Sunday, January 29, 2006


Happy Chinese New Year to my chinese friends all over the world !!!! hehehe..
Let the doggie roll.. heks..
TO "Makhluk Tien"... EAT YOUR HEART OUT !! ( you guys should read the interesting legend about celebrating CNY and this monster.. )

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Spent the whole day in shopping malls with wifey and Dzaeffran. It was a good day out. Baby dzaeffran was a good boy today as he thoroughly enjoyed the trip to One Utama , Ikea and The Curve. It was a miracle going shopping today as the traffic was non-existent. It became obvious who are the main customers in our shopping retails.Imagine , on a Sunday at about noon , you can park easily on the 3rd floor ; near to the lift of the old one utama . Enjoy it while it lasts..

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sneak preview

After a very lengthy wait.. surpassing all expectations ; finally my new ride was ready to be picked up. I have to thank my bro in arms Azad for giving me a lift to Fathul's place this evening to take the car !! Till date ; only he has seen what my precious looks like.

Therefore.. atas permintaan ramai , i'm showing u guys a glimpse of my pride.. hehehe.. Kalau nak tengok , kena datang rumah laa...

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The many faces of the young one..

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Young and unlucky

Looking back.. it had been quite sometime since i last wrote about my work ! haks..

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Did my E2 ( aka maternity call) last night. It is definitely less hectic compared to my calls in MOT HKL. Only a handful of caesarean sections to do but the day started bad. As i arrived in Selayang Hospital at 7.20am , received SMS from my colleague who was post call requiring me to be in Maternity OT straight away as my specialist just started a fetal distress case. So i missed the morning CME and breakfast.. huhuhuh..

That case was uneventful but i did not start my elective cases till about 2 pm !! As i mentioned before my morning started bad. I was not able to find the epidural space for CSE ( combined spinal epidural ).It was quite frustrating poking the poor nurse in looking for the space. My boss told me to just give a single spinal shot .. amazingly , it was a breeze.. hmm... Its either it was too early or my skill is a bit off after a long lay off from epidurals. When Dr Burn was just about to haveh is try , a call came from the labour room - patient post vaginal delivery had collapsed. Dr Burn went to see the patient..

When he came back.. there was this panic look. He's opening the 2nd OT - apparently he had to intubate the unfortunate lady as she was severely hypovolaemic. When she arrived in the OT.. my god !! She was WHITE !! gillllerr.. pallor ..and her BP was soo loww !! GOD !!! It was difficult then to insert other IV access as her veins nearly all collapsed ! It was so stormy ans blood was gushing out from her vagina.. profusely !! A quick check on her Hb status... 2.0 !! hakkss !! giller panic !!! Transfuse asal boleh jer la.. the OnG consultant was there as well and obviously she herself was panicking..shouting around.. i guess afraid of another maternal mortality which looked very likely at that time.. She was hypotensive and really really tachycardic ...

Her monitor ECG looked bad.. the T waves were thin and taller than the QRS complex. A quick check of her Pottasium level showed that it went down to 2 mmol during resuscitation before intubation !! We were busy resuscitating her with blood and blood product to the max.. asal boleh jer bagi masuk.. very very stormy. Stat ABG showed severe metabolic acidosis with hyperkalaemia.. supporting the suspicious ECG.So tu pun kena correct ah.. and the ECG became normal again...

OnG decided to proceed with hysterectomy as they could not arrest the bleeding !! ( chopped off the uterus aka womb !! ) I went.. God.. She's just 27; first baby , antenatally uneventful ; delivered normally., baby was ok... but this post partum haemorrhage certainly is risking her life to the max !! I cannot imagine how she would feel when she wakes up. Certainly a nightmare..

We managed to stabilize her..and sent her to ICU. Dr Burn was exhausted.. She lost like 5 - 6 Liters of blood on table just like that. We managed to salvage her.. but psychologically , i really don't know whether she will be allright not having her reproductive system with her anymore..

