Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating raya MDQ style..

Alhamdulillah, i had a comfortable raya leave this year. In fact, as far as i can remember maybe the longest ever!(not being oncall after 1 week of raya!!) For the first time, I could celebrate Raya slowly but surely; but hey..with three kids it is never easy!
*credit to pelangibonda for pics..
This year's raya was memorable because of my 3 kids. They are bigger now so they can appreciate the joys of raya. To see them enjoying themselves is a big plus for me & wifey. Dzaeff really enjoyed going from one house to another; as he himself can explore the house! hahaha Every house that we go to in Muar, he went straight to the kitchen and as how he is, helped himself for water or food etc.. hahaha and of course, Qaisya will tag along with his brother.. and of course, the lovable Falx( the little cute fox beanie..)
Qystiena herself is slowly showing her own personality. She can be fiesty at times, opiniated and nobody can mess with her. Dzaeff and Qaisya lost their battles to her due to her strong personality! She now enjoys dressing up, even asking for baju kurung to be worn to sleep! She definitely likes her raya shoes, elegant and nice :) Seeing their eyes glimmering is a bonus and that makes this year's raya more special.

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shark said...

Bos, suddenly panicking...we are growing old and time is flying so fast. I realise that after I visited HKL where it all began. P2 is not even standing.. Hopefully we havent passed the best the best times of our life yet...