Sunday, March 27, 2005

Just for her..

I'll miss you much... Posted by Hello

A first for the ALUMNI

Attended SMTTDI's PIBG AGM with Azad ,Dil , Juwie and Fiqar. Ahmad Hassan Chen was there too. Our main objective was to present the ALUMNI proposal; something of a must as 2005 marks the school's silver jubilee. However , that was not the sole reason why we were there. We were "plan B" - back up for our dear Ustaz - who was expecting heavy fire by the PIBG committee.

I was quite surprised to see politicking in a society such as this. Enough scandals and turmoil in UMNO , but PIBG ??? It was funny though to see so called grown-ups quarellin because of a very VERY SMALL MATTER. That's the typical PHD of the Malays i suppose. I cant stop smiling seeing how they argue among themselves where on certain parts were ridiculous and so childish. " Orang selalu buat saya macam ni... " hahahaha.. DUUUHHHH...

Anyway , we didn't say much as Ustaz managed to plan it well that it did not have to come to us to salvage him. He sort of "won" the battle in a big way !!

I had to replace Azad ( he had to go as it was runnin late.. his wife was not happy waiting to be picked up ) to explain to the crowd regarding the latest development of the ALUMNI ; not much though !! But i reckon that it will follow through a positive exponential curve in the near future.

p/s Missed Hasli's wedding because of some family commitment.( read in Dil's blog.. must be really GRAND !! Damn.. i like weddings !! ) May your marriage decorated with long lasting happiness.. Hasli and Adita !!!

Achieving Greater Heights...

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I'll be off to KK early tomorrow morning. Feeling pretty excited about it! Only Shakti and me will be the ones from KL as others decided to chicken out !! haks.. Well , I've always wanted to conquer Kinabalu as I've climbed Tahan and Ledang before. Now the next frontier. Funny though , the idea came about during one of my lunches and we just decided to proceed with it. End of March ??? what timing.. hahahahaha My wife initially was not keen for me to go , especially during this time of need. But she's ok about it. Study smart sayang..

I hope my one month jog had helped me with the stamina to climb the mountain. They say it is not as difficult as Tahan , but the altitude change can create problems ; eg hypoxia . the syndrome etc. Well , though my weight did not change much but i feel much fitter compared to where i was about a month ago. Well , i 'll write the journey experience when i return.

Me packin' up for the trip.. See the Yelllow t-shirt ? haks.. For TEKADMONS Posted by Hello

The funny thing is.. till date ; i still dont know how i'm gonna get to KLIA early tomorrow mornin. Dont think that ERL will be up by then or the coach.. Hmm.. have to find a way lah somehow.. hahahahaha

Anyway , I'm off to TTDI to give my father and Muti the meninggococcal jab for their UMRAH trip. I have to thank Dr Omar for kindly giving me the vaccines. Haks.. best giller boss locum. Anyway , wish me luck for the climb and see you guys later !!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Ahhh... the gynae list for tomorrow. Mals lak nak gi hospital.. Need to read up before going in !!! 4 TAHBSOs in a row.. All with epidural. Definitely good practice to increase my competency.

his and hers phone

ok tak.. cam art la ni.. photography...

Mata kepet...

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As usual , me always the last to experience the in-thing and trend ; managed to catch up SEPET last night. We have this free GSC coupon for redemption and what better film to watch if not the most talked about movie in Mesia.Initially we wanted to watch it on thursday there's no more 9.20 pm shows just the 4.40pm. NEXT batch of movies runnin you see.. so i managed to secure the tickets for last nite's show...

I was impressed by the turn out. Even though screen 8 has a much smaller capacity ; it managed to attract full house !! And true enough - It was Malaysians who watched it. Not just the Malays ; Chinese and Indians as well. In fact the chinese Malaysians dominated the movie seats !! I guess the movie must have been recommended by mouth and people actually flock up the cinemas to watch it.( though i know a friend who bought VCD HARAM.. hahaha )

The movie was sweet.. and i must say the quality is excellent. It had a good script and made the audience laugh simultaneously.Obviously the movie had a good flow and did not bore the audience. The realism it brought certainly made people digest the movie ; direct as well as indirect issues raised. It was interesting to see cultures clashing and somehow i hope do make people understand about each other. It was cute how the relationship evolved ; like how we dream of a love life when we were younger.. JASON n ORKED.. their parents.. certainly reflecting our own lifestyle ..

