mengamalkan perkahwinan MISYAR bagi mengatasi masalah ramai wanita tidak berkahwin.

Malah menurut Pensyarah Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti Malaya, Prof. Datuk Dr. Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid, perkahwinan tersebut juga mampu mengurangkan perlakuan maksiat di dalam masyarakat.

Perkahwinan misyar bermaksud, suami tidak perlu memikul tanggungjawab memberi nafkah zahir seperti wang ringgit dan pakaian, tetapi CUKUP HANYA MEMENUHI NAFKAH BATIN TERHADAP ISTERI.

Perkahwinan seumpama ini banyak berlaku di kalangan wanita yang berkedudukan tinggi dan berpendapatan lumayan di negara-negara Arab.Beberapa ulama termasuk Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi dalam Fatwa Muasaraahnya berpendapat nikah misyar adalah sah.

``Jika pihak isteri bersetuju bahawa lelaki tidak perlu memberi nafkah zahir seperti menyediakan rumah, pakaian dan sebagainya, tetapi hanya bertanggungjawab terhadap nafkah batin saja, maka ia tidak menjadi masalah,'' tegasnya.

``Sekiranya tidak timbul soal siapa yang patut memberi nafkah atau siapa yang patut menanggung siapa, maka perkahwinan seperti itu tidak ada masalah untuk diamalkan.

``Jika pihak isteri bersetuju bahawa lelaki tidak perlu memberi nafkah zahir seperti menyediakan rumah, pakaian dan sebagainya, tetapi hanya bertanggungjawab terhadap nafkah batin saja, maka ia tidak menjadi masalah.

Bagaimanapun, katanya perkahwinan ini harus dilakukan secara jujur dan tidak disalahgunakan bagi menganiaya kaum wanita.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kejohanan Sukan Antara Fakulti Perubatan IPTA di UPM

I took part in this tournament over the weekend in UPM. It had been quite some time since i last joined any sports carnival. It really felt good being young again.. heks.. not that i am that old but i had my share of fun. The Opening ceremony started late on Friday morning ; we were so damn HOT under the sun when the speeches were given. And to top it up..we had a half an hour session of "senamrobik" !! Unfortunately non of the big bosses came in the morning , so it was me and Zaqrul being the only doctors from the faculty around.. hence Zaqrul the "Dean" and me the "Deputy" !!! haks..


I was involved in Volleyball and 9 a side footie. I was scheduled to play badminton as well but it clashed with my volleyball.

Obviously , being unprepared ; we were punished by the other team especially in football. Haks... i did give my best until my legs went crampin' like shit !!! haks.. In volleyball , we lost narrowly to the champions and we played a very good game. Luckily , my spikers were athletic thus able to spike the ball down. But digging was out and we lost mainly because of that. I am happy though as we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Seeing the UM fellas cam cuak.. heks..

Volleyball team..cum football team..cum badminton team.. cum..etc..

UiTM will be the host next year so watch out for us next year !!!

Dzaeffran crossing the Atlantic..

Day out

I missed this yesterday !!!! Mak , Wifey and baby Dzaeff went to this place ; somewhere in Pandan Indah as one of her friend organized a birthday party there. It's a water theme park ; on top of a shopping complex in Pandan Perdana..

mandi mandi...

don/t pull me !!!

And where was I ? I had to sit for my IELTS exams in British Council.. hmmmpphhh..
I certainly missed the fun of seeing baby Dzaeff enjoying himself in the water. I would love to bring him again to SUnway Lagoon perhaps next time around ? haks.. A vision for him to start swimming early so that he'll do incredible wonders. ( Dapat Dato' ke macam Malik Mydin.. haks.. )

I/m floating !!!

happy birthday..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A tribute to my sifu

It was teacher's day yesterday ; I was on my way back home from a luncheon with Dil when i suddenly decide to go back to my old school. I had about 2 hours before i can pick Dzaeffran up so why not spend some time with an "old" friend !!

Haks.. Met up with Ustaz Ahmad yesterday . The last time i met him was during the annual Qurban early this year but it had been quite some time since we sat and talk.
He was still his old self ,only that i reckon he has toned down a lot having teaching in the school for more than 16 years.

I have this special relationship with him since he first came to SMTTDI in 1990.He was a young 21 year old then ; rebellious and raw. I never saw him as a "master-force" , but we were more of a mentor-mentee thingy rather than the typical Ustaz teaching us religious studies.He was close to me that everybody in school know how we walk in each other's shadow. He was a big influence to me during my school days ; and i am glad that he did that . I reckon a lot of my colleagues would agree that he exerted certain influence and idealism to our school . I am certain that we all will remember his "ways" of things .. Ask Zain of Ruffedge or Shah ,Lah and Zaf of VE.. Ustaz Ahmad's name mention still make their spine to shiver !!!

