Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Aidiladha 2006

Salam Aidiladha 2006 Posted by Picasa

Salam Aidiladha 2006 to my fellow bloggers..

i was post call yesterday but i went back early as i finished my last case at about 4.30 am. slept for 2 hours and i hurried back home.This year we celebrated raya haji in taman tun.Usually we'll start at mak's palce but she's doing haj now.. so baby dzaeffran had his first ever raya with his grandma !!

As usual , raya haji is celebrated in a moderate manner.Mama cooked all the raya cuisine and i certainly enjoyed my food ! haks.. Muti , Meng and doya's friends came over for raya and it was a bit busy . However.. i was too knackered that i slept the whole afternoon ... we were suppose to go to achik's place but i was unconscious !! haks.. Anyway , thanx fiqar n family for your visit !!

p/s kelakar bila ingat the photography session of our babies !!

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