It was a sad morning seeing her family members. They were obviously glad that she was allright , but will that hold ?

I continued my cases till late evening. Only 2 LSCS at night.. and 1 cervical tear repair at about 4 am. Not bad for a pre holiday call.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

So close

Yup...we were nearly there but somehow we couldn't finish it always. Tan Fook and Wan Wah just lost their finals to the Danes in rubber set courtesy of RTM1. Unfortunately the final set was disastrous as we were trashed 15-2.

Its the same old story. As Malaysians we can qualify for the finals but somehow , we seemed to be the master of being second !! haks... Kudos to Tan Fook and Wan Wah for achieving this feat late in their career ;just returned to the forerace after a long lay off. Old habits seemed hard to discard and it is the same tale here .

We somehow lack the will to become the champion. We falter ; maybe due to weak mental strength , lack of the zest to be in there and stamp our mark.. Somehow we are really good to fail when it matters.

Analysing our doubles performance in this tournament , i sense a change of direction and aggression. Rexy's coaching point is changing our Malaysian game. If you happen to watch the games carefully ; we seemed to place the shuttlecocks better this time around instead of the simple drive and play . This was obvious especially in the young pairs who certainly awed the crowd and me as well in front of the tube. Our unforced errors has decreased but we still need to improve more to become world beaters.

Better luck next time i suppose.. But hooray Malaysia !! tHE BEST MAY YET TO COME..

2006 - good year for Malaysia

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Congrats to Tan fook and Wan Wah who against the draw qualified for the finals of the badminton doubles ( All England ) in Birmingham. It was refreshing to note that 3 of our doubles were in the semi finals yesterday. Unknowns Fairuzrizuan/ Lin Wui Li and Zakry / teik Chai made giant killing acts on the route to the semis.

I happened to catch Zakry and Teik Chai in action against the Danes who are the defending champions. They played well and lead 14-5 in the first set. However, they are young and squandered the lead and lost the game. But they showed glimpse of excellent gameplay which impressed me. It is good to know under Rexy , our doubles are improving a lot and will again rule the world ! ni yang buat lagi semangat nak main badminton this Thursday !

Good luck to Tan Fook and Wan Wah on their second try tonight to win the All England !! ake us proud !! I will comment about them in my blog tomorrow..

P/S C'mon Liverpool.. lets belasah Man U tonight !!

Making the issue one's gain

Its funny really - the turnout of events in the country for the past 1 week.( refer to my earlier posts ) You wonder whether our leaders in the so called "united-front" speak to each other in length about pressing issues. They do meet up weekly and mingle with each other ; but it is obvious that the "suspiciousness" between us are still present and hot even at higher level.

It was obvious on Wednesday on tv and internet posts that the "review" memo by the 9 ministers will be submitted on thursday.A thinking leader should have noticed and try to intervene behind the door before media blows it out of proportion.

And for obvious reasons ; i suppose people with self-interest objectives only jumped on the issue when PM commented on Friday.Everybody was trying to be the champion and hero .. showing off their "guts" with statements of moderation and critisism. It makes you wonder more.. do they really know what are they talking about and are they really sincere in upholding the fundamental principles of this country? Honestly , it nauseates me ; it is absolute disaster when those who are absolutely daft about islamic principles speak up and defend it.. Its just a mockery to the religion and system. No wonder the non-muslims are confused and i would not blame them in questioning the constitution.

