Monday, May 30, 2005

Manic Monday

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I was suppose to be doing radiotherapy and ECT today ; but somehow a colleague had to take leave as her child was admitted to the hospital. Haks.. anak doctor pun sakit gak sebenarnya.. we are normal human beings. I took her list in the Urology OT. It was ok but i was looking forward zapping the depressed. haks ! Well , the reason being this Friday i am scheduled to do it alone ! and i have not seen or been there before !!! Belasah jer la ekss..

I'll be on call tomorrow ; thus having to skip our weekly badminton session ! Arrggh.. i really enjoyed the game last week ; played till my racquet strings snapped !! It was really good fun playing doubles badminton non-stop for 2.5 hours !!Well , have to sacrifice tomorrow coz i need to be free on Wednesday .

Did i tell you ? oppss.. obviously not. My wife was admitted to HKL for 4 days since last Wednesday ! She had bits of abdominal pain with her usual daily PV stain.The scan was ok , the baby thriving well , the mass not enlarging , cervix was closed and no evidence of abruptio or any possible complication ; Boss Baskaran wanted her admitted for observation. Alhamdulillah , nothing major happened and she was safely discharged on Saturday. She has another appointment on Wednesday ; thats why i want to be available on that day..

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Our lovely cousin , my bro in arms and the lovely cutie model visited us last nite ! They were keen to see how Haniza is doing. Thank you bro !! Yanti is pregnant as well , insya-Allah we'll see each other in the labour room come November ! It was not planned but it turned out to be chicken "themed" party !! We had satay , Ayamas and KFC !! haks.. being the mentekedarah as we were and always be.. hehehehe , it was satiety fulfilled !! haks.. ni tengah kenyang la ni..

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The reward factor

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Something from the news today... THESTAR 26/5/05

"Specialists, medical officers and housemen in government hospitals will get a huge jump in their daily on-call allowances beginning June 1.

Announcing this yesterday, Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek said the RM75 allowance for medical officers would be doubled to RM150 while housemen would get a 400% increase.

"This is good news for the 9,000 medical professionals. They have been awaiting for this raise," he said. Dr Chua said that there had been no review of the on-call allowances for the past 20 years.

"We made a request for an increase last year and we got it this year. We must thank the Cabinet Committee on Promotions and Salaries chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for this," he said.

The increase was expected to benefit 7,000 medical officers, 700 specialists and 1,000 housemen working in the hospitals, he told reporters after witnessing the handing-over of the RM687mil Serdang Hospital to the ministry.

With the new on-call allowance, housemen can take home an average of RM700 to RM800 more a month. Currently, they get an average of between RM200 and RM250 monthly as they are paid only RM25 for each on-call duty.

On the average, they do between seven and 13 on-call duties a month.
When told about the increase in allowance, the doctors interviewed were elated, saying that it was long overdue as they were burdened with a heavy workload and long working hours.

haks.. it was indeed good news to us doctors and i reckon the house officers should be thankful for the action. Kaya wooo.. kalau kat medical , at least cam EOD call , so you get like RM1500 extra for calls. Untungla tu.. berbaloi kerja clerk patient tengah2 malam.. Its definitely better than the rm25 i received per night for the calls i did during housemanship...

I remembered we the IMU delegate fought for this issue during our medical students conference presentation. Eventhough the memorandum did not arrive to the ministers door , but the sentiment was there. I applaud the new Health Minister as he knows what the doctor's problems are. Kudos.

p/s banyak betul dapat sms suruh belanja... haks..

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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THE CHAMPIONS Posted by Hello


It was worth the wait...

It was worth the early wee hours of morning...

It's Subuh now.. and Liverpool just won the coveted holy grail.. EUROPEAN CUP !!
and i have to get ready to go to work in just a bit... haks.. dunno how i will survive OT afterwards..

It's ours.. Scousers are the kings of football !! Posted by Hello

How else would one expect Liverpool to win ? We could have just scored a goal in the early minutes and defended till the end.. but then , it would have been boring like most other champions.. eg the recent other English Club who won the Cup managed it by pure luck.. but not Liverpool... never Liverpool...

True , we were outplayed in the first half. a pathetic display by the team.. and Kewell.. he should be on his way out.. appauling !!! And Rafa introduced Smicer and i was like.. duuuh ? him ? but i was wrong like so many things i expected tonite.. haks.. and we got hammered 3-0. Obviously i thought that was the end , most of the people watching would have had the same idea... even the commentator was saying.. It's over.. Milan is the champion of europe.. to an extent he was true.. referring to Milan Baros of Liverpool !!! hahahahaha..