I may not be a pious scholar but there are certain values he taught me that i hold on to till now. He was a very enthusiastic teacher ; not just teaching Islam but about life as well.HIs encouragement certainly motivated me to strive and BE the best. His experience sharing was certainly helpful and had shaped my way of thinking .

And today , he is still as active as he was in the yesteryears. He is currently planning for his 7th trip to Gunung Tahan next month ! We laughed yesterday remembering the first ever trip to Gunung Tahan in 1992 ! It was a very memorable one and he still remembered our group. Not just because we were his first mountain climbing group , but of the famous "nasi kepal " incident which taught us all a good lesson !!

Selamat Hari Guru buat semua guru-guru yang ikhlas mendidik anak bangsa...

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Typical of a 6 month old baby..

And guess what Dzaeff did when i presented him his MYKID ??

Monday, May 15, 2006

Proud Moment

MYKID Posted by Picasa

Went to Maju Junction post call today to collect Dzaeff's MYKID.

Somehow , moments such as this is very precious.It makes you smile and proud to have a name named before yours.Who would have thought ? And being me.. such complexity to complement myself. hahahaha...

Sorry la eks.. one of those "father"ly moments..

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Makin lama.. making sayang..

Anaes Dept Selayang Hospital Posted by Picasa

I was the presenter for today's CME . I'm always keen on presenting stuffs so my preparation was thorough so that i can answer my specialist's KILLER questions. heks.. It was an enjoyable session talking about steroids.

I'm on leave for the whole of next week. Somehow , I'm beginning to feel sad leaving Selayang. The Anaesthesia Department is really cool and i love working with them. The specialists are really nice and fun to learn from. Its a very family-like atmosphere and i enjoy it very much.Its a pity that i have to go to UM soon and stay there for four years.

Hopefully , when i return - it will still be as enjoyable as it is now..

info : Selayang and Sungai Buloh will be HUiTM.


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I went back home late yesterday - and damn it !! I was caught in another traffic jam. Apaeee laa... !! My patience is definitely getting thinner. Can't wait to be stationed in UM...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Unlucky today

if this was the reason , ok lor... Posted by Picasa

Yups.. i was one of them ; among thousands trapped in a massive traffic congestion in MRR2 - Kepong - Selayang early this morning. I went out as early as 7am , in my mind planning for my first problematic gynae patient who was asthmatic. To my surprise , the congestion started at the junction where 4 lanes became 1. The road to Selayang was closed. I really thought that was the only obstacle.

Unfortunately , I was wrong. My spirit sank when i realized i was not moving for more than half an hour. Then we moved , for only about half a meter ; then the pause again... and again..and again . Called my boss to inform him about me being late. haks.. He said he understood because he was right behind me !! hahahahah... We were passing each other frequently throughout the ordeal.

Stupid contractors !!!!; I overheard the Pengangkutan Director mentioned that the reason for the closure was because they needed to finish the job they did since early morning. That was why thousands got caught unaware. BODOH betul !! Next time announce it to the public because we would definitely have taken a different route to our destinations. Saja menyusahkan orang !! We were only warned about the bad congestion through the radio at 7.30 am.. duuuuhhh... we were already suffering by then !!!

Guess how long i was stuck taking the "FORCED" alternative route through FRIM ? 3 HOURS !! 3 HOURS man... bangsat betul...

I arrived in Selayang at 11am !! Luckily boss manage to organize the OT to run in time. I was flabbergasted . A really..really traumatic experience. Thumbs down to Samy Vellu's ministry and all involved in the most STUPID and ANNOYING Malaysia's MEGA project.. MEGA CRAP..

p/s Jasa Kepada Rakyat.. haks.. free - free jer kena kutuk...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tuah Jebat idealism relived..

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I find it a bit disturbing when Pak Lah upon his arrival back from the USA , stressed on the point that party aspiration and dignity was more important than seeking the truth.In reference to Shahrir Samad's case , he mentioned in the press conference that no matter what , BN MPs by principle should never agree with the opposition. NO exceptions. Like what ???@!?

I can understand why the PM said that in terms of being the leader of the ruling party but.. i believe that in this issue , brains and logics should be the priority. Looks like our mentality will remain third class with this kind of attitude. We've never actually moved from the 15th Century - the same exact issue about loyalty and adherence without questioning then.