In Malaysia , the understanding amongst races is still not achieved eventhough we've been independent for 47 years.Suspicion and unresolved inequality issues become the main barrier for absolute unity. There are however pros and cons for every idealistic views - It is unfortunate that X,Y and Z generation were not really educated well regarding our unique constitution and ways ; hence prolonging the "invisible" hatred among each other.We tend to deny it and politicians seem to say that everything is ok.. The truth ? the truth is out there..

Enough of the serious stuff !!! Watching the movie brought a lot of sweet memories ; having history of SEPETS ( pure n celups ! ) myself !! hahahaha.. My preference mmaaahh... In fact ; my current wifey has sepets ancestry !! Her arwah grandfather ; the famous SEPET of Kampung Baru !!! Anyway , thumbs up for Malaysia Movie after PGL..

p/s Kamcheng brothers will alwiz remember D SEPET associated with me in school.. hahahahahahaahaa

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Playing around with the digicam..

Remeber Aidiladha this year ? Haaa.. ni pic to prove my bare-hand qurban !!

Scoupie the Cat.. missing since May 2004. I love this cat ; lots of memories.


Quiet weekend

Saturday morning started off well with Project A. hahahahaha... We went to One Utama early in the morning with the objective of looking for a suitable Digital camera. Thinking of getting one as i will be off to KK next week.It'll be more easy for me to carry it around without worryin the end product.

However , we ended up shopping for other things ! My wife actually brought quite a substancial amount of lingerie.. hehehehehe.. And i was searching for the perfect gift for a friend. Well , the problem was i know that he can afford to get anything he wants. I had to look for something which was unique and memorable. I found a small car model ; SKYLINE GTR. eventhough it was black and not white ; as well as a different model but it looked good and i know it will evoke lots of good memories about the car !! Haks.. hope you like the gift Fiqar..

After locum ; went to Bukit Jelutong to attend Fiqar's bbq. Glad to see LAn and Nor there. The bbq started at 5 pm and i came after 10pm !! haks... Well , the host was kind , the food was really good ( tengokla berapa banyak makan !! ) and it was fun to catch up stories with a Under ; a friend from Kedah who'd currently in town.


Sunday was Race DAY !! And where better to watch it if not back in TTDI !! Haks.. had lunch at mums with my special request ; ketam masak lemak. My alltime favourite dish and i can tell you guys , nobody can make it like mum do. MMMM... mmmmmmm... The lunch was great and dear wifey admitted this too seeing the amount she actually took in !! haks..


Ferrari fumbled big time and we had a new winner this year for Sepang F1 Grand Prix !! Haks.. it was a kewl race and there were lots of interesting incidents. Then , decided to loan off mum's digi cam for my trip !! Senang sikit as i am not keen on going window shoppin to get a good bargain next week !! Haks.. check out my test2 nyer digi photo !!!

Musical Meme tu apa eks..

Haks.. passed to me by a friend. So cam chain letter ni ..kena continue ke?? but then what the heck. Its fun. *smile*

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
372.1 MB. Mostly Malay songs. Who would have thought ?

2. The CD you last bought?
THE VERY BEST OF METALLICA. Tapi ni pun yg ciplak nyer kat uptown. hehehe gile membunuh industri muzik negara.

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
FEMININ. UNTUKMU. hahahaha i know somebody will be laughin like mad but that is my lifetime favourite song !! haks..

4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
5 songs.I dont really listen . Well.. let me see..

>More Than Words - Extreme's famous hit. I think most of my generation will have this as one of their favourites. The melody , the lyrics.. simply irresistable.

> Better Man - Robbie Williams. A very inspirational song to correct the past.

> Untukmu - Feminin . hahaha... the best of them. Well , the lyrics will say it all. BTW they are currently rerecording the song. Ahaks.. Reunion stuff like that. Can't wait for it to come out !!!! wanted to list out all their songs here but then karang org ingat peminat fanatic pulak !!!

> Mencintaimu - Kris Dayanti. I totally love this song. Always in a trance whilst listening.

>Alhamdulillah ( English version ) - Too PHat . A kind of kewl way of dakwah.

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

DIL - Lets see if Anuar Zain will top your list !!!

NIK AZIZ - If he is reading my blog...

MY WIFE - Honestly , i dont really know which is you favourite song dear...

p/s currently listening to KINI..

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Footie once more..

