Monday, May 09, 2016

#Throwback DIAgnosis2 ke Mesir - Part 2

 We arrived in Cairo Airport midday and Alhamdulillah the immigration was a breeze. It was definitely different from my previous experience when I arrived here in 2014 during the GAZA crisis.
The students, KULN Mansoura committee members received us at the airport. Maryam, Aida, Symaila Farhan and Aizudin to name them individually. Simply superb individuals .  We were imeediately brought to see His Excellency the Ambassador. Unfortunately i just realized i don't have the picture with him. Perhaps i should source it from KULN.
We came in the middle of winter but somehow, the el-nino phenomenon made the weather pleasant. It was in fact quite hot! Alhamdulillah it made the whole journey wonderful as we did not have to struggle with cold weather. 
 The next day we were tourists. Takkan sampai Egypt tak pergi tengok pyramids kan? So off we were to Giza visiting one of the seven wonders of the world. I must say, i am guilty for not doing some reading before coming here. I thought i knew a lot about the pyramids but I was wrong! Never that i knew, There is 1 big pyramid and 2 smaller ones. The biggest pyramid was the perfect pyramid, built thousands of years ago by the Aads. And as how Allah has described them, they were the perfect builders! WHen Firaun came into power he wanted to imitate the great pyramid. It was so obvious that it was not of the same quality at all! 
 And of course, to enter the main pyramid was an interesting experience! We went high up and definitely not for claustrophobics! Azah nearly had her asthma attack because they went up too fast! We were so engrossed with the pyramids that we forgot about the Sphinx! We were racing against time so we rushed to the sphinx to snap our group picture and that was it! Haha 
The best view of the sphinx is from the first floor of Pizza Hut in Giza! Haha Seriously! You have aircond and at the same time good food to enjoy :)
 Thank you again guys for being an excellent host! We were done by midday and off we went to Mansoura. Yup our main event will start that very night.

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