The second half was astonishing.. i thought it was one of the off nites of my beloved team. Somehow , with the introduction of Didie Hamann , things changes.. and in a six minutes blitz.. we scored 3 goals !! and it ws score draw !! Damn.. we had a chance !!!

THe extra time was nail biting towards the end. Dunno which god decided to help Dudek to deny an almost certain opportunityby Chenko.. damn.. that i can say was pure luck.. or Milan would have won it..

But i dunno as well what happened to Dudek.. the player i hated most in the team became the hero.. He did the Grobelaar antiques.. jadik sotong when penalty is taken.. and he saved 2 !!! And Chenko did us a favour by kicking it directly to Dudek.. and the rest was history !!

HAAKSSS!!! I can imagine the atmosphere in Istanbul.. A great nite for a great champion..A truly classic match and i was glad that i watched it ; to see my beautiful team winning the most sort after grail in Europe !!!!

To the true hardcore supporters of Liverpool all over the world.. Kudos to us !! We've been with this club through thick and thin.. and this is the most wonderful gift of all after years of exodus from the champions trail !!

TO Ady , Izzat and Kamal in UK ; We did it this time around !!!!
TO Azad , Fiqar and Dil ; this is the sweetest moment of our support to the club !!
TO Man U , Arsenal and Chelsea fans ; sorry , the Cup belongs to us !!!


Monday, May 23, 2005

THe Ruptured Ectopic..

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I was on call on Sunday. God ! This month i've been overworked having 3 weekend calls ! Nasib baik claim kira ok la jugak , otherwise i would call this bullying !! Anyway , this month was a bit tight as the Masters students were taking their exams. Therefore only a handful was left including rookies like me. Well , so far i've managed my cases well so Alhamdulillah.

The call was ok , there were only 2 left overs from the day before so when i arrived at 8am i called my first case early with the vision of finishing all early ! haks.. tu la pasal , orang malas kan.. Anyway , The cases went smooth till about 2pm when we had to do 1 laparotomy for Intestinal Obstruction.

The patient was a 45 year old Indon Man ( however his IC said that he was 58 !! but he looked more 45 and he claimed to be 45.. so i'm not too sure who's IC he actually used.. ) Usually when u have emergencies with Indons , its never good. True they have a high pain treshold but the extent of their disease or problem is usually extensive. As it was in this case ; he was induced smoothly - intubation was easy , his lines were accessible and no problems initially. ntil the abdomen was opened.. my god.. His gut just popped out and it was very dusky and parts of it was bluish with sentiments of black coloured bowel. that sounds trouble. He had gangrenous bowel ooh.. dah la busuk !! The Specialist surgeon quickly called upon her consultant .. And imagine his vitals went haywire after that! He went acidotic with pH of 7.03 and we had to resuscitate him as the surgeon continued their exploration and cutting the bowel out ! He was on double inotropes and the ECG did not look that good ! At this point , Our specialist came in to help.

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And imagine , during the comotion , i had a phone call from the emergency department. The Gynae MO informed that there is this other Indon Lady , 27 years of age with ruptured Ectopic ! U/s abdomen showed free fluid and her pulse was really tachycardic .Her Hb was 5 g/ dL and they are actively resuscitating her!I told them to hold on for a while but the gynae team was pushing her stat to the OT. Haks.. at this point i was a bit panic and quickly informed my specialist. And we were to open the 2nd OT !!

When the lady came in , she was small sized lady weighing about 40 kg . She was still smiling but i knew that she was in pain. Her abdomen was distended and tender , very pale and her pulse was racingly fast !! I explained to her about the anaesthesia and quickly induced her. It was easy though , but we were putting lines all over her to resuscitate her volume. When they opened her abdomen , MY GOD !! Blood was gushing out macam pipe ! kabut siut transfusing blood into her !! MAcam main pump laks.. hahaha.. Luckily my GA nurse was the experienced one so she helped a lot without me having to give instructions. My specialist was in as well , in between runnig to the OT next door helping Mona managing the earlier case.

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She lost about 2 liters of blood from the ruptured Ectopic ! They managed to stop the bleeding , did the salpingectomy and it was sorted. Meanwhile we topped up 2.5 liters of blood into her. Imagine losing 2L at her weight ! She was definitely a disaster waiting to fail on us ! Alhamdulillah it went ok.. and i was glad that we managed to settle the casein one hour . Though it was a nervy experience , it was good for me to have this type of problems during my call.. Experience man..experience.. so that i know what to do when i am in a similar episode in the future..

