Monday, October 25, 2010

Books i bought

In the last few months, I've been buying books - actual books which is not related to medicine or aanesthesia. I dunno why i was compelled to do so..but since its with income tax relief thingy.. why not fill in my library? And for my birthday yesterday.. i bought another 2 books which i hope i will be able to read and the earlier books, macam sketches and there.. haha
I've always had this thingy about NLP.. i don't really know what it is and i cant be bothered to go for the course. one because it is expensive. two.. i don't have the time. Therefore the opportunity to read and teach yourself was something i thought was a good thing to do.. but till now.. still reading it.. hahah
I bought this after watching the theatre. I'm always a history buff therefore history recollections like this is a must to have! I've yet to browse and read it thoroughly but I've managed to flick through the historical official papers.. I collect Malaysia history books tau!
I bought this book as a tribute to my idol..Prof Emeritus Alex Delilkan. I should have taken the autographed paperback during last year's Anaesthesia day but never got to do that.. so i recently bought this mainly as my Malaysian reference ..for my review article that he reviewed!
Yup... This is what i got for my 34th birthday! the 8th habit.. I didn't read the 7 habits and now i go straight into the 8th habit. Typical of me eih.. hahaha ilmu sesat kang..
I thought this was interesting.. but wifey went WTH???? hahahaha

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