Friday, September 03, 2010

Unfortunates vs Deservability

model view of Sungai Buloh Hospital complex

Working in a centre which boasts on Neurotrauma specialty brings a mixed reaction to an Intensivist. The majority of the patients are young; often involved in a motor vehicle accident which may impair the future of their lives. Emotional prejudice to the mat rempits maybe there amongst the carers ( doctors and nurses). "You deserve it" may cross our minds indefinitely but it never became a determinant factor of continued quality care to "fix" the patient up so that they can wake up from their coma.
Eventhen, the sight of their family members who came soon after can be very emotional. The grief and anxiety is obvious especially when explaining to them what happened and what was about to happen in deeming consent for anaesthesia and surgery. The sigh of having to sign the form which life may depend on it is a risk which they cannot avoid. The confrontation can be brutal at times, but its never easy to cope with such a stress. It is common to have doctors vs relatives to argue but i guess the role of effective communication is vital to ensure smooth information flow for understanding. Anaesthetists are often caught in middle; but it is a role that we should take to show what we can do for the loved ones.
The unfortunate ones are the "good" people who were unlucky to be involved in such a catastrophy. A religious teacher who just got married during the weekend, a pregnant mother who was on her way back home from work, a 7 year old child who was hit by a passing lorry, a 24 year old who rammed behind a small truck who stopped suddenly because the driver was drunk, a young student pushed aside by mat rempits .. endless unfortunate ones who died despite intervention made certain dark history in certain people's lives.
All this during oncall can be a mental stress which may drain your energy. Coping with the controls in intracranial pressure during cerebral resuscitation can be tricky as there is no straight forward textbook cases on hand. I guess this experience is something i appreciate and perhaps should train to make me wiser in trying to preserve what is left of what may have gone.

p/s tracheostomy contract is on the go.. hahaha not complaining about it at the moment.. :)


Unknown said...

Hi, Dr. Mafeitz.
Want to say congrats on your passing of post graduate degree in anaesthesia.
I am actually an MO working in anaes department, thinking of pursuing further.
want to ask ur honest opinion. Is is possible to ask ur email add?
Thanks and nice blog u have there

mafeitz said...

no probs bro.. good to hear abt ur intrest in anaesthesia.
takde eh my email on my blog?