Me , Fiqar and Megat went together to PULAPOL , KL. The pitch was good ; floodlights were on ; terasa semangat nak main. haks.. It's fever pitch again !!! Syamim ( our beloved manager ) was still waiting outside the Quarters gate for our team members who had never been here before.

We played against i don't really know who last night.According to reliable sources after the game , the company was doing a player's selection for their inter company league. So imagine their seriousness facing us the part-timers overweight team !! Haks..

It was good to see the footie guys again after a two years exodus. Boy , Zaff , Ja-a, Ari , Bet , faiz , ( +few others who i can't really recall now but know their faces ! ) and the usual suspects of Nasrul , Huzai , Imran , Adri , Shahril , Lan keeper,Is. However it was obvious that we were not fit as in the 3 halves ; three different teams went in !!!

We were walloped 6-1 , Is scoring ala Ronaldo goal nearing the end. We were outclassed and outwit ; but we thoroughly enjoyed the game.Glimpse of the old DUFC came in patches but the lack of fitness was very apparent. I spent most of the time chasing after the ball as our team was a bit crap on keeping possession. Had one collision with a foe ; but surprising PAIN WAS PLEASURE !!! hahahaha..


It has always been fun playing competitive footie. During my school days it was not very intense. I was lucky that during my stint in UK ; I was exposed to this culture. If i had been in Malaysia maybe i will not love footie as how i am now. The English are very passionate about the game and it influenced me a lot being amongst them.

In Shrewsbury School , the Michaelmas term ( Autumn ) is the footie season. There are 10 houses ; perfect for an Inter house league. School 1st team players were not allawed to play in this League. It went on from August till the Christmas Holidays. The games will be played during Friday afternoons after class. It is the most awaited time week in week out ; gutsing against boys from other houses. I played as a left back ; and sealed that position during my two years there.

It was a time when i didn't know the meanin of contact lenses ; Imagine me playing "blindly" ; not recognizing my team mates faces ; only the white or navy blue jerseys. I was the "smallest" player due to my small physique . ( height being 1.7 m amongst the average 1.8m english youths !! )I was able to cope with the game as i had speed as my advantage ; i was able to beat players to the ball . Hussin and Ady played for their houses too but not as regulars though. I introduced to the school "baggy" shorts ( up to knee length) when at that time the shorts all were like mid thigh length !! My housemaster called me the Hungarian 50's player !!

I can still remember how cold it was when starting the game ; made worse when the English drizzle showed up !!. However body heat took over as the game progresses.I remembered during one of the games when it snowed and we continued playing. Ya Allah , sejuk giller !!! I remembered how Matron waited for us back in the house changing room preparing hot water and blankets to warm us up!! Haks.. there was the other incident when i had a bad leg cramp and was by the sidelines aching in pain. My housemaster came to the rescue but guess who came up to me first ?? Randy ..his dog !! He came up to me and sniffed ; me being the typical Malay then was like.. damn.. damn... anjing ni and screamed for help... hahahahahaha... Kesian Randy .. sure terperanjat tengok apa la mamat ni tak friendly !! ( He actually became a "good" companion during my Sunday morning newspaper reading in the common room )

It was very competitive and physical. I had my fair share of a physical game despite my size. It encouraged me to become robust and i had injured few players twice my size !!! ( haks.. not to mention the yellow cards i received ). Scored only one goal during the 2 years stint but the whole experience was wonderful. We would discuss the game plan the night before the game in the captain's bedsit . The next morning ; the formation and players list would be post up in the house bulletin board.I really enjoyed the passion and game play.

We won the League 2 years in succession. Fact : It was our first time winning the Cup !!! Such an honour !! Ingrams ( my house ) was always known to be crap in footie but somehow that season we managed to beat the odds. I was so proud of the achievement ; I received my House Colours ( 1st year house tie.. 2nd year house scarf ) in view of my contribution.

Wow.. how i missed those times and it was rekindled by my DUFC experience. But that my friend.. is another story...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Global Threat..

A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.
(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.

(Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services) Guns
(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000. Yes, that is 80 million.
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.
(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.000188.

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. Remember, "Guns don't kill people, doctors do."


p/s Macam criminal lak rasa.. ni baru statistic US..
What are you trying to tell me ..Azam.. *smile*

Prayers for a friend

A close associate of the kam cheng brotherhood is going through a difficult time. Her mum is sick and her prognosis is uncertain.The mum ( who's been a very good marriage advisor !! ) is in the hospital and currently under critical care.