The laparotomy ended after 5 hours! haks.. kesian Mona she was so exhausted after the case . We sent him to ICU for care as the man lost about 1.5 meters of gut! Hmm.. tu la.. Indonesians.. somehow clogging our hospital with simply problematic cases.I've had lots of them during my tenureship not just here in anaes but during my previous postings. True its good for experience but the burden it puts on the government may delay service to our own countrymen.

Oklah.. tu jer nak cerita. panjang la pulak.. heehehehe.. Cant wait for our badminton session tomorrow nite !!!

The reward

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Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat , tupai memang tera... hek.. i quote what a friend told me dulu. i'm not sure how relevant that quote is to this blog .. hahahaha..

Because of my hardwork , somebody belanjaed me makan in the new-look Taman Tun Pizza Hut on Saturday !! They certainly refurbished the place and the service was excellent ! I was impressed !! ( Dil should know how i'm very particular at this department )mmmm.. Super Supreme fanatics having their meal ! Sedap wooo makan kat restaurant.

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Well, i should do this more often...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

House hubby...

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Ever since my wife became pregnant , the house in a way was in a shamble state. Heks.. well, its not the she does everything but actually she did. hahahahaha..( my self actualization and realization )

Usually i'm the laundry man as well as operating a car wash joint. heks. so my wife did all the rest. Allow me to defend myself though , my wife is a perfectionist and very critical ; therefore sometimes it becomes pointless when i do the house chores. haks.. e.g. mopping the house or cleaning the toilet.My work is always below her standards. As i became fed up with the mumblings , it was agreed that she'd handle the cleaning. ( phheeww...).

However , when she got ill because of the complicated pregnancy , all this was left to none. Most of the time she'd be with her mum in DJ for better care. So imagine the house not being thoroughly cleaned this 3 months !!! ( i do some chores from time to time eih.. bukan tak kemas langsung !!! )

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I dunno what got into me today ! As i was doing the laundry i decided to clean the kitchen . Well , it was very dusty and the utensils were placed haywire ! Banyak betul tupperware because my mum was really keen on giving my wy food so that she'll not starve !!'s not dirty with food because there was no cooking for the past 4 months. HAks.. i dunno what got into me and i cleaned the entire house to my wife's amazement ! haks.. lawak tul when she asked me.. Abang.. what are you doing ??

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I managed to do some bits of the house ! Yeah !! Not that i dont like doing it but this time around i got to do it my way !! haks.. well , i have another 6 months to go to rule this castle ....

Thursday, May 19, 2005


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Its 2.30 am now.. and i just came back from watching the ultimate finale of the famous SAGA... I just to have write this down. I know its late and i'm suppose to bei n the hospital by 7 am tomorrow morning.


To my reckoning the best in the 6 parter. GIle babi nyer sampai babi pun tak sempat nak kena schizo lagi.. hahahahahaa...

I was really impressed by the movie screenplay.. It was really lots of action from start to finish.. swashbuckling... light saber fights , Anakin , Obi-Wan , Yoda , Emperor , Mace Windu... waahh... it was really really good !!!

I'm watching it again soon.. still feeling the euphoria and i dunno how i'll work come morning...

Watch it please my friends...

p/s the funny thing was , my wife understood the concept of redha from Yoda !! hahahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The closure..

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YES !!! I'm watching it tonite.The final chapter in the 6 episode SAGA ! Thanx Meng for getting me the tickets !! Can't wait really. I'm really hyped about the movie!!

Star Wars is definitely my generation's cult symbol. I remember watching the first movie ( Episode 4 ) in video and watched Empire Strikes Back and Return OF the Jedi in the movies. Well, it was my dad who brought us to the movies ; cant really remember much about the movie though ; but the light saber fights were definitely the thrill !! Haks.. I've watched the movies again and again throughout the years.. more than 20 times i think.. I've always enjoyed Empire Strikes Back the most..

Tonite ; my speculation and debate since i was 7 years old about how Anakin became Darth Vader will be answered. I remembered debating Star Wars facts with my peers then with full of conviction and certainty. Haks.. imagine the impact the movies had on us then !!

I have the DVD set of all the moves to date.. I suppose i will have to wait for another year before i can complete my SAGA collection.

May the force be with you...

p/s apa agaknya role Chewbacca in Episode 3 ??