And like how i expected it to be , on Saturday the 9 ministers retracted the memo sent earlier , succumbed to the so called " in the name of national unity" spirit and admitted their "over-eagerness" for PM to address the issue. Therefore , the need of the memo in the first place ??? Somehow , i feel that this is part of the conspiracy theory to tarnish Pak Lah image and his inconsistencies in how he deals issues. .. ( but that is just a hunch. )

At the end of the day , its not just up to the PM or the cabinet to solve this issue. It is actually us , Malaysian muslims or not. We should take full responsibility to answer and discuss these questions ; to explain and to tell what it is all about , what the teaching and hikmah of Islam. When we do not practice it well ourselves , how are we to show to the non muslims the beauty and advantages ? Who would believe or try to understand when we ourselves don't walk the talk. (Well , i'm telling myself here as i myself may at times "tergelincir" lah sikit..hehehhe.. ). We should make all the effort to understand this issue so that when people ask us in the public.. we would not be embarrased or look stupid and we call ourselves the "tuan" of this country..

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Whose line is it anyway ?

Do you watch this show ? Shown on ntv7 on friday midnight and on Astro.. alamak bila eks.. haks..

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This is my favourite show btw!!! Its not a sitcom - it runs on a gameshow concept but the objective is for fun - pseudo-competition mode.The regulars ; Ryan , Colin and Wayne are multi talented actors with good stand up comic skills ! Its so fun to watch as their jokes are usually spontaneous ; u can see them having fun as well ! Its a good show for budding theatre actors to develop themselves.

The show originated in the UK ; and i started watching this show when i was there. I just love and amazed with their creativity and wit. Its like playing charades but much much more fun and active ! When warner bros US bought the rights to show it in the US , i wasn't sure whether it will kick off and be as popular as it was in the UK. The first season was quite numb but it picked up. Drew Carreymore is not funny at all but of course wayne , colin and ryan saved the day !!

I/m not sure if our own local Senario group can reproduce their effort. But Apek is one of a kind ; only he has the calibre to be in the show !! Apek.. gi mintak la haks..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The memo

I'm following this very closely..

( from 19/1/06 )

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Religious conversion: 10 non-Muslim ministers memo Pak Lah

This could be a precedent.

Ten non-Muslim cabinet ministers in Abdullah Badawi's administration have submitted a joint memo to the prime minister, urging him to review all laws pertaining to religious conversion and potential confusion attributed to it.
The joint memo are signed by:

Ong Ka Ting (MCA)
Chan Kong Choy (MCA)
Dr Fong Chan Onn (MCA)
Dr Chua Soi Lek (MCA)
Dr Lim Keng Yaik (Gerakan)
S. Samy Vellu (MIC)
Bernard Giluk Dompok (UPKO)
Dr Maximus Ongkili (PBS)
Leo Michael Toyad (PBB)
Peter Chin Fah Kui (SUPP)

This is the frontpage lead in Nanyang Siang Pau, Page 3 lead in SinChew Daily, and in Malaysiakini (BM Edition).
There currently 10 non-Muslim ministers in the 32-member Cabinet (excluding Is Abdul Samad who has resigned and his vacancy unfilled).

Article 121 ( 1A )

Apa itu Artikel 121 (1A) Perlembagaan Persekutuan?
Artikel 121 (1A) adalah peruntukan perlembagaan yang menghalang Mahkamah Sivil mencampuri bidang kuasa mahkamah Syariah.

Adakah Artikel 121 (1A) wujud dari dahulu?
Tidak. Sebelum 1988, urusan-urusan mahkamah Syariah selalu diganggu oleh mahkamah Sivil. Apa yang telah diputuskan di Mahkamah Syariah dengan mudahnya dikacau oleh mahkamah Sivil. Hal ini sebenarnya mengganggu urusan orang Islam kerana orang Islam mempunyai hak dan kewajipan untuk dihukum di Mahkamah Syariah.
Tokoh-tokoh seperti Allahyarham Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahim telah berusaha lama untuk memastikan urusan Mahkamah Syariah bebas dan tidak diganggu oleh Mahkamah Sivil, dan hanya pada tahun 1988, peruntukan (1A) dimasukkan. Mahkamah Syariah mula ada kebebasan setelah 31 tahun Malaysia merdeka.