I can understand her refusal to discuss as well as to make this news known to all. As friends and "family" we can only emphatize. Bak kata pepatah , Ikan di laut.. asam di darat.. heks.. eh silap.. tu Suparjo !! I mean.. BERAT mata memandang BERAT LAGI BAHU MEMIKUL.

Ms Leena.. We are praying for you and your family to have all the strength and courage to face this crisis.Fate is "planned" by Allah for us. If you really need anything.. you know who to get it from ..

p/s on behalf of the KamCheng gang ah..

Hate them.. but you still love em..

Haks.. memories of glory liverpool !! Liverpool played last night and they only managed a draw with Blackburn ??? This weekend would be Everton n the derby will be hot !!! After the emphatic win to qualify for Champions League quarter finals ; they decided to switch off and played an awful game yesterday !! And they are actually talking about winning the CHampions League ?? haks.. so inconsistent as how they've been for the past 10 years ; or since as long as i can remember !!

I can vividly remember the glory liverpool in the 80's . they were really really good.Youd just love to watch their game because their passing game was perfect; It used to be Liverpool's identity and brought them wonders.

I was introduced to English League by my cousin - En in Melaka. When i was younger ; i would always spend school holidays in Melaka with him. He;s the youngest of three and i am the eldest of five ; still i am more manja than he is.. hehehehe... Pak Long introduced me to soccer n badminton ; coz my dad was not a real sports fan. He was more of a workaholic.. hehehehe.. And only from then i started to pick up my interest in sports ; A staunch Selangor supporter and a proud scouser !!

Haks.. apa la punya blog dedicated to liverpool !! well , i'm actually frustrated with them !! time and time again.. but i still love them !! Kinda "normal" thingy i suppose ; sounds like marriage !! hahahahahaha

Anyway , i have a footie game tomorrow !! Not futsal but field football at PULAPOL tomorrow ; DUFC veterans !! haks.. Dah tua n slow jadik la veteran !! HAvent played proper field football match for more than a year now !! Mesti pancit nih .. I can imagine the pace of the game tomorrow.. slow and steady.. hehehe Well, i 've been doing my joggin so i reckon it will help a lot.

I used to play for this club ; DUFC which comprises of my mates way back from SRKDU. Well , i wasn't a real regular but i was part of the team 2002 - early 2003 ; playing matches every sunday afternoon for the League organized by Shamim ; an old pal of mine !! He's really enjoying his job as a footie matches organizer and currently attached to Sports Planet. ( alah.. yg own the biggest futsal court/ chain in M;sia ). Tomorrow will be a reminiscin match meeting back old friends for a good footie match..

p.s kena bawak banyak2 deep heat.. i'm cramp prone !!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Been busy for the last 2 days.. A bit out of the ordinare'. My OT schedule ishectic ; doing Orthopaedics cases which will take me up to 5 pm to end.. I'm quite allright now doing spinal !! haks.. mana taknye.. satu hari 4-5 cases for me to do.. The seniors are studying for their exams therefore the specialists are more than happy to teach and guide.. |Still in the learning curve and i can tell you the gradient is getting steeper..n steeper..

Tapi sebenarnya carik sendiri masalah , coz i've been doing locum job 6 - 10 pm yesterday and today.. nak carik duit lebih la katakan.. hehehehe.. results , tired and lethargic. My mind's creativity somewhat blocked ; Don't really have any strong issues to write for now..

Letih ni.. nak kena tido' dah.. esok kuliah subuh...

p/s Happy besday Fiqar !! haks.. we'll bash it out this saturday nite !! muahahahas

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The New Atmosphere

some OT somewhere... but HKL's better

Today ; i stepped into the "NEW" OT of HKL....Its 2nd day of life..sort of another good introduction of Anaesthesia practice for me. If any of you knows HKL's history ; it is actually the OLD OT which renovation took like 5 YEARS TO COMPLETE ????!!!! I really dont understand the absolute CRAPNESS of HKL surviving the last 5 years -using the makeshift ; storeroom interior standard Operating theatres situated in A&E !! The so called MOBILE OT became like NON-MOBILE for the past 5 years !!! ANd i wondered and wondered then.. is this THE Tertiary centre of Malaysia ? The best most modern sophisticated hospital in Malaysia ??