The things you do..

he..he.. wannabe la ni.Posted by Hello

I've been quite busy this week. Indulged with work and lots of extra curricular activities to the disapproval of my dearie wife.. hahahaha.. Well, i've always been an active boy from my schooldays ; these extra fillings are the colours of my life !!

Last Sunday ; post call i decided to attend the Persidangan Pemuda UMNO Bahagian.. my first time eehh..Haks.. but the thing is.. Long live politic Melayu.. hahahaha.. It's quite fun to be in the rumble and seeing how grassroot leaders fighting for positions. Its a common culture and meetings like this really do reflect the feudal power struggle of partisan politics. Its interesting to be amongst them and observe their behaviour , their expectations and mentality. Sometimes i reckon its so "budak-budak"..but then..boys will always be boys i suppose..

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The one new thing i discovered when i started work as a medical professional is doing locum !! haks.. extra work in private clinic. By right, according to the General Orders of a government officer ; i am only allowed to do the job with the permission of my head of department. Do i have it ?? hahaha.. well , lets ask all the doctors who are doing locum out there !! *smile* I suppose its not that bad coz we are actually practicing our knowledge outside hospital compound.. and as professionals we deserve the extra allowance !! haks.. Imagine getting RM 30 - 40 per hour ( Medical Officer rate.. Specialists have better rates.. ) which is definitely more than a government on-call allowance per 24 hours( RM 75 on weekdays and tops.. RM 115 per night on weekends ).

As long as one does it after office hours i don't see any reason why we can do it. Its for the extra money to cover the high cost of living in town . But i disagree to those who abused their MBBS by taking emergency leaves to do locum or "dissapearing" for 3-4 hours during office hours to do locum work.. That will be very unethical...

the Thomas Cup team..haks.Posted by Hello

Manage to catch few sets of badminton tonite with old friends after a PROMUDA meeting. It was kewl to sweat it all out again. We are going to do it regularly from today onwards ; Tuesdays 9pm - 11pm at Sri Petaling primary school hall ! I havent played badminton for years now due to my nature of work ! It was good having that feel again... smashing hard the shuttle cock to the ground !!

Badminton is definitely kamcheng's favourite past time. I can remember , literally we played badminton every day during form 1 and 2. We were in the afternoon session therefore , every morning at 6.45am we will leave our houses to the Burhanuddin Helmi park ( the current site of the library and community hall ). set up our nets and play badminton for 2 hours.Why that early you may ask.. We played in an open-air court and between 7 am to about 9 am there will be no wind blowing ! Smart eih? Dulu -dulu mana la ada duit nak sewa dewan !! The gang comprised of myself , Azad ( the dynamic duo ) Mafiz , Jai, Burhanuddin. Every day without fail.... everyday.. and after every session , we would go to our favourite cendol stall and mmmmmm... life was so simple then isn't it...??

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Irony of Justice

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Its quite funny how justice is practiced nowadays. It will always be the unfortunate ones punished . Poverty is justice's scapegoat. When you dont have money or power ; you become nothing ; expandable. That is the only explanation i can find in Ahmah Hafizal's case. ( Ahmad Hafizal is the first NS dodger to be punished ).

True that he breached the National Service Order. Listening to his life story - why he had to quit school at 14 and work as a labourer as his family's breadwinner; one wonders the irony ?? We dont really know whether he will make the grades if he had continued , but the reality of children quitting school is still happening in our so-called "towards 2020" country. It is quite sad to discover that the reason he was jailed ; unable to pay the RM600 fine because he had no money to do so ! Haks.. he's quite lucky that Shahidan came in to bail him out , he should appreciate the chance given to him. And all this happened on May 11 ; UMNO day declared officially.

Why i feel its unfair is because i know other 18 year old National Service dodgers who are still going around KL happily. Claimed that they want to pursue their studies but are still around wasting money for clubs and drugs !! They are the ones that should be put on trial and punished ! It will always be this way ; the poorer ones suppressed and the richer ones getting away with it. This is what you get living in a feudal-like-influenced society. ( Haks.. bahaya Karl Marx lama-lama ..)Guess what.. i bet after this his mother would be convicted in court for allowing hher son to quit studies early !! haks.. that'll be really "fair" !!!

Anyway , tomorrow will be 13th May..A date which will always be referred to that changed the whole Malaysia's mindset and policy. wrote something to the papers ; haks.. pressing my luck for it to be published tomorrow. Naaahhhhhh.. it'll be the "richer" and more "powerful" ones getting the spot.. unlike an unknown Anaesthesia Doctor like me....