Kenapa perlu bagi ruang pada mahkamah Syariah?
Dari sudut sejarah, Mahkamah Syariah telah wujud sejak Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka lagi dengan wujudnya undang-undang seperti Undang-Undang Melaka. Semua negeri di Tanah Melayu mempunyai undang-undang Islamnya sendiri. Namun kewujudannya telah dikacau oleh penjajah sewaktu penjajahan mereka dan akhirnya mula Inggeris mula memperkenalkan undang-undang Common Law bermula dengan perjanjian Pangkor 1786, Piagam Keadilan 1807 dan piagam Keadilan 1824.

Malah dalam satu kes, Ramah v Laton (1927) 6 FMSLR (CA) telah diputuskan:

"Muslim law is not foreign law, it is the law of the land; and the local law is a matter of which the Court must take judicial notice. The Court must propound the law and it is not competent for the court to allow evidence to be led as to what is the local law."

Ini bermaksud, undang-undang Islam itu adalah satu lex loci (law of the land), atau undang-undang sebenar di Tanah Melayu.

Justeru, hak orang Islam sebenarnya telah mula dinafikan secara tersusun semenjak 1786 lagi, dan hanya pada 1988 barulah Mahkamah Syariah dapat bernafas semula.

Adakah Artikel 121 (1A) mengganggu hak orang bukan Islam?
Tidak. Sebenarnya ia memberi semula hak orang Islam yang telah lama dihilangkan walaupun undang-undang Islam adalah lex loci. Kewujudan mahkamah Syariah sebenarnya tidak langsung mengacau hak orang bukan Islam di Malaysia.

Apakah impak Artikel 121 (1A) kalau ia digugurkan?
Antara impaknya adalah orang Islam akan kehilangan hak. Ia tidak sama sekali mewujudkan keharmonian dalam negara kerana orang Islam adalah penduduk majoriti di Malaysia. Sedangkan kewujudan 121 (1A) tidak pernah menghilangkan hak orang bukan Islam. Selain itu, kedudukan mahkamah Syariah akan kembali mundur seperti sebelum tahun 1988, di mana Mahkamah Sivil boleh mencampuri bidang kuasa Mahkamah Sivil.

Apa salahnya orang Islam menuntut di Mahkamah Sivil? Bukankah wujudnya mahkamah Syariah menyusahkan sahaja?
Kalau begitu, saya ingin bertanya balik, "Apa salahnya orang bukan Islam hanya dibenarkan menuntut di Mahkamah Syariah? Bukankah wujudnya Mahkamah Sivil menyusahkan sahaja?"

Itu hak kami. Kewajipan kami sebagai orang Islam, dihukum dengan undang-undang Islam.

Dalam kes Moorthy, apa sebenarnya yang berlaku?
Mohamad Abdullah atau M.Moorthy ini sebenarnya tidak pernah dipaksa memeluk Islam. Selepas kematiannya, JAWI menuntut agar mayatnya dikebumikan menurut upacara Islam. Keluarganya tidak berpuas hati dan ada pihak cuba mengambil kesempatan dari kelemahan perlaksanaan undang-undang ini dengan cuba menjadikannya satu isu diskriminasi dan kehilangan hak orang bukan Islam.

Kalau lemahnya dari sudut perlaksanaan, seharusnya semua pihak berusaha agar kelemahan itu dibaiki. Bukannya bersikap, "Marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar."

Kita akui mahkamah Syariah masih belum sempurna, kita perlu satu mekanisma yang baik bagi membolehkan isu sebegini ditangani secara bijak. Tetapi kini, isunya sudah bertukar. Saya boleh sebut, kes Moorthy hanya dijadikan "sebab" untuk mereka yang telah lama memperjuangkan IFC (Inter Faith Councul) dan sekutu mereka. “They are playing the cards now”.