Today i got my answer. Wow.. the new refurbished OT is really kewl. We have 13 OTs inside ; each complete and independent. KEWL GILA BABENG !! I was so impressed with the layout that one can actually be lost inside it if you're not good with directions. Nantilah , when i have a digital cam i will snap few pictures for viewing. I like the induction room ; just before entering OT . macam real jer.. hehehe but there;s still no HOT WATER.. like i almost froze while scrubbin !@! Now i can safely say that HKL's the best hospital in Malaysia !! hehehehe But it was so cold today in the OT.. like 14oC??? My fingers went Raynaud !! hehehe

Did Orthopaedics cases today. Manage to execute SPINAL ANAESTHESIA .. kewl giller , not that difficult though - just like LUmbar puncture. YEAH !! berjaya.. hehehe the second case was LMA - and it is much simpler than intubation. Well , My Specialist today was the kewl Dr Anil ; who taught me quite a lot today. But the Surgeons overshot their time-limit and i went back after 5 pm. hehehehe Ok la kan , considering during my medical days going back at 5 pm is a rarity !!

Liverpool won 3-1 yesterday and i am very happy for that. Haks.. i hate this you know ; when we start to hope and you'd know the next time they will hurt you so much.. hehehe Liverpool tul laah.. but i really do hope that they'll do well in Champions League.. tolong lah.. *smile*

Gassin' people...

I am happy.. i am a definitely happier doctor now working in the current MAlaysian Government system .In most other disciplines you'll here doctors loathing about how it sucks ; but in my current department it is definitely good life !! haks.. Though i know that the extra time i have now is because i am not on-call but the working hours are excellent and very convenient. The reason being ; the nature of job. It is more OT ( Operation theatre ) oriented. But as i've mentioned before , this department requires dedicated personals and competent skills.

Today i was doing the UPM list. DId my surgery housejob with them previously. The surgeons were quite surprised to see me there !! HAks.. In HKL , the UPM surgeons are not usually in line with the anaes team. Thats why the Anaes Specialist in charge will always be the ones who have strong personalities ; sometimes UPM make "funny" requests !! ( talknig from experience !! ) So i was like their "connection" duirng this morning's OT. But they are nice people and passed nice remarks about me to my specialist. Only GA's today ; did not get the chance to do epidural as yet .. takpe la.. man-man...

I am very happy with my training. ( Macam Jedi la pulak.. hehehehe) It is very structured and knowledge oriented ; as how the discipline is. Having a good HOD makes it more obvious.To my own surprise i am actually reading and studying eventhough i dont have any immediate exams !! I suppose due to my own interest and the fact of filling in my logbook ; vivas on different topics each OT session.Being the only MO to be admitted to this department within this 6 months made me popular !! Yang paling muda lah katakan.. hehehehhee This is a discipline where one needs basic knowledge before committing doing !! well , in Malaysia unfortunately ( like my previous postings ) it was learning as you go along !! haks.. Mesia..mesia...

The one thing i really appreciate in anaesthesia is maintaining sterility and adequate analgesia ( pain relief ) ; starting from the normal peripheral lines !! haks.. in the wards , belasah jer !! i've inserted before the biggest line ; orange 14G cam tu jer.. hehehe.. in the OT , one gives local analgesia !! haks.. gile terperanjat.. tu la pasal , ancient skills practiced in the medical wards. And talk about inserting Central LIne ; Kena scrub dulu etc ! haks.. i never did that in the wards and sometimes i did not even bother to inject local before inserting ; eg IJC line ! kesian lak ingat-ingatkan , asking the patient to bear the pain as i insert the BIG NEEDLE through the side of his NECK !!! hahahahaha.. tu la ajaran sesat ...

In a way , i do miss my clinic sessions in medicine. Where it was the time for me to talk, advice and at times being sarcastic to patients !!( somehow i entertain myself , the nurses and the patients !! ) In anaesthesia the human contact is mostly during the pre op visits ; not very extensive though. But then again , i am not trading it for what i have now.

True , they mentioned that the on-calls are busy. But i can assure you that it will not be as heavy as medical calls !!!

p/s Our CME( COntinuous medical Education ) is on Wednesdays. The timing is wonderful.. known amongst us as KULIAH SUBUH ANAES. time 7.00 am - 8.00 am !!! well , i have no problem with that coz its always DEPARTMENT's BREAKFAST after CME..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Well... managed to finish my Da Vinci's Code !!! haks.. My recommendation ; if you're into history and conspiracies ; read this book. It is just wonderful !! Dan Brown really knows how to get one glued to the book. When i stop intermittently ; i had to make sure i can commit my time before continuing - no point reading i chapter per day.. coz you'll continue... n continue.... n continue....