Hang Tuah was the most celebrated Malay hero in Melaka, leader of the "Five Musketeers of Malay history" - Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekiu, Hang Lekir and Hang Jebat . Jealousy on his fast rise in the Melaka court ( haks.. typical isn't it? ) ; Tuah was slandered by his enemies and the Sultan who was stupid enough ordered his death. Hang Jebat, in anguish at the injustice done to his friend, goes AMOK and the Sultan was forced to flee for his life from the palace .Jebat was declared as " penderhaka " .The Sultan lamented that Hang Tuah was the only warrior who could ever defeat this traitor, upon which the bendahara saves the day by producing Hang Tuah before him.( Tuah was hidden you see... in a way Bendahara was another "penderhaka" - but behind closed doors ; the typical politicians we have now amongst us )

Hang Tuah was pardoned by the Sultan and sent to finish off Jebat.I could not understand Tuah's feelings then because it was totally absurd !!! Hang Jebat's happiness at seeing his dearest brother in arms brought back to life turns to despair when his friend lunges at him , declaring his loyalty to the Sultan and hatred for traitors. In the ferocious clash, Hang Jebat was killed, still declaring his love for a dear friend, while Hang Tuah sadly stressed to his dying friend that loyalty to Sultan and duty comes before everything.

This romantic version from Hikayat Hang Tuah, has always begged the question among Malays: who was right? Hang Tuah, because he remained loyal to his Sultan and killed a traitor, even though he was his closes friend. Or Hang Jebat, who was willing to die fighting against injustice and in defence of his friend?

My hero was , is and will always be Jebat.

P/S Dil... bapak angkat marah ke tulis cam ni ? haks..

( Ms Leena.. ok tak tulis English ni? nak amik IELTS on the 20th ni... )

Only a handful never change...

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Always a man who holds strong to his principle. A figure of bravery and seeking absolute justice.

Road to Thomas Cup - Series II : Ashes to ashes

the coupe Posted by Picasa

It was a sad ending to our fight back for the berth in finals. We lost to Denmark 3-2 ; it was a hard fought game. The If Onlys phrase were uttered but it is too late now. We failed again in our bid to regain the Thomas Cup. I am not sure whether we are able to reach this stage of competition the next time around. Denmark was a formidable team and this is their last chance for glory as most of their main players are old timers - in their 30's.

Lee Chong Wei played a good game but it was not good enough. He manage to challenge Peter Gade point for point , but Peter was just a class above. He is definitely the player on form now - and the best player in the world. He became no 3 because he was injured for the past few months. Chong Wei just could not answer his fast pace and lost narrowly 21-19/ 21 - 18.

Chong Ming and Keng Kiat played really well. It became controversial in the middle of the game - as Chong Ming was flashed the red card. It was very tense and nerve recking. They managed to beat the no 1 doubles pair in the world. It was inspiring to see their spirit and it gave us hope.

Next was Hafiz - but he lacked the willpower to win. His pathetic display of unforced errors became the main culprit. Kenneth was not as skillful but he was determined to win the match. That was the main difference between the two players. Hafiz managed to scrape a narrow win in the first set but was floored in the next two games. I am dissapointed with Hafiz's game as his brilliance was shadowed by his erraticness.

Tan Fook and Wan Wah must definitely be our stars in this tournament. They displayed superb badminton with their age and won the game. They are definitely still a force to be reckoned with.

The deciding game was for Kuan Beng Hong ( WHOOO ??? ) to salvage. Seeing him during the warm up stroke play , you know that Malaysia was in trouble. He was so nervous and it showed so much. It was definitely too much pressure for him to handle.I was crossing my fingers then and hoped that he will prove me wrong. Unfortunately I was right and the game was all the time dictated by the Dane. Beng Hong played like a woman !!! hehehe.. |don't get me wrong as i am not discriminating. His game play was just SO PATHETIC and did not have any power. I bet if he played against the Chinese ladies , he would have been battered easily.

With the easy loss ,our hope were burnt to ashes. It was so dissapointing to lose in such a way. At least if Beng Hong gave a good fight , we would be satisfied and concede the defeat to a better team.Not If only... If only.... If only.... Denmark was definitely the better team with really good team spirit. I hope they will win the Cup on Sunday because they deserve to do so after 8 unsuccesful attempts.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

First hurdle cleared

triumph Posted by Picasa


I managed to watch the match up against Korea yesterday. I was post call and my adrenaline rush pressed me on as i was very sleepy. I was on call on Tuesday and it was very hectic. I practically did not sleep at all as there were too many things going on at the same time.