Mereka sengaja memainkan isu demi isu untuk melemahkan undang-undang Islam tanpa berfikir dan bertindak dengan baik bagi mengatasi masalah yang perlu ditangani secara rasional dan bukannya emosional

Jadi, Artikel 121 (1A) bukan isu?
Tidak sama sekali. Ada pihak yang sedang memanipulasikan isu Moorthy agar ia kelihatan seperti isu Artikel 121 (1A), seterusnya mendesak ia dipinda. Saya percaya, sekiranya tuntutan mereka gagal kali ini, seperti IFC, mereka akan tunggu isu yang lain, dan mereka akan memanipulasikan isu tersebut untuk kepentingan mereka. Dan mereka bersuara di belakang slogan hak bukan Islam, hak minoriti dan sebagainya.

Apa yang terbaik sebenarnya?
Seperti yang disebut dari awal, Artikel 121 (1A) tidak pernah menganggu gugat hak orang bukan Islam. Ia cuma memberikan hak orang Islam dan mahkamah Syariah kembali kepada asal.

Tetapi Artikel 121 (1A) tidak cukup. Ada banyak lagi perlu dibaiki untuk kebaikan bersama. Ini yang perlu dibincangkan. Bukannya menuntut sesuatu yang menyebabkan status Mahkamah Syariah mundur ke belakang.

Justeru, kalaulah kes Moorthy itu isunya, maka fikirlah satu mekanisma lain yang membolehkan isu sebegitu dibaiki di masa depan, dan bukannya isu Moorthy tersebut dimanipulasikan untuk kepentingan pihak tertentu.

Contohnya menetapkan, orang yang memeluk Islam perlu beritahu kepada keluarga. Tidak boleh sorok-sorok. Jabatan-Jabatan Agama Islam wajib membimbing dan menjaga kebajikan orang yang baru memeluk Islam. Dan isu seperti perwarisan harta yang boleh diatasi dengan baik. Dan sebagainya.

Artikel 121 (1A) adalah satu peruntukan yang baik untuk keharmonian agama. Ia perlu dikekalkan dan perlaksanaannya perlu dibaiki dari masa ke masa.

Kata-kata akhir?
Sebenarnya, umat Islam yang sebenarnya banyak dinafikan hak mereka. Kita ada beberapa undang-undang yang menafikan orang Islam dari dihukum dengan peruntukan undang-undang Islam.

Seperti Civil Law Act 1956, Courts of Judicature Act 1964, S.51 of Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976, Specific Relief Act 1950 dan beberapa akta lagi.

Kita sedar, undang-undang ini perlu dipinda demi mengembalikan hak orang Islam. Dan usaha pembaikan itu perlu dilakukan secara baik agar tidak menjejaskan keharmonian kaum dan agama. Kita tidak pernah mendesak seperti mereka yang mahukan Artikel 121 (1A) ini dipinda yang secara jelas cuba menghina orang Islam dan kedudukan agama Islam di Malaysia.

Hak minoriti dan bukan Islam sentiasa dipastikan agar ia tidak terganggu sebab itulah usaha membaiki undang-undang ini dibuat secara perlahan dan menerusi pendidikan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

pH litmus test

If you happen to follow the latest news in Malaysia , Islamic issues controversies certainly sparked our imagination. The late Sergeant Moorthy's body tug of war which questioned the Syariah court credibility , the Islamic family law which was resisted by our own muslim senators... certainly testing our own sensitivity in balancing oneself as a Muslim , a Malay and as a Malaysian. If it was like 20 years ago ; things could go into the negative outlook.I cannot imagine how much pain killer Pak Lah is taking to relief his headache. Decisions and Stand must be made firm and fast.. soon...

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I'm not quite sure whether it is because we are more tolerant now or are we just daft ? Have we been desensitized so much that most of us could not be bothered to even think about the reprecussions or what its implication to our future generation.

