Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures you don't want your children to see

Having your wife heavily pregnant and with no maid means that as the husband , you have to do the bigger bulk of the house chores. I have no qualms about doing it because I don't feel it as a burden. However , there is a big difference doing laundry now with two kids when compared to when there were only the two of us.
1) The amount of clothes the children wear.. mak aii.. baru 2-3 hari dah penuh satu load !
2) Shoving it into the washing machine is not the problem , but it becomes tedious when hanging them. They are small and banyaknyaa !!!
3) NAk lipat... lagi la..MAAAKKK AAIII... Their attire comes in a pair and the first task is to look for the partner before assembling it together !
It can be physically and mentally ( to find the pair ) challenging !!

Downloaded this pic from one of the Gunung Hitam climbers a fortnight ago! ( thanx shiken)For everybody's information, I am not a cross dresser ; but i find putting the head scarf on is very practical when it is damn hot or damn wet in the rain..especially in the jungle !! Hahahahaha


Spena said...

may I suggest you get a clothes tumble drier which saves working people like us lots of time - no hanging of clothes to dry. Its an invesment!

Dancing Ciken said...

mak aiii, takut aku nak beranak camni, hahaha

superior said...