Monday, January 31, 2005


This is Sungai Tekala.. not the place i went to. .tapi nak ade pic cover version kan.. hahahaha

Wow. Just came back from Projek Tekad - an initiative organized by PROMUDA in contributing back to the society. Its this typical project of tutoring / coaching of students held for 2 days ; encouraging students to realize their potential and know about the future. I am proud to be a part of this project for this year - held in Pusat Ko Kurikulum HUlu Langat , Selangor 29 - 30th January. But us , the fascilitators aka the coaches was there since friday evening ; hence the reason for me not to blog ; almost a week dah ni !!!!

It was indeed a very keen experience for me as this is the first time i am involved in a big scale project with PROMUDA. Otherwise , i'm quite comfortable with the programme aS i've been involved in a lot of courses and camps with students esp with BTN.( i am their instructor / fascilitator ) The programme initiated here is a bit different from the ones i;m used to being into ; but it was worthwhile because in things like this there are lots of things to learn.

MY champions ( thats what we call the kids ) were called Versacorp. hahahaha.. gile Apprentice nyer influence. But the unique thing is i only had 5 kids with me. I was suppose to be with another coach to fascilitate group of 10 students ; dunno what happened TO her so i was with the cute 5 ; namely Che Yin , Faizal , Sara , HAlimah and Saleha. All fifth formers from Ampang and Hulu Langat. They were shy in the beginning ; very very shy !!!! they were not even trying to talk to each other during the logo and group name session . The other coaches who saw the "problem" tried to rescue the kids when i purposely was letting them to sort it out on their own . They had the potential , i left them alone for a while to create stress in them and when the time limit was about to be up - i dived in and pushed them.. and wallah.. i was so happy that they came up with something which was fairly good. and thenn , after they broke their ice - the group dynamics starts.They did fairly well in their tasks during the 2 days and i was proud of them. I gave Che Yin the champion of champions from my group because of the change that he showed during the activities ; from somebody who looked not interested to somebody who was pro active and smiled a lot after that.

I brought a melon from home - it was suppose to be a learning for the group. But as there was only 5 of them , dah la kecik2.. so i decided to withdraw the idea. They were suppose to bring around the melon wherever the group goes ; regardless !! It would have been fun but as i was only handling 5 ; i reckon i could concentrare on their individual traits.

Their stories were the typical problems of adolescent. I hope that from what i;ve shared with them i've gave them some idea about life and about vision. They'll be taking their SPM this year and i wish the best from them. I know i cant change them in 2 days but i hope that what i've told and shared with them would encourage and motivate. Well , i will never know the impact until after this.

As for the programme in whole , it was well organized .The modules were mind boggling and certainly made them to think and use up their brains.Even when we went through it during TOT , it challenged us.Sleeping in tents again after so long was indeed refreshing. Reminded me of my active ko-ko days ! I was so excited that i brought everything that was essential for a true camp ; my parang , rafia , head torch , sleeping bag and my rough clothes. hahahahaha so keen ..

Mal laughed at me during the opening ceremony when he found out that i was the designated " USTAZ" to read the opening DOA. It was a role familiar to me during my school days.hahaaha jangan lepas ni jadik official doa reciter for PROMUDA sudah la !!!! But i suppose , being trained in such a way during my school days , i had to fulfill the fardu kifayah regarding being imam during prayers and etc. I know i am not pious by nature but somebody had to do it during the programme. Bagus jugak , at least it will help me to improve myself on the spiritual side. btw Ziad.. hang nyer suara mmg sedap ah time azan subuh semalam. pastu petang nyanyi bagi kalah hazami lak tu.. tension jer muka HAZAMI.. hehehehehe. DIL.. bila lagi nak challenge ??

The company ( coaches & secretariate ) were kewl too.So dedicated and responsible. TABIK SPRING BANG !!! Had lots of new friends from various sectors. enjoyed my time with DIL .. the one and only DIL.. mmbbuaaahhhss.. it was fun working and being a "fair" judge with you.. muahahahass. and something really did caught our eyes and imagination didn't it DIL ? muahahahahahass...

But unfortunately the venue was not suitable as it was meant for rough outdoor activities. It was a shame not to utilize the potential which was rich with extreme exciting activities. I could see the students frustration going through our modules which was in fact ; quite indoorish in nature and sometimes if it was not lead through well by the coaches ; it can be boring at times. Quite a big lot was there before and their expectations were high for challenging physical activities. ( haks.. i remembered my MMSC camp which gave me a headache when the same sentiment arose !!! ) If i am given the chance to be involved in the Next Tekad programme , i hope to be "sub-con" into the module team because i have few ideas and experience that i can share with the rest of the management.

