Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Nurses day do in OT

It was not really planned but the nurses were excited to celebrate it. We were quite busy that day therefore the gap that we had we had a small makan-makan and cake cutting! The creativity came fast flowing and we had excellent simple decorations within hours. I must say that the OT staff are a very talented lot. They work hard and when its time to play, they know when to play hard! 
Of course i would not bring my selfie stick to work. So we had to improvise, the concept is important so the best tool would be the drip stand. Haha! It was way heavy but the product, EXCELLENT!! 
 Thank you staff for all your efforts throughout my stay here.I can be a nuisance at times and i do ask for your apologies for my wrong doings. I can be an a*****e at times with my temper and perfection! Haha I've seen comments about how i acted and eprhaps it is good for me to have come across it. I am not perfect and i need feedback to make myself better. Lagi=lagi dah Haji ni..Haha 
Insha Allah, to better care for our patients. 

We will never know

I reviewed an unfortunate young man who was involved in a freak accident last weekend. He was on his way to work after sending his young kids to stay with his in laws. He was an abiding citizen, a loving husband, non smoker: a typical goody-goody guy.
His car lost control and hit the divider really hard. He was saved because he wore he seat belt but unfortunately the impact was so strong that it impacted his spine. Severe compressive fractures of his vetebral spine. 
Now he is paralysed from waist down. He is due for a stabilizing operation of his back. The objective of the operation is not to cure but to stabilize his spine so that rehabilitation can start. It will be a very long journey to functionality. It was made known that he has 0 chance of recovering. He was told that we will not walk again.
I am sure at the back of his mind, many things are coming across especially his future, his wife, his kids. On the surface, he appears calm and controlled. Redha. I totally cannot imagine what he must be feeling inside. I totally cannot. It made me realize how things are never within our control. We can be the best at what we do, taking all the precautions but when Allah says that something will happen, it will. And it is with this scenario that i guess we really have to secure a good iman. Its not easy to lose your function when you yourself would be a dependable. 
I pray for him that things will go OK. That whatever happened, has happened and still live has to go on. I am amazed by his own words,

"Kaki saya dah mati, tapi badan saya, jiwa saya belum. Belum lagi sampai ajal saya. Apa yang ada, itulah yang saya akan kederatkan untuk terus menyara keluarga saya doktor."

Hari Guru 2016!

A big wish of thank you to all the teachers in my lifetime!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Nurses Day 2016!

A special shout out to the backbone of medical services! 
Thank you for being there!
Thank you for caring for the patient!
Thank you for being reliable colleagues!
Thank you for all the sacrifices!
Thank you for being my teacher!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Throwback #DIAgnosis2kemesir - Part 3

We were off to Mansoura after lunch in Giza. The trip to Mansoura took us about 3 hours and we had a good view of how Egypt was. Cairo is metropolitan but a civilazation of the past. Mansoura is a university city, the university was recently formed in the 70s. Yup, now the real reason why we were in Egypt. 
Projek Nusa Bangsa. It was held over 2 days.In concept , it was a motivational programme for the majority of medics in Egypt - mostly from Mansoura. We were all nervous initially as the university itself was looking forward for our presence. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the university as well as the Education attache of Egypt. 
Each of us had our sessions in presenting a certain topic. At the end of the session, we would all up be on the stage for the much awaited QnA.
Din and Azah was the first duo that night in telling about HO ship. It was from 2 different views - one from the supervisor and the other, who just had gone through the system. I guess we made the facts straight up and probably scared a few medics. However that was the reality and no point harbouring around the bush.
The next day was our famous Ben and AF. The duo combo kings of social media. Their topic was Virus Viral and they were both emphasizing the ethics and responsible of a doctor on the social media. Ben was the steal of the crowd! Hehe I love his walking around on the stage and pointing gestures to the crowd which made them go ooh.. aahh.. hahaha
After our Bedah Buku, it was my presentation. It was more of a summary of all our talks and discussion. It had been quite sometime since I have spoken like that in public. I guess my Ben catching slide must be the hihlight of the night! Haha
The last session with the students i must say was the best. We did an OSCE style meet up. Being more personal and they can ask more questions and interact better. Alhamdulillah it went well as the idea only came about the night before.
We had a wonderful crowd and I was glad for that. The book signing session was superb as memang betul2 macam artis! Haha It had to be extended and i believe the Uni guards must be wondering our presumed superstar status! Haha
Thank you Mansoura! 
*credit pictures to KULN Mansoura FB and instagram

