Thursday, January 19, 2006

The memo

I'm following this very closely..

( from 19/1/06 )

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Religious conversion: 10 non-Muslim ministers memo Pak Lah

This could be a precedent.

Ten non-Muslim cabinet ministers in Abdullah Badawi's administration have submitted a joint memo to the prime minister, urging him to review all laws pertaining to religious conversion and potential confusion attributed to it.
The joint memo are signed by:

Ong Ka Ting (MCA)
Chan Kong Choy (MCA)
Dr Fong Chan Onn (MCA)
Dr Chua Soi Lek (MCA)
Dr Lim Keng Yaik (Gerakan)
S. Samy Vellu (MIC)
Bernard Giluk Dompok (UPKO)
Dr Maximus Ongkili (PBS)
Leo Michael Toyad (PBB)
Peter Chin Fah Kui (SUPP)

This is the frontpage lead in Nanyang Siang Pau, Page 3 lead in SinChew Daily, and in Malaysiakini (BM Edition).
There currently 10 non-Muslim ministers in the 32-member Cabinet (excluding Is Abdul Samad who has resigned and his vacancy unfilled).


syachou said...

yes, interesting indeed. i believe we also had this converstation some 10 years ago on how we openly embrace converts into islam without looking at the other side of the fence - where it is seen as someone betraying their beliefs. and on how we express our discontent when the tables are turned on us.

nathan said...


You youngsters are going to be the leaders of tomorrow, let us not be carried away by religious sentiments. It can lead to very serious consequences and can cause irrepairable damage to the nation. Let fair play remain, for the good of all. Respect each others beliefs, right or wrong, good or bad, it is the individuals choice, he will have to answer to the Almighty, that is free will all about.

Let there be a platform for us to express our views, do not condemn anyone without listening to what he/she may have to say. this is the basic criteria of a civil and intelligent society. Let us not run amok following our emotions.

Thank you.

skipper37 said...

doc, just want to point out that the guy in the pic in NOT jeff ooi.

Anonymous said...

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