Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We will never know

I reviewed an unfortunate young man who was involved in a freak accident last weekend. He was on his way to work after sending his young kids to stay with his in laws. He was an abiding citizen, a loving husband, non smoker: a typical goody-goody guy.
His car lost control and hit the divider really hard. He was saved because he wore he seat belt but unfortunately the impact was so strong that it impacted his spine. Severe compressive fractures of his vetebral spine. 
Now he is paralysed from waist down. He is due for a stabilizing operation of his back. The objective of the operation is not to cure but to stabilize his spine so that rehabilitation can start. It will be a very long journey to functionality. It was made known that he has 0 chance of recovering. He was told that we will not walk again.
I am sure at the back of his mind, many things are coming across especially his future, his wife, his kids. On the surface, he appears calm and controlled. Redha. I totally cannot imagine what he must be feeling inside. I totally cannot. It made me realize how things are never within our control. We can be the best at what we do, taking all the precautions but when Allah says that something will happen, it will. And it is with this scenario that i guess we really have to secure a good iman. Its not easy to lose your function when you yourself would be a dependable. 
I pray for him that things will go OK. That whatever happened, has happened and still live has to go on. I am amazed by his own words,

"Kaki saya dah mati, tapi badan saya, jiwa saya belum. Belum lagi sampai ajal saya. Apa yang ada, itulah yang saya akan kederatkan untuk terus menyara keluarga saya doktor."

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