MY MMSC Camp 2002

There are few things which concerned me that i reckon can be improved.I will give the feedback to the CORE team later.( Perhaps i can name myself the NECK team ?? hahahahaha ) Being involved with fragile and labile kids is not easy. We have to be careful of everything that we do as it will definitely inject some influence into their values about life. Whether one realizes it or not ; we are their role models during the programme and perhaps after.Impression and image is important especially from our side ; the Young Professionals. It is easy for people to misjudge and perceive. Therefore , this is one aspect that we should emphasize especially in dealing with other parties who may have absolute different background and experience.

I had fun.. so much fun. It was fullfiling to run away from my hectic schedule in the hospital . Especially regarding my BLOCKED transfer to anaesthesia. I hope that i can find some digital pics from other coaches so that i can post it in my blog for remembrance.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Qurban experience..

Well , the morning went melancholic when we visited Myfzal's tomb in Damansara. After reciting yassin for arwah dad in law - we went to Myfzal's resting place.It was a bit emotional for me.. don't know why tears decided to show itself this morning... I was touched when i saw the plants which was planted on the day of Myfzal's burial 20.04.2004. It was alive !!! thought that the plants would have died long time ago coz it was put on ad hoc basis ; papa just picked out the plant from anearby tomb ?? haks.. Anyway - the vision of Ady's son ; Amar Kareem came through my mind ( saw him yesterday at Nurrun's place.. cute boy !!!) ; maybe because he was born on the day Myfzal was expected to be delivered... 31st July 2004... Sometimes we tend to wish things could have happened differently , but everything is Allah's will and we should be contented and redha.....

Enough of the sad drama ..hehehe both me n wifey went to SMTTDI for our Qurban !! haks.. it was a new experience for Haniza as she can hardly remember the last time she went for one. Our cow was COw number 8.. medium size benign looking cow.. hehehe.. And when the moment arrive , guess who decided to do the sembelih ? yup.. me lah !! haks .. my first time doing the slaughter. A bit gory with blood splashing here and there but then hey.. i;ve been through worse in the Operating theatre !! haks.. Sort of impressed my wife with my courage muahahahas.. *smile* The fact was I was the only "tuan punya" who dared enuff to do the slaughtering. senang jer..

ANyway , we got our share with one ekor. Decided to leave it in TTDI for bibik to clean it and perhaps a bowl of sup ekor tomorrow !!! Haniza's mum cooked beriyani for lunch and it was really nice.. with the sulky juicy meat made into kurma and rendang.. fresh after qurban !!!

Liverpool lost again tonight.. Basketful of rice.. why i may ask.. why ????

At the end of everything ; tt was a kewl day.and glad that i went to visit "ahlil-firdaus" this morning. I know that you're looking down on me from heaven...aammiinn..

Friday, January 21, 2005

Aidilaadha 2005

Salam Aidiladha !!!! Selamat Hari Raya !!!!

Well , the day went quite slow today. woke up late but just in time for the prayers. Its raya haji and the atmosphere is not so plentiful compared to raya puasa.
The mood was not there ; but ok lar. we didn't go anywhere today expect to Mak Dj and Mama TTDI. Anyway , its friday today. Two sunat prayers wajib to be done as jamaah !! well , in Islam we call it Hari Raya Akhbar. it means BIG !! It was a bit hot today , but besides that nothing exciting actually happened.

Anyway , myself a bit sleepy today. Not quite in the mood to celebrate gallantly. We will be going to Paklongs place in Bangi after maghrib prayers. Pot Luck party but it should be a good gathering. Apparently Mak Uda will be bringing her favourite dish ; lasagna. mmmmm.. looking forward for that.

Anyway , tomorrow wil be eventful. The qurban in SMTTDI will be done in the morning. Haks.. cant wait to see my precious QURBAN and perhaps perform the qurban myself.

btw - Congratulations Megat Harris !! 2nd child was born on monday !! haks.. cayalah , cepat giller.. 2 dah.. both girls.. haks.. they're both around here so i should be visiting them in Kota Damansara soon.. "smile"

Monday, January 17, 2005

Busy weekend..

Wow.. it was indeed a very busy weekend for me !! Let me recap..

1) Yes .. Malaysia improved their Tiger Cup performance by winning the third place play-off !!! Kewl.. did not watch the game though but i was happy that Malaysia was able to pick up themselves after that bad lost in BJ. VIVA MALAYSIA !!!!