I reckon it's the after effect of the book which is the pulling power. I went browsing the net to search for the so called "truth" ... looking through the art work by Da Vinci n..hmmmm... heks.. inquisitive mind la katakan..

In retrospective ; This book has the concept similar to The Satanic Verses written by Salman Rushdie ; a book that caused uproar in the 80's among Muslims. The only different thing with this one is there are no OFFICIAL clerics declaring his death as how Salman Rushdie's head wanted by Ayatollah Khomeini. Who knows - the Vatican is actually thinking about assasinating him ?? Only time will tell.. jeng..jeng..

Tomorrow SPM results will be out. My youngest sis is very nervous ; waiting for the outcome. Well,i can understand that feeling !! haks.. the only trouble is , currently she doesn't know what she wants to do. Her heart wants dentistry but it depends a lot on her results !! Having 4000 students with 9As will decrease one's chance for critical courses( unfortunately). My parents are keen for her to take up TESL ; but i can imagine being at her age ; being a teacher is last on mind !! My personal opinion : BEST EVER CHOICE ; take up teaching !!! hehehehe

Lets cross our fingers.. ( hmmm.. another vatican-influence-spreading-tactic ??? )

Monday, March 07, 2005

B.U.X the legacy..

Dunno why really , the past week had been sort of JEJAK KASIH for me n my B.U.X colleagues. B.U. X was the name of our group - JPA sponsored students doing medic in UK; batch number 10 .My wifey was a part of this too..

to ur left behind the bushes.. old Malaysia Hall Bryanston Square..

It all started 10 years ago - 60 odd students fresh after SPM , from various backgrounds and experiences ; grouped together to achieve the Malaysian Government aspiration to fulfill Malaysia's need of doctors.haks.. I can still remember the first day in PPP ITM Shah Alam s17 - meeting all the Malay SPM top students of Malaysia ; future doctors of Malaysia. My results were not as handsome as theirs ; explaining my initial inferiority complex being amongst them. Everybody so innocent , immature in life and we were to embark newfoundland ; a long journey of education and life.

Back to the story - Erda called Haniza after a long lapse of non-communique . She was asking about the possibility of her coming back home. Haks.. my recommendation was RETURN with post graduate qualification or you'll NUMB yourself in Malaysia's healthcare system. DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED !!

THen , as i was bloghopping - bumped into our EX-PENGHULI ; Najmiah!!! haks.. what a surprise !! She;s doing anaes apparently and about to take her membership exams. Wow !! I have not seen or heard from her for the past 6-7 years ? After A-levels.. that was really one JEJAK KASIH. Then.. Yesterday as i was on my way back from KLGCC.. i requested DIL to STOP STAT when i saw a familiar face as we were passing the TTDI PAsar Malam.

PECET AND JULI !!!! HAks !! the long lost couple in Cardiff !!! Damn !! it was such a JEJAK KASIH as i last met them during their wedding here 5 years back !Now the're with 2 kids. Wow kan!! It was fun to catch up stories ( i had limited time - DIl was waiting by the roadside after my abrupt demand !!! ) They'll be joining wifey in UITM - both trainee lecturers doing Surgery and A&E. Really really kewl !! Quite a few are now back in Malaysia. And i hope to sort of organize a reunion for these Doctors.

B.U.X was special to me ; though the organization was active during our A-levels we definitely had fun as we were a bunch of fun people !! haks.. I really really wish - when most of them are back here in Mesia - will organize a small gathering to catch up and see where everybody is heading..

WHO's WHERE ( My limited off hand database )

back in Malaysia
AFFAH HKL Medicine
ME HKL Anaes
HANIZA UMMC / UITM Radiology ( Masters )
RIZA SELAYANG Medicine ( Dermatology )
EDOT HUKM Opthalmology ( Masters )
HAFIZA HUKM PAthology ( Masters )
MARIA KKBATU Family Medicine

KAMARUL SLUMBERGER somewhere in Arab land



ALHADY A&E ( Part 1 MRCS )
NURRUN Psy ( Part 1 MRC Psy )
NAJMI Anaes ( part 1 FRCA )
AIZAL Medicine ( MRCP - dah specialist dah kalau kat mesia nih !! )
ERDA Medicine
KAMAL Medicine
DODIY Surgery still in Dundee
MAHMUD Medicine

IZZAT Medicine
W.HASBI Medicine


tu lah so far that i know of. Therefore ; Sesapa BUX if u happen to browse my blog ; do update this info.

p/s sweet old Malaysia Hall memories huh..