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

my kingdom of heavenPosted by Hello

Managed to catch the epic Kingdom Of Heaven today. At first i was not sure what the movie was all about ; the only clue ; it was about the crusade as how it was shown on tv trailers. But me , being a history buff decided to watch it in TGV. It was easier nowadays as my younger brother ( now in his Semester break ) is currently working there ! haks.. all i needed to do was to call him up to book the seats.

Indeed it was a movie about the Crusade or Holy War; it was the story of how Jerusalem fell to Islam from the Christians. I was sceptic earlier as i know that usually the west would highlight their points , bias and there maybe some disillusion of facts. However, i was quite happy ..not fully approve it though but satisfied with how they potray Mighty Muslims then.

I find the movie interesting , as they potrayed the main reason for their downfall was disunity amongst the christian sects. Templars were potrayed as fanatics which is actually consistent with history facts. I was glad that the director complied to potray Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi as the great Muslim leader ; with his wisdom and grace manage to conquer Jerusalem without bloodshed. ( though in the movie they made it a dramaticly 2 day war ).However if i remember correctly , he was a young chap when he conquered Jerusalem and not that old looking fella casted.And it was soothing to see how the muslims were so powerful that the Christians then knew that if it was battle sword to sword , they would almost certainly loose the battle.FYI , Muslims were big in numbers and that scared the enemy ; the secret was half of it were the angels sent by Allah.

I fear that watching the movie may confuse most of our muslim youngsters.I dont think they have the knowledge to answer questions posed by their non-muslim peers about the history depicted. TO watch this movie , one must have enough knowledge about the history before one can sit down and understand it. Most of us were not really brought up by the courageous stories on Muslim warriors.If you ask them who was Robin Hood , Mona Lisa , Arthur and Merlin for example it will be easy for them to answer. But if you ask who Salahuddin Al-ayubbi , Who is Muhammad Al Fatih , who is Shah Jehan of the Moguls.. they will just ask you back.. WHO ??? haks.. I'm quite taken aback with this fact . It is a shame that we adore the knights of the ROund Table which is a fiction to date but fail to appreciate the might and wisdom of Salahuddin. He managed to defend the city from Richard the Lion Heart on the next crusade ; that too with lots of wisdom and non-violence negotiations. It is a known fact that when Richard was ill after a battle , Salahuddin stopped the battle for a while and went to visit him with his physicians to aid the King. How humble and wise can a leader be ??

I guess , the next movie that they may potray will be the conquest of Constantinople of the Byzantine empire by the muslims; led by yours truly Muhammad Al Fatih. and imagine him achieving that at 17 years of age !! It was one of the most brilliant tactical ploy and bluff - conquering the so called INVINCIBLE CITY. Take some time and read about it !! I assure you that you will be impress and proud of the great Islamic victory...

Unlucky me..

Just finished my call on Friday morning. I was glad when it was over !! It was a busy call. I was literally on my feet almost 20 hours before we finished all the case that was posted. I was with a senior , Shahzan ; he was kewl that he decided to open 2 OTs at about 9pm last night as the list was still long. And we managed to finish it at 3 am. Pheeww.. and i prayed that no ectopics would come in after that ; as that will be the only most emergency priority !!

the crime scene Posted by Hello

I was happily in DJ , parked my car outside when mak told me to bring in the car as she was going for her Quran class. As i was about to enter my car , suddenly i felt a sharp object on my left iliac fossa. Damn! i banged into one of the broken branches of the tree. It really felt as if i just had a blunt trauma !!felt like the thing went piercing my abdomen and hit my spleen !!! It was so damn painful. I was not able to move for about a few minutes.. Sakit wooo.. Then as i looked down i saw my shirt was torn.

koyak beb..! Posted by Hello

It was really painful that i had to take Symflex to relief the pain. It was quite bad but i was lucky that i had a bit of fat there.. hahahaha.. but the scar looked like an appendicectomy scar !! Alhamdulillah there was no penetrating trauma but i suffered badly !! i had to cancel my plans to play futsal that night and i was having fever and nausea that night...

the cut Posted by Hello

haks.. kalau jumpa orang2 tua sure dia kata kena kenan pokok. But i guess it was my body response to the injury i had. Todya i;m ok , as the pain had gone away . Its just that i am still feverish and not really feeling well. Hopefully a good weekend rest will help me recuperate.