Monday, September 13, 2010

Boxing Piala Malaysia 2010

I had the great opportunity to experience something new before ramadhan. I am involved via Pak Ya from last year to be part of the Malaysian Boxing Federation but never got to be active because of exam year. However, when i received the letter of invitation to be a ring physician this year.. hmmm... why not? Of course, i had no whatsoever training or information on how to be a ring physician, as to the Malaysia spirit of Malaysia Bole.. so.. hantam sajalah!! hahahaha
my hotseat..
had a go in commentating? haha
To my surprise when I arrived on the first day of job in Keramat MSN, i did ask whats the plan for medical cover. and the reply was.. mmm.. you lah.. ahaha and literally me alone! I was quite shocked in the beginning as this is the national championship and not a district level kind of a tournament! Shakti ( thanx foryour help bro..) who I recruited to help me on the first day was very unhappy with the setup. He as how his usual self showed his opinion strongly and tried to arrange something with MSN. Of course, last minute jobs will never be well done.
the distinguished R&J
with Mr Hisham.. cool bro!
my view..
with Fairuz.. Laos 2009 Sea Games gold medallist..
There I was for 1 week, covering as the ring physician by the ringside. Guidance by Mr Hisham, the senior International AIBA ring referee was excellent as I sat down and learnt what technical amateur boxing is all about. It is kind of ironic that this is a very safe sport I must say! Strict guidelines on boxer's safety is practiced and with that objective in mind, it was not difficult. I had to make certain decisions to disqualify boxers.. but its a must to ensure that the boxer can continue to box! I had my moments of glory too as the whole tournament was shown live on TV via Astro Arena 801. hahahaha a really godd experience i must say and i cannot imagine how one cannot be an expert after sitting through more than 100 bouts!! hahaha
Thank you everybody !! Hidup tinju Malaysia!!


Azad said...

what an experience! tell me the next time you're going, I'll buy tickets. :)

dochisyam said...

believe it or not, when I was in RMC, I was involved in boxing
It was the lowest possible weight division: the GNAT: I think it was 40-41kg something like that.
Thinking back now that I have seen head injuries and other stuff related to head was pretty scary
No wonder I grew up a little loose.