Sunday, March 06, 2005

4th Annual General Meeting

Attended PROMUDA's AGM today in KLGCC. Nope.. did not contest for any posts - just as an observer..siapa lah kita.. ikan bilis junior.. hehehehe Well , Dil asked me to help him with familiarize his role in today's AGM - R.O. for the elections.. Kiranya SPR lar in short.. heks..

Spent like > 2hours with him prior to the event ; preparing his script for the session. It was quite fun though , upholding the Kam Cheng trait.. we were a laughing lot when typing the script down in the Club House Cafe.

The AGM went alright ; i was one of the observers in the Election committee - foreseeing the vote counting as transparent as possible. hehehehe.. Remembered the time when i became the RO for the UMNO Clubs of UK... PROMUDA'S election is very mild ..very very mild...

Well, not much of a surprise when Don returned unopposed. 2 Tekadmons are now EXCOs - Dato' Ziad and Dato' Sherrie !! Cayalah .. haks.. from the Kam Cheng side ; Dato' MAL is the EXCO for ICT !! MBUUAHAHAHA mal.. hehehehe kewl. Dil did not contest in concordance with the BIG PLAN.. whatever that is lar.. ( dont speculate.. i'm making this up !! ) Dont worry Dato' Dil , the 3 year MISSIONE DE COUPE DETA is already switched ON .. hehehehe Congratulations to the newly elected committee. Hopefully there'll be lots of KEWL activities and progress in store for the Young |Professionals of Malaysia !!

p/s Alamak !! after finished writing this blog ; baru teringat the gathering last night at Aizans. HAks.. it was fun !! The food was good ( thank you guys ) the entertainment was bizzare.. hehehe liked those AFROS. TEKADMONS are kewl bunch of people.. AMPUN TUANKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Funny Saturday..

Sports Planet Subang

Woke up this morning.. and realized that from now on i will have free weekends !!! UNless i'm on call u see..

Haks. i'm so used to working 7 days a week , i cant believe today i was able to sleep in , enjoying the moment - lying lazily without any worries. In the medical department , we have to take turns doing weekend rounds - waking up early in the morning and returning home near noon. Well, this is my new life. As i am currently tagging ; i wont be on call for 3 months !! So imagine having free weekends like any other ordinary joe !! haks.. call me jakun but this is definitely A BIG CHANGE IN LIFE.

Friday nite futsal went on as usual last nite - 10pm - 12am. I guess my evening jog in Kiara Hill had done some good as now i am able to last longer . I can play 5 games straight ( winners stay in the court while challengers come in once a team is beaten 2-0 ) I am much fitter now compare to last month when i can barely survive in a game runnin none stop !!I am worry about my weight though - my BMI is now 29 which is borderline obesity ...waahh.. i don't look obese do i? but compared to how i look only a few years ago - i am one berisi man !! haks.. Well, trying to control my appetite desire which is sometimes really really really really hard to DO !!

tONITE will be the JAMUAN MAKAN MALAM DIRAJA KOSMIK ( haks.. ) TEKADMONs gathering at Aizans. Apparently a live band will be playing which is very cool to my standards !! Looking forward for the meet.. will have lots of fun.. and food !!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

New lease of life..

scenes from the OT

Today was my 3rd day of life as a new trainee in Anaesthesia.I am definitely happy here even though i haven't done much. In a way i was a bit shocked with this new life. Definitely less stressful and so easy going. My collegues are wonderful - everybody is helpful , from the MO's to the Consultants. Very very approachable people.

Advantages being in Anaesthesia

1.You work indoors - air conditioned guranteed. No more sweaty days!!( compared to most other disciplines - Government wards very warm oohh... )

2.The working hours are flexible. You work either 8am - 2pm or the 2pm to 6pm. A definite change from my usual routine.

3.You dont get to see patients with attitude problems - good for me ; less sarcasm.

4.U dont have to move around much - sit down and monitor.

5.Be very skillful in clinical skills.

6.Specialists are always around for consultation. They are really-really nice.

7.If you're not oncall then the weekend is yours.

