Saturday, October 23, 2010

CVL workshop 23/10

I must thank Dr Lim for inviting me to be part of the faculty in organizing the CVC workshop in Sungai Buloh Hospital. It was an opportunity I would instantly take up as I've always enjoyed to organize and present. Talking about our bread and butter, putting in central catheters is not something difficult to do and as ever to share with the young ones.
The day started with lectures and my lecture was about CVC insertion via landmark technique. And as always, I could not resist the temptation to present it my way.. with pictures and graphic which anybody would enjoy. Mr Reindhart from Bbraun Germany complimented my presentation where he thought the germans themselves would be smiling when looking at my slides!
Suraya,Tie,Shymala and Suzana did their bit and the excellent team about this team was we all did our presentation on time! e had loads of extra time before the afternon session which was about demo using ultrasound and the insertion of CVC via models. I had fun with the GE phantom models to play with.. and i guess everybody should have this to practice with especially for those keen on the ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia.

Later in the afternoon, me & Tie demonstrated on how to insert CV line for ICU patients. My patient looked Ok but somehow i could not thread the guidewire in!! hahaha really went haywire not according to plan! I was sweating all over for the inability to do it in 5 minutes.. hahahaha it had to be me isn't it? but in the end, after the failure of Right subclavian and then to left internal jugular( which surprisingly under u's guidane totally collapsed!!) and to the left subclavian which maybe in retrospective i should have attempted the first time.. hahahaha

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