Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating raya MDQ style..

Alhamdulillah, i had a comfortable raya leave this year. In fact, as far as i can remember maybe the longest ever!(not being oncall after 1 week of raya!!) For the first time, I could celebrate Raya slowly but surely; but hey..with three kids it is never easy!
*credit to pelangibonda for pics..
This year's raya was memorable because of my 3 kids. They are bigger now so they can appreciate the joys of raya. To see them enjoying themselves is a big plus for me & wifey. Dzaeff really enjoyed going from one house to another; as he himself can explore the house! hahaha Every house that we go to in Muar, he went straight to the kitchen and as how he is, helped himself for water or food etc.. hahaha and of course, Qaisya will tag along with his brother.. and of course, the lovable Falx( the little cute fox beanie..)
Qystiena herself is slowly showing her own personality. She can be fiesty at times, opiniated and nobody can mess with her. Dzaeff and Qaisya lost their battles to her due to her strong personality! She now enjoys dressing up, even asking for baju kurung to be worn to sleep! She definitely likes her raya shoes, elegant and nice :) Seeing their eyes glimmering is a bonus and that makes this year's raya more special.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boxing Piala Malaysia 2010

I had the great opportunity to experience something new before ramadhan. I am involved via Pak Ya from last year to be part of the Malaysian Boxing Federation but never got to be active because of exam year. However, when i received the letter of invitation to be a ring physician this year.. hmmm... why not? Of course, i had no whatsoever training or information on how to be a ring physician, as to the Malaysia spirit of Malaysia Bole.. so.. hantam sajalah!! hahahaha
my hotseat..
had a go in commentating? haha
To my surprise when I arrived on the first day of job in Keramat MSN, i did ask whats the plan for medical cover. and the reply was.. mmm.. you lah.. ahaha and literally me alone! I was quite shocked in the beginning as this is the national championship and not a district level kind of a tournament! Shakti ( thanx foryour help bro..) who I recruited to help me on the first day was very unhappy with the setup. He as how his usual self showed his opinion strongly and tried to arrange something with MSN. Of course, last minute jobs will never be well done.
the distinguished R&J
with Mr Hisham.. cool bro!
my view..
with Fairuz.. Laos 2009 Sea Games gold medallist..
There I was for 1 week, covering as the ring physician by the ringside. Guidance by Mr Hisham, the senior International AIBA ring referee was excellent as I sat down and learnt what technical amateur boxing is all about. It is kind of ironic that this is a very safe sport I must say! Strict guidelines on boxer's safety is practiced and with that objective in mind, it was not difficult. I had to make certain decisions to disqualify boxers.. but its a must to ensure that the boxer can continue to box! I had my moments of glory too as the whole tournament was shown live on TV via Astro Arena 801. hahahaha a really godd experience i must say and i cannot imagine how one cannot be an expert after sitting through more than 100 bouts!! hahaha
Thank you everybody !! Hidup tinju Malaysia!!

Aidilfitri 2010

Salam Aidilfitri to all!
My family pics in our different coloured themes this year!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Round 1 - retreat

We had our first meeting with the management committee yesterday. The Daycare MIS working group worked hard to prepare our working paper in realising the surgical services in CTC Sg Buloh. Our team is very young; but not without vibrant energy and push. Of course, Initially we were told that they will only meet us next month. Hashim got a friendly phone call from the Secretary, telling us to prepare for the meet in the afternoon.! Of course, we were not ready as we thought we had time to strengthen our presentation.
So there we were, managed to get most of the team members to sit in that room. We were waiting for 2 hours when I decided to continue and not postpone my teaching with the orthopods students. And the brave 4 musketeers went in the room quarter to five.
The good news: there was no NO-NOs from Dato'.
The bad news: unlikely for daycare surgery to start in November. They want a more comprehensive planning and lots of details in the proposal.

Obviously our working paper was based on our own limitations and abilities. I am a practical person and I model my management based on what works. I know the management team has their own mega plans to do but sometimes it may not be feasible. Im not being pessimistic or non committal but our situation is very different at the moment. We were not involved in the earlier planning stage and here we are thrown in the middle of it. Some things were planned then but who i really don't know. And for what we have at the moment, we should use it to the max rather then waiting for it to be another white elephant.(which is a common sight and practice in Malaysia) I believe on doing things that work and with an objective in mind to expand as we go. Managing OT is not easy but i know that certain things do and can work in a short time.
Never mind, we will be back in the board meeting room with a band and renewed enthusiasm.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Unfortunates vs Deservability

model view of Sungai Buloh Hospital complex

Working in a centre which boasts on Neurotrauma specialty brings a mixed reaction to an Intensivist. The majority of the patients are young; often involved in a motor vehicle accident which may impair the future of their lives. Emotional prejudice to the mat rempits maybe there amongst the carers ( doctors and nurses). "You deserve it" may cross our minds indefinitely but it never became a determinant factor of continued quality care to "fix" the patient up so that they can wake up from their coma.
Eventhen, the sight of their family members who came soon after can be very emotional. The grief and anxiety is obvious especially when explaining to them what happened and what was about to happen in deeming consent for anaesthesia and surgery. The sigh of having to sign the form which life may depend on it is a risk which they cannot avoid. The confrontation can be brutal at times, but its never easy to cope with such a stress. It is common to have doctors vs relatives to argue but i guess the role of effective communication is vital to ensure smooth information flow for understanding. Anaesthetists are often caught in middle; but it is a role that we should take to show what we can do for the loved ones.
The unfortunate ones are the "good" people who were unlucky to be involved in such a catastrophy. A religious teacher who just got married during the weekend, a pregnant mother who was on her way back home from work, a 7 year old child who was hit by a passing lorry, a 24 year old who rammed behind a small truck who stopped suddenly because the driver was drunk, a young student pushed aside by mat rempits .. endless unfortunate ones who died despite intervention made certain dark history in certain people's lives.
All this during oncall can be a mental stress which may drain your energy. Coping with the controls in intracranial pressure during cerebral resuscitation can be tricky as there is no straight forward textbook cases on hand. I guess this experience is something i appreciate and perhaps should train to make me wiser in trying to preserve what is left of what may have gone.

p/s tracheostomy contract is on the go.. hahaha not complaining about it at the moment.. :)