Monday, May 09, 2016

#Throwback DIAgnosis2 ke Mesir - Part 2

 We arrived in Cairo Airport midday and Alhamdulillah the immigration was a breeze. It was definitely different from my previous experience when I arrived here in 2014 during the GAZA crisis.
The students, KULN Mansoura committee members received us at the airport. Maryam, Aida, Symaila Farhan and Aizudin to name them individually. Simply superb individuals .  We were imeediately brought to see His Excellency the Ambassador. Unfortunately i just realized i don't have the picture with him. Perhaps i should source it from KULN.
We came in the middle of winter but somehow, the el-nino phenomenon made the weather pleasant. It was in fact quite hot! Alhamdulillah it made the whole journey wonderful as we did not have to struggle with cold weather. 
 The next day we were tourists. Takkan sampai Egypt tak pergi tengok pyramids kan? So off we were to Giza visiting one of the seven wonders of the world. I must say, i am guilty for not doing some reading before coming here. I thought i knew a lot about the pyramids but I was wrong! Never that i knew, There is 1 big pyramid and 2 smaller ones. The biggest pyramid was the perfect pyramid, built thousands of years ago by the Aads. And as how Allah has described them, they were the perfect builders! WHen Firaun came into power he wanted to imitate the great pyramid. It was so obvious that it was not of the same quality at all! 
 And of course, to enter the main pyramid was an interesting experience! We went high up and definitely not for claustrophobics! Azah nearly had her asthma attack because they went up too fast! We were so engrossed with the pyramids that we forgot about the Sphinx! We were racing against time so we rushed to the sphinx to snap our group picture and that was it! Haha 
The best view of the sphinx is from the first floor of Pizza Hut in Giza! Haha Seriously! You have aircond and at the same time good food to enjoy :)
 Thank you again guys for being an excellent host! We were done by midday and off we went to Mansoura. Yup our main event will start that very night.

#Throwback Mid Year Philippines Anaesthetist Conference

It was such an honour to be invited to this mid year conference. Even though I was not the first choice and came in as a replacement for my convenor, it was an opportunity not to be missed. Thank you again PSA!
What made me keen was its location ie in Cebu Island. It was my opportunity to be back in Philippines and this time to explore Cebu. The last time I was here it was just as transit before taking the ferry to Leyte during the Haiyan/Yolanda disaster. 
The first day, me and Amjad (the other invited facilitator from India) lead a session in Cebu Vincent Sotto Hospital live demo of simple blocks. It was a bit nerve wrecking for me because the blocks have to work! Haha The whole programme went well. I must say i am impressed of how the AV team handled the programme. Im sure this is not the first time. It is definitely more class than what i have done in Malaysia's workshops before. 
We had 6 blocks to do. Each of us did 3. I did a femoral, Ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and axillary. The ilioinguinal was very challenging as I had an obese patient. It was like being on a boat on a rough sea day! Haha The target was challenging and i believe the audience saw it! Haha All in all, i enjoed the workshop a lot and of course the weight was lifted when everything was done!
                                          excellent PSA team: Good coordination!
The next day was my talk. I was still nervous as I realized I was the only non Filipino to speak in this conference. However, I looked similar so maybe it was not that significant where I came from haha The hall was full and I just had to fight my nervousness! Alhamdulillah, it went well :)
 The dinner was good and ofcourse, the filipinos has always been excellent with the entertainment. I enjoyed the show and the live band. It was really cool to see Filipino Anaesthetists from all their major islands letting their hair down. I must say i enjoyed it very much! Though i had food restrictions especially their specialty Lechon! haha
                                         PSA Past President, Current President and CME Director
Thank you again to PSA and the organizers! I enjoyed my time here and hopefully I will be invited again in coming years! 

Friday, May 06, 2016

#Throwback DIAgnosis Apokalips launch

Alhamdulillah, we launched DIAgnosis Apokalips during the MPH Book fair. It was generous for MPH to organize the event for us. We were also lucky to have Dato Asyraf Wajdi to officiate the ceremony thanks to our dear KULN MAnsoura group who got us in contact with Dato Asyraf's side. Dato Muhammad, the CEO of MPH took his time off to be at our event too. We were very encourage by all their support.

It was also the first time for me to meet up with the social media legends such as MOfrust, Syamirullah, One Pint Normal Saline whom I've read their entries and tabik spring with their efforts. Lutfi who shares the same birth date as me, another figure worth mentioning because of what he has achieved so far at a very young age. Social entrepreneur :)
 As ever , our book signing session has always been legendary thanks to our loyal fans. Now i understand why those who won awards would always mention, if it is not because of the fans, we are nothing! 
Alhamdulillah, a very enjoyable late afternoon in PICC. Insha Allah, with many more sessions to come.