Yesterday , the Inter Faith Council had their meeting and submitted a joint proposal to amend certain points in our Constitution. Today MIC pledged to submit a proposal within a week regarding laws affecting non-muslims; Tomorrow , A special cabinet meeting will be held among the non Muslim ministers to discuss about this matter in view of MIC's proposal. NGO's around the country are being very vocal in condemning the current "disparity" amongst religion.

Catalyst towards instability ? Lets watch but please do our part as well..

p/s Jangan jadik cam cite Sekam Cinta sudah.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Post vaccination

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We brought baby Dzaeff to the clinic yesterday for his 2nd month immunization. For the first time , i bathed him and it was a wonderful experience. He's definitely grown as he kept pushing himself as if swimming while in the tub. I should bring him to the swimming pool soon. They say that its good for the baby ..

Dzaeffran weighed 5.7kg on the scale. 1.7 kg rise for 1 month. Not bad for full breast feeding growth !! haks.. No wonder he can't fit into his small sized diapers which kept leaking when he poohs a lot !! haks...

He slept soundly after the DPT / HiB injection. He looked ok and i had to go off to work that afternoon. At about 5 pm , wifey called and informed me that dzaeffran had a temperature. 39.5oc !! He was irritable and shrieking haks.. She panicked and shoved in stat rectal voltaren to the baby. I think she overdosed him as he went quiet straight away !! haks..

Well.. baby Dzaeffran;s first fever i guess. Wifey was certainly worried about him but he is ok. It is normal for babies to have fever after the DPT immunisation ; a known side effect.

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Moderate reactions to the DPT vaccine occur in 0.1% to 1.0% of children and include ongoing crying (for three hours or more), a high fever (up to 105 degrees F), and an unusual, high-pitched crying. It is usually due to the P component of the vaccine : Pertussis. What they did was to inactivate the bordetella pertussis bacteria and put the whole cell into the baby. This is the commonest form of vaccine that everybody uses. There are a lot of case reports concerning its worst case scenario side effects but it is only a small fraction.

However , they have developed a safer pertussis vaccine which is acellular ; in english it means having just the important components of the bacteria to stimulate the baby's memory immune system. It is available in Malaysia but definitely MORE EXPENSIVE . not the normal tetracoq that is available in KKM and clinics in Malaysia. For more information , you can click on to the WHO infopage

Well , we have another 2 vaccination sessions at 3 and 5 months to complete the DPT HiB immunization !! so.. kena jaga-jaga ah kalau dia demam !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Qurban 2006

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I went for SMTTDI's qurban this morning. I took the day off as wifey is working and the nursery is closed.. so nobody was able to take care of Dzaeffran. Wifey however arranged her siblings to babysit my little baby for today.

SMTTDI had 14 qurbans this year. To my surprise , the kamcheng gang had our qurban together !! haks..

Me , wifey , dzaeffran , megat , rose , Azad , Fiqar.

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since everybody was working ; i was the sole representative. Apa laga !! i did it again !! haks.. this year it was definitely easier as our cow was really well behaved !! If i had known earlier ; i would have sprayed the cow yesterday to claim it as Kamchengs !! hahahahaha...

Semoga qurban kami diterima Allah...

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quiz : adik sapa ni black metal.. Posted by Picasa

p/s I am a hardcore liverpool supporter. I wore United's shirt because i don't mind having blood spilt on it.. besides.. takkan pakai Carlsberg buat korban kot..

Aidiladha 2006

Salam Aidiladha 2006 Posted by Picasa

Salam Aidiladha 2006 to my fellow bloggers..

i was post call yesterday but i went back early as i finished my last case at about 4.30 am. slept for 2 hours and i hurried back home.This year we celebrated raya haji in taman tun.Usually we'll start at mak's palce but she's doing haj now.. so baby dzaeffran had his first ever raya with his grandma !!

