Saturday, October 23, 2010

3 and 4 does not make 7..

Wow.. I am really neglecting my blog! Look at my last post which was last month! I guess its the thought block period and somehow i could not get myself to sit down and write.. like i previously did,how i used to... hmmm... need to get back the blogging spirit somehow..
Im 34 today.. Happy birthday to me.. hahaha Honestly, i cant believe I am at this age.. progressing towards 4-o which is not that far away. I am getting older.. and older.. and maaannn... betul2 rasa cam midlife crisis!
I am currently fitting in well with my Sungai Buloh environment, started doing OT and enjoying every bit. I must thank Dr Lim for his generosity and courtesy to take us to be part of the KKM family. I enjoy working my new colleagues here who I've met previously, either in HKL and UM.. an excellent working group! Of course, Jeya "Chief" is my highlight as everyday is a good day for us .. hahaha why la chief???!!!!
The challenge as a specialist now is to train my young ones to be future anaesthetists! Its totally different from my previous 4 years in UM..where most of the MOs on my side and others are experienced enough to handle ourselves.
UiTM with our "mega-super" plan is progressing under KY. And being a part of it is a challenge by itself. To set up my own anaesthesia department with my limited experience can be daunting but if i don't do it..then who will?It is ironically something that i enjoy and dont mind doing because charting my own future will be my own responsibility. I am glad that I'm slowly going into cardiac anaesthesia with Mondays and Tuesdays being in Um with Prof Wang and Prof Marzi.
to 34 and infinity.. and beyond... :)


Azad said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the age group :). Semoga dirahmati & diredhai Allah selalu, Amin.

ps - jangan lupa check iman & amal... kita semakin hampir kepada kematian sebenarnya.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!