Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I must thank you the Emergency Department and the ACLS ( Advanced Cardiac Life Support ) organizers for inviting me to their pride and joy ; the UMMC-ACLS course. In UM , its the Emergency Dept who handles ACLS instead of the traditional role by Anaesthetists.. which make people wonder , how come I'm invited ? hahahaha It was a good opportunity for me to experience organizing a certified critical course which is of in need in Malaysia. I've always been interested in training ; and this was a golden opportunity !

It was not easy to teach people what you know by the way ! I guess , that is the best way to know whether you have a good grasp of your own knowledge ; is by making others understand what you know.I was asked to man the airway station which IS our specialty but then again , its not as easy as doing it yourself !
I had fun and it was a good team effort ! Cayalah.. Hopefully , they'll still consider me next time.. hek hek


DocYana said...

is that AIDAWATI I spy in your photo?????

Dr.M said... ye la.. hahaha she's doin emergency medicine..

M. Abd. Ghaffur said...

Dear Dr,

where can i join this ACLS courses

salehudin said...

Untuk peserta luar boleh ikut kursus acls ni sekali tak?