As usual , raya haji is celebrated in a moderate manner.Mama cooked all the raya cuisine and i certainly enjoyed my food ! haks.. Muti , Meng and doya's friends came over for raya and it was a bit busy . However.. i was too knackered that i slept the whole afternoon ... we were suppose to go to achik's place but i was unconscious !! haks.. Anyway , thanx fiqar n family for your visit !!

p/s kelakar bila ingat the photography session of our babies !!

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Friday, January 06, 2006


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had my Masters interview yesterday. It was more of a chit chat session really. There were no technical questions ; only personal ones like.. Why you wanna do anaesthesia.. What inspired you ... you know it'll be hard work .. etc. haks.. The interview panel were Prof Gracie / Prof Chan / Prof Ramani. I enjoyed the session ; talking about shrewsbury till my marriage !! hahahaha..

Anyway , they were asking me if i am keen to join them earlier than june .. certainly a very enlightening proposal as logistically UM is just perfect !! Anyway , i will have to discuss this with them again sometime after raya haji.
Tukar hospital lagi.. but i reckon it'll be better for me to be there first so that i will not have any adjustment problem. Insya-Allah.. Alhamdulillah..


In the evening , we received a phone call from Mak Cu Yah telling us about a building which had collapsed in Makkah.Wifey's heart just dropped listening to that as it was near to the Malaysia's jamaah location. she feared the worst.

Quickly she called up Mak.. and to our relief mak answered the phone. It was difficult to talk though as the background chaos could be heard clearly on the phone. It was the building next to Mak's place. Mak Teh and Abang Farid are ok . It was definitely havoc over there as the front entrance of their entrance was blocked by the rubbles. Mak told us that they will have to move to another place in fear of their safety.

Till date , i don't really know if there are any Malaysian casualties. Lets all pray for their safety and convenience in performing haj . Insya Allah..

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day of school

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Dzaeffran was sent to his nursery for the first time today. Wifey woke up at 6am to get his things ready.She certainly looked anxious and worried . She actually cried upon giving the baby up to the carers. Haks.. i suppose only mothers will have this sort of attitude. Naturally ..

But somehow , i was thinking about my little baby while at work. haks.. Questions came into my mind .. hoping that he is coping well , not irritated and easily managed. Worried too that he might not be comfortable at the new place !! hahaha.. i smiled at myself.. hmm.. amazed at myself how i am concerned as well..

We picked him up at about 5pm and he certainly looked clean !! heks.. kesian dzaeffran.. and it was obvious when he quickly was looking for his treat upon arrival !!!

Charlie's chocolate factory

kilang susu Posted by Picasa

Guess what.. these are all pure and fresh breast milk !!! COurtesy of wifey.. heks.. wow , bule bukak kilang la macam ni...

p/s new business venture ???


Shashtri's friendly visit Posted by Picasa

According to our malay custom practice , the mother and baby has to undergo a period of " pantang " for about 40 - 60 days. Wifey had to start work early , so obviously that is broken. Dzaeffran somehow followed suit. For the past 2 weekends ( holiday weekends ) we have brought him all over the town. He has gone to One Utama twice , Carefour Subang once and to 2 birthday parties !! haks ..

And somehow it overstimulated him hence the agony of putting him "under" for the past two nights. There is some truth over this elderly warnings i suppose..

p/s Azad.. sorry tak dpt gi Melaka on Christmas day !! tied up..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 resolutions

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I reviewed my 1/1/05 blog and looked at my then resolutions. Let me update you on the progress.

1) weight reduction !!! hahahaha every year sama jer..

2) project baby genius

3) a step clearer to what i want to achieve in the future

4) carik 1 kewl BMW

5) Star Wars episode III

ok.. for 2006.

1) Obviously weight loss !!hehehe.. if it is not succesful this year , will opt for Maradona's stomach stapling..
2) owning property.
3) writing a book .
4) Project Baby genius II&III. hehehe..
5) Dzaeffran's 1st LIVERPOOL birthday party.( inspired by Dil's) nak jemput gerrard .

hehehe.. lets see how far these ad-hoc resolutions will materialize.