8. Nampak cool... hehehehehehe


1.Weight gain is sooooo much possible if i continue to eat breakfast and lunch everyday !!

2.When problem arises ; you have to be really good at handling it.

3.It can be boring when the surgical procedure is long - eg was today . I was in UROLOGY ROBOTICS and the process was SO SLOW.

I am not complaining however. I was told to tag aroundthis 2 weeks in all sorts of disciplines. I've masked and ventilated 4 patients and no problems so far. Insya-Allah it can only be better !!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Nite out..

Felt like watching the movie today !! hAD been lurking the DVD haram shop for the past one week but still no Constantine.

"copy kalau tala cantik punya wa tala amik wooo... " the towkey said.

We went to one utama just now - in the hope of using the free complimentary tickets ; won by adik in one of her many competitions. It was perfect as COnstantine had an asterix on it.. but then.. however... when we presented the coupon at the counter..

"Kak.. ni kupon GSC kak... bukan TGV ..."

DUUUSSHH...DUYSSSSHHH... Gile malu siot.. muahahahahahahahaha...

Anyway , we paid the appropriate amount and continued to watch the movie. AND IT WAS GOOD.. !!!! I'm keen with religous themes on movies. Somehow it is interesting as they try to depict what is written in the books .Movies like this makes you think in trying to link.. but ONE thing was clear , the message the movie was addressing..

SMOKING IS BAD FOR HEALTH !!!!! muahahahahas..

Da Vinci's Code

I am currently reading this book. Kewl book for history buffs like me !!! Maybe i'm a bit late compared to the roar it caused earlier but so what ? The postulations in the story flow is very intruiging !! Ask DIl !! Apparently he's reading it too *smile*

(The thought of reading this book came about during the Kedai Kopi session with Datuk Seri Sanusi Joned. Himself a self professed historian certainly cultivated my interest for this book.. )

Eventhough i am trying my best to finish the chapters in between my work.. It is amazing !! haks.. will review it once i've done with it !!!

KamCheng Funtime !!!

Mal , me , Azad , Fiqar.. the MMbbuuaahhss..Genting 2002

The Kamcheng founders.. haks.. Selangor International Scout Jamboree 1990.we made the buluh table tau on our own !!!

p/s terfeelong la pulaks... *smile*

A new leaf..

Did not update my blog yesterday.. Spent the whole day resting and sleeping. My last call in medical was really jonah !! haks.. Did not have any sleep at all - my pager was bleeping all nite non-stop with problems up left and center !!! Muahahahas...

The Saturday went slow in the morning.. well , went back late the nite before after Tekadmons gathering and futsal !! Woke up really lazy .. haks.. went in quite late about 9 am - thought that my specialists were attending the CME.. apparently not !! haks..What a good way to start the day...

THe climax of the call was at 4.30 am , me and sHAKTI ( He was the 2nd call in charge of CCU / CRW - cardiac related units) were sitting talking at the oncall room thinking that the worse was over. The pager bleeped and the one of his patients went VT ( Ventricular Tacycardia which means that hjeart beat went hay wire.. ) Both of us ran to CRW and the initial resuscitation was done by the resident nurses. Apa lagi.. haemodynamically unstable and patient was not arousable.. We shocked him TWICE. He did not respond and the ECG went assystole ! ( straight line .. ) damn !! we continued the CPR and me n Shakti took turns to intubate the patient - the idea was to protect the brain with adequate ventilation.

Unfortunately it was difficult intubation - patient had a short neck and obese. I could not locate the laryngeal opening.. and we failed to intubate him . WE called anaes but the 1st 10 minutes was unsuccesful .. NTAH MANA DIA PERGI !! we were pumping in adrenaline generously ; to maintain the heart beat if it was salvagable..


McCOys laryngoscope

Rai came ( the anaes ) came.. he brought with him a small CEKAP bag.. heks.. in it was a special laryngoscope , had never seen one !! it was difficult too for him , only succesful on his 3rd attempt. HOwever , i think it was too late. He was not responding to the adrenaline ot the CPR. We had to concede and Shakti informed the family. Immediately , the pager bleeped again and Shakti was called to the resus. Another MI !!! haks.. gile teruk..

Damn.. seeing RAi came made me realize - i have to fill in his shoes sooner or later. Takut jugak.. haks.. can i be that competent ?? muahahahas.. time will tell..

SO friends.. wish me luck for my next posting.. starting tomorrow !!! cARPE dIeM jer la eks.. *smile*