Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Nurses day do in OT

It was not really planned but the nurses were excited to celebrate it. We were quite busy that day therefore the gap that we had we had a small makan-makan and cake cutting! The creativity came fast flowing and we had excellent simple decorations within hours. I must say that the OT staff are a very talented lot. They work hard and when its time to play, they know when to play hard! 
Of course i would not bring my selfie stick to work. So we had to improvise, the concept is important so the best tool would be the drip stand. Haha! It was way heavy but the product, EXCELLENT!! 
 Thank you staff for all your efforts throughout my stay here.I can be a nuisance at times and i do ask for your apologies for my wrong doings. I can be an a*****e at times with my temper and perfection! Haha I've seen comments about how i acted and eprhaps it is good for me to have come across it. I am not perfect and i need feedback to make myself better. Lagi=lagi dah Haji ni..Haha 
Insha Allah, to better care for our patients. 

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