2) Liverpool stupidly LOST to MAn U .. AGAIN..1-0 arrghh.. tension , tu la tak bule ke both the teams i support win on the same day. It was a dissapointing match by Liverpool , still the same attitude and lacksture.But i cannot hate Liverpool lar.. too sayang to do so..

3) HAks. i missed the KAMCHENG karaoke session on Saturday afternoon. Damn !! missed the fun and i wish i was there.I can imagine the way the gang laugh and laugh while listening to each other's singing. I was actually attending TOT( Training of trainers ) for TEKAD SELANGOr fascilitators. It was kewl anyway meeting new friends and also plan for the camp that we will be having late January. The activities done was quite fun , well i made it FUN !! MY group ok lar.. but i know it will be better during the programme ; handling like 200 kids !! Honestly , i cant wait for it to begin coz i know that it is something that i really do enjoy !!

4) I was on call last nite.. busy nite but i survived !Signed 2 burial permits though. haks.. and one good news - i have an interview with UITM this Wednesday - regarding joining them as a lecturer. haks.. will this mean i will be joining my wife soon ? hmmmmm...let time takes it path !! hahahahaha

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nearly TV reality show stars...

the whole Explorace Season 1 gang wannabees 2003, look for me n Azad..

Watching the intro episode of Explorace Season 2 last nite reminded me of the time me n a close aide of mine.. My kazen by marriage Anjek san on our attempt for Season 1. Haks.. but obviously we did not qualify ( having enuff commercial value !!! ) to be the participants on the much awaited Malaysian edition of The Amazing Race !!

It was June 2003 and we were called up for the Audition ; the producers shortlisted 20 teams.Of all these , only 12 were to appear in the series . we were quite well known by the other participants then. This was due to our application video which was aired on TV repeatedly for the PROMO !! MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE... ( behind Azad's Ford Ranger ) . We called ourselves the Incredible Hulks and i can say we did make an impact during the audition !! There were 3 stages ; IQ test / swimming and running !! I nearly drowned during the swimmin part but haks.. most of other participants thought it was one of our gimmick !! muahahaha.. and we laughed LOUDLY all the way with the MBUUAAHSS spirit and sportsmanship!!

me n Azad on our 3 kilometer trial run around Kelana Jaya Park

However when the results came out most of the others were surprised we were not chosen. Based on our performance during the audition ;we were one of the "IN TEAM" with our bubbly attitude.But somehow it did not attract the producers to choose us. Well , both a bit overweight and not really having the hunky tv-appeal look i suppose !! mUahahahahass.. Azad was really dissapointed with Nathan ( the producer ) he actually boycotted the show .. Did not even watch a SINGLE EPISODE !!!!! hahahahaha.. Dendam kesumat !! I guess if we were chosen then , we would have given the winners a run for their 100 K !!Or maybe the winners , but Allah is GREAT.

Well , life went on.. We got to be on TV anyway.. Me.. with my TV3 SEMPURNAKAN HARIMU fame.. hahahaha..publicity murahan.. aND Azad appearing with his wife in WHo Will WIn - Interior DECO competition on NTV7 !! Well , there is still 2005 and beyond. Who knows i might be on again.. cite Astana IDaman kaa.. haakss.. my golden dream. so you guys - if any of you are in touch with any tv producers.. Make my dream come true... MUAHAHAHAHAS

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Qurban 2005

Guess what ? This year will be my first year ever taking an active part in qurban. I reckon it is justified as a remembrance to god for his gracefulness ; my ambition fullfilled in being a doctor despite the yoyo route that i have to take. Thank you to Allah for his blessings. Coincidentally , me n part of the gang ( Azad , Mafiz n Megat ) have combined "forces" to take part in this years SMTTDI qurban. We have one cow to ourselves !! hahahaha Well dont think it'll be as cute as the pic :)

I reckon SMTTDI maybe the only school in KL who organizes such fiesta every year during Aidiladha. PArents and their children will take part in the qurban - having contributing money for the qurban . Mum n dad had alwayz been supportive but this year will be the first for me paying for my share.. It will be performed by Ustaz and his honchos.. the unique thing about SMTTDI's qurban is if you are daring enuff.. one can choose to do the qurban themselves..

Now we're actually in the midst of naming our qurban cow.. haks.. My idea being Cisse / Senoki / Macam Setan.. hahahahaaha we'll see any other bright ideas from the gang ..Mafiz was wondering if we could spray our cow so it'll be hip hop during the qurban !! hahahaha kapla jingga betul.. Raya Haji next week eih... will be celebrating in KL though...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Kam CHeng weekend

By the way.. for kewl pictures and the full story bout the kewl weekend in PD ,
do log on to

It was fun !!!!

