Sunday, March 27, 2005

Achieving Greater Heights...

"Conquer the two towers and return as a king !!!" Posted by Hello

I'll be off to KK early tomorrow morning. Feeling pretty excited about it! Only Shakti and me will be the ones from KL as others decided to chicken out !! haks.. Well , I've always wanted to conquer Kinabalu as I've climbed Tahan and Ledang before. Now the next frontier. Funny though , the idea came about during one of my lunches and we just decided to proceed with it. End of March ??? what timing.. hahahahaha My wife initially was not keen for me to go , especially during this time of need. But she's ok about it. Study smart sayang..

I hope my one month jog had helped me with the stamina to climb the mountain. They say it is not as difficult as Tahan , but the altitude change can create problems ; eg hypoxia . the syndrome etc. Well , though my weight did not change much but i feel much fitter compared to where i was about a month ago. Well , i 'll write the journey experience when i return.

Me packin' up for the trip.. See the Yelllow t-shirt ? haks.. For TEKADMONS Posted by Hello

The funny thing is.. till date ; i still dont know how i'm gonna get to KLIA early tomorrow mornin. Dont think that ERL will be up by then or the coach.. Hmm.. have to find a way lah somehow.. hahahahaha

Anyway , I'm off to TTDI to give my father and Muti the meninggococcal jab for their UMRAH trip. I have to thank Dr Omar for kindly giving me the vaccines. Haks.. best giller boss locum. Anyway , wish me luck for the climb and see you guys later !!