So far , we are not tested yet as our opponents in group stage did not pose much threat. USA and England was a breeze and we thought them well about how to play real badminton. The last match i saw us playing the Koreans was in 2001 , in Putra Stadium - we lost to them because of Roslin's pathetic display.

Chong Wei was in his element in the first singles. Eventhough he was a bit jittery in the beginning , he managed to conquer his fear and displayed vintage badminton. Anyway , i was a bit dissapointed when Keng Kiat and Chon Ming lost to the Koreans. We were simply making too many enforced errors.In the new format , your mistakes are punished therefore one has to aim for perfection. Choon Han was next and seeing the way he played , i did not think it was a problem to beat them. Suddenly he had an awkward fall and injured himself. I said Damn !! And when they announced his retirement I was like... alamak !! we can lose this tie you know !! SOS !!

Next was Tan Fook and Wan Wah. I was worried about them because they can be really bad especially under pressure. On the next court was PArk Joo Bong's protege. Koreans are known to produce world champions and we always loose to them in doubles match up. However , our doubles played perfect badminton and "TITIK" them well ! haks.. i suppose , the Korean doubles are still young and was awed by the atmosphere to play to their true ability. Watch for Lee.. I'm sure he'll conquer the world in time.

Then came Hafiz Hashim.. Misbun's product. He looked nervous when he started the game and made everyone in Malaysia worried. You know.. that.. I've done all i can look and still playing crap !! haks.. But Hafiz managed to control his nerves and won the game for Malaysia !! His opponent was not that good and he smashed himself to victory in the second game.

Fuuuhh.. Our supporters in Japan were really great !! Tabik spring to you guys!! We certainly made the stadium ours with our Heeaaaaahhh... !! Satuu... DUaa.... Tigaa.... !!! cry . Spirits were certainly high and that inspired our athletes to win for the country. Next will be Denmark on Friday. Viva MAlaysia !!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Polishing the leaf

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"In our pursuit of progress to become a developed country by 2020, the Government places great emphasis on building and making the most out of the country's human capital"
Pak Lah , Labour Day 2006

I was doing my usual Monday locum in Mr Kumar's clinic today. It was a bit boring because there were NO patients for me to see today.haks.. In terms of value for money ; it is the best place to be ! Paid fully just by sitting in !! Everybody was taking their good rest to start work fresh tomorrow. Luckily i brought some books and i managed to kill my time .

Then i realized.. Alamak.. come 31st May I will be back in school !! Oh no !! haks.. Honestly , i dunno what made me so "kiasu" to continue my studies . The urge to become a Clinical Specialist ASAP is certainly strong amongst doctors.However only a handful will continue to strive whilst others completely happy to enjoy life. Somehow ; i was vacuumed into the prospect of having to work hard and slug it out for the next four years !!

I was not the typical keen student during my med school days .Yes i am interested in medicine but long hours study was never my cup of tea. I was easily distracted by many factors ; i guess it was more interesting than slugging one's textbook day in day out. I even managed to do part time jobs for extra money ! I was always interested in human contact ; thus my endless encounter with patients in the hospital then. I find that meeting people was more exciting ; especially talking to the patients not just about their disease but on how it affected their lives ; significantly for those who are terminally ill.

Seeing wifey dwelling deep revising for her coming exams certainly scares me. I never liked medical exams but somehow i managed to pass them.I hated the written compartment but i have always enjoyed the clinical stuff. I suppose that was why i survived housemanship as i enjoyed my work very much! The long hours of pressure and exhaustion did not deter my spirit to do my job. Funny eih , to few housemanship was hell but i thoroughly enjoyed my time.

To become a Clinical Specialist , we are expected to work normally and revise after work.There is no such thing for doctors to be on "full-time study leave". I wonder whether i will be able to cope with such intense pressure , even now i am tired after a day's work.Anaesthesia is a difficult discipline especially in UM .Our Operation list will be long and demand the upmost maximum care . The challenge will be enormous to juggle between studying and work.On top of that with family life and social obligations.

Sacrifice is the big word here ; my predecessors kept reminding us to really be sure of what we want because at the end of the day ,it will be pointless not to achieve happiness !Commitment to work is vital and just look at the number of Consultants / Specialists who remained single or failed their marriage while pursuing their dreams . Well , these individuals are certainly not my idol because at the same time , there are the successful ones who achieved everything one can ever dream off.

It sounds so negative isn't it ? Biasalah , i cannot escape these doubtful thoughts as a human. Haks.. no turning back now. I know what i want and insya-allah , god willing i will be there . Wish me luck !!!