Thursday, May 05, 2016

Throwback MedTweet.MY

Another collaboration :)
I was invited to be part of this team, MedTweet.MY which was initiated by an enthusiastic doctor, Khairul Hafidz. He is superly popular in twitter and has been helping to light up medical questions in twitterland. I guess the questions became to overwhelming that he got the idea of having multiple doctors who are active in twitter to hold on to a same platform. Of course the famous #perangmelawanmitos which i thought is very educational to the public. 
I am happy to be part of this team which consist of multiple background and age. Of course we have a super active whatsapp group and it is the worldly discussion we have that can help to educate ourselves too. Its good to have colleagues helping you out in times when you wanna ask some questions for clarification.
                                         With Papa Li!
We had our first meet up weeks ago. It is only now that i am posting it up! Alhamdulillah, since then we have registered ourselves legally with ROS; making us a legitimate Society! 
Insha Allah, again our main aim is to educate the public especially on social media!
Majulah MedTweet.MY!!

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