Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Round 1 - retreat

We had our first meeting with the management committee yesterday. The Daycare MIS working group worked hard to prepare our working paper in realising the surgical services in CTC Sg Buloh. Our team is very young; but not without vibrant energy and push. Of course, Initially we were told that they will only meet us next month. Hashim got a friendly phone call from the Secretary, telling us to prepare for the meet in the afternoon.! Of course, we were not ready as we thought we had time to strengthen our presentation.
So there we were, managed to get most of the team members to sit in that room. We were waiting for 2 hours when I decided to continue and not postpone my teaching with the orthopods students. And the brave 4 musketeers went in the room quarter to five.
The good news: there was no NO-NOs from Dato'.
The bad news: unlikely for daycare surgery to start in November. They want a more comprehensive planning and lots of details in the proposal.

Obviously our working paper was based on our own limitations and abilities. I am a practical person and I model my management based on what works. I know the management team has their own mega plans to do but sometimes it may not be feasible. Im not being pessimistic or non committal but our situation is very different at the moment. We were not involved in the earlier planning stage and here we are thrown in the middle of it. Some things were planned then but who i really don't know. And for what we have at the moment, we should use it to the max rather then waiting for it to be another white elephant.(which is a common sight and practice in Malaysia) I believe on doing things that work and with an objective in mind to expand as we go. Managing OT is not easy but i know that certain things do and can work in a short time.
Never mind, we will be back in the board meeting room with a band and renewed enthusiasm.

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