The reality of WTF bosses..

Today i was introduced to the dirty cirle of who's the boss. And i'm not sure whether i can cope with situations like this.I am a very practical and i hate bereaucracies as well as arrogant individuals.

Yesterday's call was good as now i know i am not JONAH. was able to sleep from about 3am to 7am..No interludes in between.Slept like a bear !!! and that was good ..really good. No patients died and alhamdulillah. *smile*

I decided to confront the Timbalan Pengarah of HKL who is in charge of MO postings ; my tenure in medicine will end soon on 31st of january. I've actually met the Head of Anaesthesia and she's quite cool about me to be in her department. My letter was sweet but TPHKL Dr S was a total B***H.Her first statement was , " orang macam you ni yang menyusahkan kerja kitaorang" like WHAT THE F**K??? I want to do something that i am interested in and she said that ? Well , being me i was not so polite as always with my sharp tongue.. tua tak tua, so what? My temper was apparent and it was obvious . The Ketua Penolong Pengarah Dr R was there too when i was literally arguing with the Timbalan Pengarah.

Apparently she said that i should stay in Medicine until there is opening in anaesthesia department - the same old story she would ramble about for generations. I gave her my piece of mind that actually made her quite pissed off with me.. She even mentioned that " Kalau taknak buat medicine baik takyah jadi doktor.. LIke WTF again ??? what is she doing being the timbalan pengarah ?? Being me , i argued with her to the surprise of Dr R. Well , in the end she sort of exercised her power by saying.. that i will remain in medicine until she says not.. haks.. who does she think she is ??

Well , i do agree with some of her arguments regarding the postings and our responsibilities as government officers .However i was not happy with her manners.I have arguments of my own - if i am not in the posting that i like , will it be fair to my patients ? I work with passion and i do things to the best of my ability ; things like this can only deteriorate my enthusiasm and i pity patients seeking government health service. I can really be mean at times ( ask my house officers )

Sometimes , old timers like her should realize that the world has change and it is because of their species ; the government service is crap.I pity those who are not as outspoken as i am. And no wonder doctors quit because is it worth it in the end ? She can handle it better but being from the old generation ; i'm not quite happy with it. Silap ah buat orang dendam.. My dendam is dendam kesumat.. She'll know who not to play around with..

Well, this is justttt the beginning not the end. I will sort this out. by hook or by crook i will get what i want.. Huuuhaahahahaahahaa.. *macam gelak evil lak*

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Something embarrasing happened to me today. Well, i'm one of those fellas who dislikes filling up my fuel tank. I will leave it to the last minute , when the indicator needle was absolutely screaming for the tank to be filled in.

Well, today was one of those episodes. Initially i wanted to fill her up on my way to work. But takpe laa... then , by right i'm suppose to do that before coming back.. but.. takpe laah.. the needle was bellow E but somehow i wanted to gamble ..

AANNDD.. as i was passing jalan mahameru to jalan damansara , my sweet lil red sAtria decided to stop .. !! haaaakkssss.. well , deserves me right.. right ??? hahahaha i had to walk about 3 kilometers to the nearest petrol station for fuel !!! It was such a terrible experience , being 6 pm when the traffic itself is not so kind to you !!!!

Haks.. well , i know that NEXT TIME .. i will not let the indicator to be lit !! Padan muka sendiri aaa... :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

70,000 Malaysians humiliated....

WHat can i say ?? Malaysia trashed by Indonesia on their own backyard. 4 - 1 DAMN !!! I was in BJ stadium when it happened. Its so sad.. our hopes dented after a pathetic display by our national team in the second half.

I was there with wifey , Dil and Nor. We went quite early ; me from the hospital directly to the stadium at 5.30pm. Parked our car by IMU , and we ate an early dinner ; DIl eating the traditional pre-match meal ; fish and chips. " Macam kat oversea lak " i quote.The response from fellow Malaysians was wonderful ; sea of yellow jerseyed supporters walking with the Malaysian flag to the stadium. Wow , it had been quite some time since i last saw sea of our supporters in the stadium.

We were on tier 1 ; 104 and the seats were wonderful.Very near to the hardcore rambling Malaysian supporters. A bit hot but ok lar.. what da ya expect ?? Malaysia mah.. not Anfield.And as the kick off got nearer - almost all the seats were filled !! My estimation , more than 70,000 turned up. wow , up to the third tier. The initial NEGARAKU was inspiring and it did inspire our team for a while...

