Thursday, January 08, 2009

The most practical protest one can do..


maya karanz said...

Don't you think boycotting will harm our economy?zikir,say a little prayer for all those kids being killed in gaza right now. wouldn't that be better?

maya karanz said...

eh apasal hilang half of what i wrote ni??

Anonymous said...

salam :)

a beautiful thing I read or heard once is - a rich kid saying to her dad of how poor they are. The lived gated, the poor roams the earth freely. They buy stuffs to play, the poor enjoys the rich diversity of nature - nobody pays to swim in the beautiful waterfalls is it? Hope not! Excercise some more, rather than sitting all day with video games. :)

I see someone close to me, the richer one now has health ailments & family troubles. The poorer one is healthy as she age (she walks daily), have a loving family.

Seriously. I believe thinking less money will make us poor, is limiting ourselves to the many God Given naturel resources. A millionaire once said to me, even if he is rich, he can only eat a plate of meal.

I also once said to another, "the US didn't even exist yetm but my great great great great great great great great grandparents lived". :)

Still yes, to boycott must also require us to be indipendant. Muslims should seek knowledge & churn it - it's vital. Satu saya sedih, ialah suka sangat topik2 sensasi panas tapi topik belajar kurang. Wanita berilmu tidak dipandang menarik seperti wanti super seksi. Yang penting seksi?

Jika ilmu tidak dihargai, nanti bergantunglah kepada foreign bagi ubat-ubatan, medical devices, teknologi etc. Kepuasan nafsu tu pun sebentar sahaja, yang penting ini pula kita tidak ada. Rasanya...

Dr.M said...

maya karanz : dia hilang..pasal u pun suka hilang !

Anon : Unfortunately , the masses of us do not hold enough power to change the situation. We talk and condemn but in reality we can only watch and empathized.The issue is status quo and the palestinian will lose in the end . I believe in the pay it forward concept. Wallahu a'lam.

"There are many other unjustly events happening around the world... What matters is what we do... ".

Anonymous said...

Live and learn about the US you naive Malaysians.

Boycott their endorsed leaders of our country.

alerts said...