Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Throwback #DIAgnosis2kemesir - Part 3

We were off to Mansoura after lunch in Giza. The trip to Mansoura took us about 3 hours and we had a good view of how Egypt was. Cairo is metropolitan but a civilazation of the past. Mansoura is a university city, the university was recently formed in the 70s. Yup, now the real reason why we were in Egypt. 
Projek Nusa Bangsa. It was held over 2 days.In concept , it was a motivational programme for the majority of medics in Egypt - mostly from Mansoura. We were all nervous initially as the university itself was looking forward for our presence. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the university as well as the Education attache of Egypt. 
Each of us had our sessions in presenting a certain topic. At the end of the session, we would all up be on the stage for the much awaited QnA.
Din and Azah was the first duo that night in telling about HO ship. It was from 2 different views - one from the supervisor and the other, who just had gone through the system. I guess we made the facts straight up and probably scared a few medics. However that was the reality and no point harbouring around the bush.
The next day was our famous Ben and AF. The duo combo kings of social media. Their topic was Virus Viral and they were both emphasizing the ethics and responsible of a doctor on the social media. Ben was the steal of the crowd! Hehe I love his walking around on the stage and pointing gestures to the crowd which made them go ooh.. aahh.. hahaha
After our Bedah Buku, it was my presentation. It was more of a summary of all our talks and discussion. It had been quite sometime since I have spoken like that in public. I guess my Ben catching slide must be the hihlight of the night! Haha
The last session with the students i must say was the best. We did an OSCE style meet up. Being more personal and they can ask more questions and interact better. Alhamdulillah it went well as the idea only came about the night before.
We had a wonderful crowd and I was glad for that. The book signing session was superb as memang betul2 macam artis! Haha It had to be extended and i believe the Uni guards must be wondering our presumed superstar status! Haha
Thank you Mansoura! 
*credit pictures to KULN Mansoura FB and instagram

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