Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day of school

knackered.. taken immediately  Posted by Picasa

Dzaeffran was sent to his nursery for the first time today. Wifey woke up at 6am to get his things ready.She certainly looked anxious and worried . She actually cried upon giving the baby up to the carers. Haks.. i suppose only mothers will have this sort of attitude. Naturally ..

But somehow , i was thinking about my little baby while at work. haks.. Questions came into my mind .. hoping that he is coping well , not irritated and easily managed. Worried too that he might not be comfortable at the new place !! hahaha.. i smiled at myself.. hmm.. amazed at myself how i am concerned as well..

We picked him up at about 5pm and he certainly looked clean !! heks.. kesian dzaeffran.. and it was obvious when he quickly was looking for his treat upon arrival !!!