When Khalid scored , THE WHOLE STADIUM ERUPTED !!! though we were lucky AGAIN !!! but it was good celebration ..and at that moment everybody thought that TEaM Malaysia will be sky high with confidence. UNfortunatelyyyy... NOT !!!

Indon actually played the better game , the fluidity and dynamic movement of the forwards was evident by the number of mistakes made by our reliable TOWKAY ( Hafiz Zamani ) . When the indon equalized , BICKSEI made a STUPID change of tactic , thinking we can defend our lead. He put in a defender replacing the injured Kit KOng. BUT he was WRONG .. pushing up hafiz and rusdi as midfielders was CRAP.. and the swift Indon attackers capitalized our weak defense - hence the blizzard of goals !!! OOOHH.. SUCH FRUSTRATION !!!! and we were hammered with another 3 goals nearing the end.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening. my wife who i seldom hear swearing , sweared at Khalid for his lack of enthusiasm in the game !! haks.. And DIl , was really emotional !!! I was just stunned .. so stunned by how our team faltered.. the Indon fans were dancing in glory !! as they should seeing the superiority against us. Although we are known to be crap ; last nite , THE TEAM was simply outclassed by the indon's speed and skills.

Anyway , though dissapointed , Congrats Malaysia ; who qualified to the semis but somehow when we dont have the quality ; it will show when it matters !!!! It was sad to see dissapointed fans walking back in despair and pain. Some came as far as Kedah ( saw the school bus with Kedah plate number parked by the highway on my way back ) to support their national pride.Wished that the outcome was the opposite tonight.. :(

Sorry la Indon patient masuk ward esok .. haks.. they'll gonna get it from me !!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

The drama.. suspense.. and national pride..


Its judgement day. Malaysia will meet Indonesia tonite in BUkit Jalil to determine the other finalist for Tiger Cup 2004. SIngapore qualified after trashing Myanmar in a high tempered match in Kallang. Whoever watched the game can feel the frustration among Myanmar players having to play with 9 men and had to surrender the 2-0 lead. Asian football is very unpredictable. Playing aT HOME do not give the advantage desired.

It was a bloody rough match. I admired the fighting spirit showed by the burmese as they were really hungry for success. Hope that the Malaysian boys would emulate the same determination and vision.

I'm going to the stadium tomorrow !!! A MUST SEE EVENT DEAR !!! will not miss it for the world !! My only worry is the Indon supporters.They will come in numbers and i hope that fellow Malaysians will do their country proud by giving their upmost support !!! On paper , Indonesia looks dangerous with the return of their two prolific banned players. We need to defend well with good counter attacks. I really hope that Amri Yahyah would play more football instead of diving here and there. He has lots of potential but sometimes he can be a brat !! Khalid is very unpredictable ; dont really hope much on him. Liew Kit Kong reminds me of a dear friend ( currently a doctor too in Penang ) and i hope that he will shine !!!


Saturday, January 01, 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005 !!!!

SALAM NEW YEAR 2005 !!!!

Haks.. time flies so fast. Its 2005 today , 15 years to 2020 and i'll be 29 this year. Wow, i cant believe its 2005 now .

This year's national celebration was moderate. The PM ordered for all planned celebrations witheld in view of respecting the Tsunami tragedy. Kewl PM , never thought that any PM in Malaysia would have the courage to do so.Haks , but i usually dont celebrate new year either. Usually i'll be at home watching tv which usually cater good entertainment before and after the countdown. It was this one year , me n azad actually went to KLCC on his JAGUH to watch the fireworks. And my , the road was damn jammed !!!! Seeing that made me pledge not to go downtown KL during new year's eve.

Just came back with my wifey - watched the musical PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Phantom was really one macho lad ( i like his deep voice esp when he does his REM thingy !! ) The music was nice ; according to wifey exactly like the stage musical. But honestly , it was a bit draggy at times. I was asleep 3 times during the long winded rendition conversations . tidur..bangun.. tak habis lagi !! hahahahahaha mind you, YOu'll notice this when you watch it. Seriously do watch it in the movies as this will help you to wake up with the loud music. If you watch it at home even via DVD - you'll sleep !!! I promise you that !!

My new year resolutions :

1) weight reduction !!! hahahaha every year sama jer..
2) project baby genius
3) a step clearer to what i want to achieve in the future
4) carik 1 kewl BMW
5) Star Wars episode III

Happy new year to all !! May the new year bring hope and success to all !!

Keep on blogging !!!